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Asia » China » Tibet April 11th 2006

I decided to go back to the magestic Ganden Monastery on my own in a pilgrim bus. Got to the Barkhor square at 7:40am, as the bus was suppossed to leave at 8. As I entered, the 2 monks, and ~6 pilgrims turned to stare at me, and I said "Tachi Delek". Soon, a pilgrim stood up and offered me a soft sweet bread, and here I went using my little Tibetan, saying "To Tjche Tche". Later another one offered me dried yak "cheese" (tastes terrible!) and a type of barley crunchy homemade cracker (edible). I felt welcomed during the one and 1/2 hour trip. A Tibetan medicine student asked to seat by me and see my book. He spoke reasonable English and we were able to answer each others questions. His brother is a Lama ... read more
me and 3 musician monks
Musician Monks
Book curious

Asia » China April 10th 2006

Facts usually not found in travel books or magazines:4 BIGGEST ANNOYANCES in CHINA: smelly/suffocating/squatting hole toilets, spitting (loud, everywhere, constant and disgusting), cigarette smoking (non-stop, even in airplanes), people peeing on the streets.Playing cards for money is extremely popular. Everywhere, from streets to parks, to restaurants and roads in the middle of nowhere. Huge gamblers.School is paid and costs a lot to the Chinese. Our guide's brother is in HS, which costs a fortune: $100/month.Medical and hospital care are also very expensive. Traditional Chinese herbs are cheap and available everywhere.There are 5 "Autonomous Regions" in China. These "states" have a large population of minorities and are only "theoretically" autonomous.Air and water pollution horrendous. Literacy rate 86%. 8 languages plus dialects. Religion officially atheist but Buddhis... read more
Boat houses

Asia » China » Tibet April 10th 2006

The bulletin board at the Yak hotel is a great way to find other independent travellers to share rides with you. I posted 2 messages, and that's how I met Michael, a German engeneer traveling in Tibet for several weeks. We took a public bus to the Drepung Monastery (2 yuans) to the bottom of the mountain, and instead of taking a tractor ride up for 1Y, we decided to walk, following a monk (lama?), and 3 pilgrims. We huffed and puffed as the thin air doesn't deliver much oxygen in this high altitude. Entrance fees to monasteries are only charged to tourists (~55yuan). Tibetans enter for free. I wouldn't mind paying if the money went to the monastery or monks, but it goes to the Chinese government. To donate to the monasteries, one must leave ... read more
Up to Dreprunk
On the way to Dreprung
Great Hospitality

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo April 9th 2006

We were taken by surprise when we found a very lively and lovely street, with charming stores, galleries, and inumerous coffee shops. Several small bars with hostels/inns above them, reconstructed from ancient buildings. Most tourists are young European backpackers. West street resembles something you'd find in Europe or California, not China. Howewer, there is just enough Chinese atmosphere all around, to make remind you thast this is China. West Street is a "trendy-on-the-making" street. Many estableshiments offer good and cheap Chinese food, as well as coffee from all over, including Brazil!! the live music at night, however, spoilled the peace. There are too many to count stores selling CDs and DVDs for $1. Also "Galvin" Klein jeans! If you like hiking and biking thru great scenery, this is the town to have as a base. Remember: ... read more
Cool Spot to relax
Cha/tea/good food
Mai You Cafe

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo April 7th 2006

After the hiking in the mud at Moon Hill during the day and the biliking with our guide "Angelina" (not Jolie), we were ready for an easier time. We went to the hair dresser. Not a word in english but my little chinese and pointing got me a massage and Amanda hair care. She got lots of atenttion from the guys!!! At night, Amanda and I followed a Cormorant (name of the bird) fishing fisherman on narrow bamboo boats. He had several birds attached to the boat by a string, and a lamp. The birds semi-swallow the fish, since there is a ring in it's neck. The fisherman than retrives the fish from the Cumarnat's mouth. We were joined by an Israeli family. It was very interesting. Some more ...... read more
Cormorants and us
Chinese passtime
Old folks

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo April 6th 2006

We rode our bikes to this small village.Spectacular climb and view from Moon Hill. We enjoyed good food at the village too. Let's the pictures and comments tell the story. Fomos de bicicleta pra vila da Colina Lua. Eu e amanda escalamos ate o topo acima do clarao. John foi at o semi-circulo e dessistiu, como a maioria. Dificil mas valeu a pena. Momentos inesqueiveis. ... read more
Moon Hill up close
Annoying old ladies
View from the very top

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo April 5th 2006

Hi Guys It was great getting out of the city to see rural China. It was like traveling back in time. We got to see people working the rice fields, grave yards (the Chinese bury the dead either by their house or on a spot on the mountains), fishermen, etc. The ride was easy and peaceful once we survived riding in tre crazyness of the city (Amanda almost had a heart attack... and me too). We all enjoyed the day and know most of you would had enjoyed it too. Bye for now.... read more
By the river
Most popular vehicle

Asia » China » Guangxi » Guilin April 5th 2006

We took a 4 hour boat ride on the Li river. Beautiful landscape all the way. Jade green mountains and thousands of tall and straight peaks surrounded us all the way. the food on the boat was really bad and they served large bottles of beer for free. However, they would not trade the beer for a soda or even water!!! We couldn't believe it! Viagem no Rio Li, de Guilin pra Yangshou.... read more
Li River Peak views
 Peak  and Peaks
Sales Man

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo April 5th 2006

First impressions of Yangshou. Our guide greeted us with the weirdest smile we had ever seen (sorry...but it's true). By the way, we have been said to "have very nice teeth"! Weird kind of comment from a stranger. Yangshou was a found treasure, with more a traditional chinese way of life and gorgeous landscape. See the views from our hotel room ($25 per night, the most expensive in town). We ventured into an internet place: 100 computers, everyone smoking, young chinese watching movies (sex scenes at times!) and soap operas, or playing video games. We paid a few cents for 2 hours and 2 computers. Can't write anymore... I've second-hand smoked at least a pack of cigarrets. Hope to hear from you soon.... read more
View from our room 2
I had to get up there
I got to the top

Asia » China » Guangxi » Guilin April 4th 2006

The picures will tell about these 2 sites in Guilin. Elephant Hill is a legendary site. The hill has a story and it does look like an elephante drinking from the river. Reed Flute Cave is an underground natural extravaganza. Interesting rock fornations, ponds. Ex-president Clinton once had dinner inside the cave. The only one to bring such an event!!! As fotos falam da caverna subterranea e da colina em forma de elefante... read more
elephant hill close up
Eu e Nana -Elephant Hill
Reed Flute Cave

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