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Akha Woman with traditional silver headpiece  

Akha Woman with traditional silver headpiece

The larger balls on the side represent # of kids she has, except for first one given by her mom.
My Burma days TREKKING around KENGTUNG

April 10th 2011
KENGTUNG I’ll start letting you know what happened 4 hours after I left Kengtung: My plane took off from Kengtung, very close to Tachelet at 2:45pm. At 6:45pm, already in Inle Lake area, while I was having dinner at Smiling Moon, chatting with Pepe and Silvia from Spain, I started to feel very strange. Seconds later, Pepe looked weird, we looked at each other and he shouted: “Earthquake”. ... read more
Asia » Burma

Burmese Flag Britain conquered Burma over a period of 62 years (1824-1886) and incorporated it into its Indian Empire. Burma was administered as a province of India until 1937 when it became a separate, self-governing colony; independence from the Commonwealth wa... ... read more
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11th April 2011

wow that is a lot of children ;-)
19th April 2011

Fantastic Photo!
Hi. I love this shot. Anything that captures such an expressive face is #1 to me! Cheers and happy travels.

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