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Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens August 9th 2010

Long before the economic crisis erupted full force and the protests hit the streets, we had gotten our award seats for a family vacation in the country which epitomizes a dream summer vacation. Yannick picked the country and we were all quick to agree on it as our destination, even knowing it would be boiling hot. And here we are, starting a 10 day stay exploring Athens and 2 islands. Athens We stayed right under the majestic Acropolis, at the edge of the touristic yet picturesque streets of PLAKA, the oldest neighborhood in Athens. The charming taverns with the pushy waiters begging for potential customers, the Byzantine churches, the restored neoclassical mansions, the hundred of shops selling the same goods, all make for a nice scenario for an entertaining stroll in the evenings, when the sun ... read more
Greece 052

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu May 8th 2010

While the "Jam the Wheels" was still going on in Nepal" during the strike days: Limited, very limited to where your feet, breath and courage can take you. This is what I was able to do during my Nepali strike days, which is more than most dared to do. MONKEY TEMPLE: This was actually done the afternoon before the official strike day, but when the protest was already going. I was still in the center of Kathmandu, south of Thamel. etails on my previous blog. BOUDHA/BODHNATH: That’s where I took refuge, staying at the SheChen Guest House, at the monastery by the same name. It’s a well run place with a good vegetarian restaurant, at the heart town. Boudha is the center of TIBETAN SETTLEMENT in Nepal. Here the population is largely Buddhist and there are ... read more
LitttleTibetan Monks in Nepal
Little Monk pouring tea
Little monks at Kopan Monastery

Asia » Nepal May 6th 2010

Namaste from Nepal I postponed my visit to Nepal for years because of The 7 year Maoist "peoples' War". I waited until things quieted down and tourists started to come again, feeling it was safer. Well, miscalculated big time! I landed one day, unaware there was trouble brewing already, with the Maoists massively already in town from the countryside, in the schools, ready for a massive protest the very next day. When the protests escalate here in Nepal, there is a "Chakka Jam" (Jam the wheels), when all vehicles stay off the streets. When things get worse, there is a "Bandh" (general strike), when all shops, schools and offices close as well. Right now, Bandh it is. The Kathmandu Post’s headlines read on May 3: “ No Slackening Until Nepal Goes” and goes on to say ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 14
Photo 8

Asia » Nepal May 3rd 2010

Putting Politics and Religion aside, this is a country in great crisis in all aspects, for its millions of impoverished children. I hope you choose to READ this blog, but if you don't, please at least take a look at the pictures of this success story. JUST AN INTRO: Many have questioned why I choose to travel to destinations they have labeled “unconventional”, “inhospitable’, “dirty” or just plain ‘poor”. Well. Not only all the destinations I have been to so far, have incredible scenery and culture to offer, but I have found that they have also offered me much more than sights to see. One of the greatest gifts I have gained from traveling to the developing world is the opportunity to re-examine my own life and be appreciative for all that I and my family ... read more
Me, Mrs Durga and some of the kids
Over 20 in 1 little room, but all happy...
This little boy was a flirt, followed me around saying "Miss, miss"

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu April 30th 2010

Namaste I arrived from my dear Tibet yesterdayausted from not getting much sleep while dealing with the high altitude, I secluded myself in my room for the rest of the day. I exited only to go to the lovely garden of my Hotel Ganesh Himal, to eat a delicious Nepali vegetarian curry and a banana lassi. This morning after breakfast I ventured into the busy streets of Kathmandu, ready to explore. Very similar to India, I thought, with temples and people everywhere, minus the cows. I only got to see 3! The streets are also very narrow, and the buildings in such decay! Many elaborate wood work part of crumbling buildings. Signs of poverty everywhere. But the stroll was very pleasant, nobody bugs you, and the only trick is to learn to get out of the ... read more
At Dubar Square
Maoist Poster calling for Protest
Loved watching this little boy cleaning this shrine

Asia » China » Tibet April 20th 2010

TIBET: In Shangri-La once again (Part 2) Somehow, don’t ask me why, I knew , or felt, I’d return to the high plateau someday, somehow. For what, when, or how, I wouldn’t been able to answer for a very long time. The previous blog gives an idea of the (unexpected) purpose which led me finally back to Tibet. Here are some of the events which unfolded; The days of this short visit to Tibet were filled with expectation to travel to the village and meet the 4 children my small NGO (HCH-Helping Children Heal) would be sponsoring heart surgeries for. I had already been informed that I wasn’t allowed by the officials to go to their homes or meet their families and that I’d be meeting them at their school. Also I’d be informed there had ... read more
Blending in with the Colors of Tibet
A stolen moment at Ganden Monastery
With 2 Tibetans...

Asia » China » Tibet » Lhasa April 15th 2010

TIBET: In Shangri-La once again This third trip to Tibet, a land that has been quite enigmatic to me, is more like a passage with a purpose. I am actually on my way to Nepal, and I'm just stopping in Tibet to meet the 3 Tibetan kids with congenital heart disease who will have heart surgery sponsored to my small NGO, Helping Children Heal (HCH) (, through the organization Touching Hearts Tibet. Planning a trip to Tibet is never easy, but this being my 3rd time around, I’m now used to the procedure and miraculously I pulled it off with relativelly little time. ARRIVING IN CHINA: The first stop was Beijing, but I just stayed at the airport. I knew this part of the trip was the easy one. The possibility of problem is usually in ... read more
On the way to Lhasa
At Potala Palace.
At Potala Palace

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit December 29th 2009

Visiting Detroit was definitely not about culture or sightseeing. We came to spend Christmas time with our 91 year old aunt who resides here. The GRAY: The “Motor City” is decaying. I read that “Detroit does waft a sort of bombed-out early East Berlin”. That’s true! The downtown area is particularly gray, full of empty lots and boarded-up buildings with trash swirling around them. At one time it was the pride of the US for its car-making savvy, with GM, Ford and Chrysler with headquarters here. But once the auto industry tanked, so did its economy and today this is a grim tourist destination, a city with off-the-chart homicide rates, drug problem and plummeting population. Unemployment rates here in Michigan are 20%, double the nation’s average. The average price for homes has dropped from almost $100,000 ... read more
Brilliant Colors in Gray Detroit
Art Yard at Heidelberg Project
House of the Project's founder

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal October 22nd 2009

My reason to come to Montreal was the INTERNATIONAL DIABETES FEDERATION world congress: I am proud to be a presenter and one of the 12,000 professionals attending it. The conference was enlightening! I enhanced my knowledge about the diabetes disease process and its management. On a personal note, I was delighted to play an active role in the congress. Through the presentations and discussions of my two research studies demonstrating positive outcome data and through my comments and remarks after workshops which instigated discussion, I was pleased with my little contribution to the world of diabetes. Being approached by the ADA to be interviewed for an upcoming audio education program for American physicians was a truly unexpected honor. DIABETES: OVER 20 MILLION have people a reality and a cruel disease with the power to blind, to ... read more
Discussing my research
Cirque du Solei performers
With new Croatian friends:

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal October 19th 2009

Marche Jean-Talon was SENSATIONAL! You are probably thinking that my view of a trip to a produce market is biased, since I am a dietician. Yes, the market is a dietitian's paradise, but, the morning at the Market Jean-Talon was so much more than a delight to my senses. It was colorful and delicious, but it was also a dive, or a peek, into the the world of many locals. I learned so much as... - I saw what people bought to eat, and more impressive, what they were going to cook. Everything was fresh and raw. Impressive to see people carring bags, carts, bike baskets and even strollers, FILLED with fresh produce. So, many locals actually take the time to COOK from scratch! -I observed familes at play. So many kids were at the market ... read more
Bright colors
About shades

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