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Africa » Namibia » Etosha National Park November 29th 2006

We explored the whole south of the Etosha pan, including the campsites which date from the 60's, time of the Apartheid. The archtecture of the few builds reflect the preference of the Europeans, having nothing to do with the native Namibians. LET THE PICTURES DO THE TALK. (just a sample of so much seen) ... read more
Stunning sunrise 2
That's how close we get

Africa » Namibia November 28th 2006

SAFARI Day 1: I set off on the minibus from "Wild Dog & Crazy Kudu" for a 7-day safari to the north with 2 guides, an engaged couple form England , another woman from England, a 65 year old man from Germany and Diane, from Germany too. Does the name "Wild Dog and Crazy Kudu" shoulds wierd, cheap, backpacker-like? Oh, Well. Maybe it will prove to be all that, but I very hopefull it will be worth. From the start, I was the one asking most questions (surprised?) but I was also the first (proud) one to shout "WILD ANIMAL", not far from Windhoek. It was a buntch of Springboks right on the side of the road. 10 minutes later I announce again: "animal". It was a Blue wildbeest, and than 20 more, and than an ... read more
Me, Motisha and her brother
Wild dogs and Thermite mound on background

Africa » Namibia » Windhoek November 26th 2006

"Gorie more" (good morning) All. I arrived after 39.5 hrs, but it took my bags an extra 20hrs. By than I had been already been " adopted" by Hester, an Afrikaan (western african) and her family and friends. I met her at the in Johnasburg airport, and next morning I'm being picked up for shopping city tour and lunch at her home. I am not joking: she does talk more than I do, and I feel right at home. People here are very friendly. Lunch started with a entire raw, skinned lamb presented for chopping by this electric machine. Namibians are huge meat eaters, to my surprise, and like to hunt too. I let than know, gently, that I hardly eat any type of meat/flash at all. "How come????" was the question, over and over again. ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Windhoek November 24th 2006

Hello there. Yes, I have been fortuned enough to be hopping to several continents this year, even to my own surprise. (Remember that I had plane phobia until fairly recently). What and I doing on the southern tip of Africa? Well, it all started back in March, with the unpretensious submission of two abstracts with the data from my own clinic on diabetes education/control, for presentation at the annual International Diabetes Federation meeting. Unexpectadely they were both accepted and, of course, I couldn't let the opportunity go by. You know... since I got the "travelling bug" and this was a "business" trip, I just HAD TO venture to yet another curious place. The meeting will be held in Cape Town, South Africa. So, what and I doing in Namibia? Well... The more I read about South ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City October 11th 2006

"Hola" again. The most interesting sight in Panama is without a doubt the public buses. We suspect they were all American school buses on their "young" days, but now on the streets of Panama they star as renovated moving art. Dressed in incredibly colorful attires, they are all unique, displaying names and splashing drawings of loved ones, particularly kids, religious figures, sayings, etc, etc, etc. I wish the joy displayed vibrantly on the outside of the old buses also reflected the mood of the passengers inside them, but that is to wish way too much. How could anyone be cheerful inside such humid, hot and invariably fully packed vehicles, which move living behind great trail of dense smog? On a more serious/political note, let me share with you that our hotel was just a half a ... read more
Colorful Bus 2
Colorful Bus 3
Old Town ruins

"Buenas" (The most common greeting around here) Panama wasn't on my list of intended destinations, but here I am, as I wouldn't let the opportunity to merge with another culture go by. The trip down to the Central American country between Colombia and Costa Rica was my first since the ban on liquids in carry-on luggage, thus we checked our bags. Well, we made it to Panama City on time, but not our belongins, which arrived 26 hours later. Needless to say, wearing the same clothing for 2 days wasn't very refreshing, to say the least, particularly when the heat and humidity have been so high we feel like melting popsicles under the tropical sun. We started our first day with a pleasant hike on the "Parque Natural Metropolitano", the only protected tropical forest within an ... read more
At the El Valle, more catholic presence
El Valle Indian
Pifa grows on a palm tree

North America » United States » Florida » Gainesville September 6th 2006

Hey All. This entry will be in Portuguese,, since it's about some differences in the elections here in the US and Brazil. Falando com a Andrea por telefone no domingo, a zuadeira no fundo era infernal, tao intensa, que as vezes nao dava pra dialogar. Tratava-se da gritaria amplificada sobre os candidatos politicos, nos carros de propaganda. Lembrei dos comicios, imaginando que ainda existam por ai, das faixas nas ruas, de muros pixados. Sem querer adimitir, imaginei que os votos cabrestos ainda funcionem, que os semi-analfabetos ainda sejam coagidos nas filas. Mais um tanto de lembrancas vieram a tona, de palanques a brigas, e muito mais. Ja se passaram 20 anos, e imagino se algo mudou, principlamente pra melhor, sem muita esperanca, eh bem verdade, ja que o pouco que escuto nao soa nada bem. Minha ... read more
True Sign
Quiet campaigning
Campanha silenciosa

North America » United States » Florida » St Petersburg August 19th 2006

Hello friends While in Saint Petersburg, one of the beach towns on the Florida Golf coast, I had an incredible time getting to know the work of the great Spanish artist Salvador Dali. The Dali museum displays the most comprehensive private collection of his work in the world. Hundreds of paintings, drawings, sculptures, and writings of one of the most important painters of the 20th century. Why Dali in Florida? An american couple, very good friend's of Dali, spent 40 years collecting hundreds of his art work, and with the support of Florida opened the museum. Salvador Dali escaped to the US during the WWII. What an eccentric and controversial painter, sculptor, photographer, that fellow was! He described himself in peculiar ways: "The difference between me and a mad man is that I am not mad", ... read more
The Persistence of Memory by Dali
Gala & Lincoln: huge Oil by Dali
Drummers and dancers circle

North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota » Siesta Key August 11th 2006

Hello there: It's hot here in Florida, between 95 and 100F practically daily. Thus, nothing like escaping to the beach for a few days. After visiting the University of Central Florida, the second largest university in Florida, we headed to Sarasota and Saint Petersburg, 2 cities on the golf of Mexico. Beaches packed with people provides quite a scenario for an addicted people watcher like myself. A display of the ever so growing American body, literally speaking ( 67% of the American population is now overweight), families, tourists,... Very different from the beaches in Brazil and the springs around gainesville. Many languages could be heard, primarily German and Spanish. An Italian guy played tones from his homeland, a group of Colombians played the instruments from their native home, dancing to their hearts content. An interesting observation: ... read more
The hunk lifeguard, the jeep,...
The bald...
Sad reality

North America » United States » Florida » Gainesville July 31st 2006

Hello friends My nights have been spent at home, but my days have been one of a tourist exploring the Gainesville area. My sister Andrea and her husband, both from Brazil, have been our guests for the past week. Besides shopping intensively and spending time chatting over coffee at Starbucks, we have been visiting several sights around town, like Orlando and the amazing Itchetucknee river. This Itchetucknee river is part of a gold medal state park, with amazing springs of prestine water. It's incredible to go tubing on the river, being gently carried by the slow current, surrounded by a spectacular and complex ecosystem. The canopy of ancient trees, the hawks, erons and eagles soar above us, as we lazyling lay on our tubes, comtemplating nature's beauty. The freezing cold water brings an welcome contrast to ... read more
Prestine, and freezing, water
tubing down the river
At Chopstick

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