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Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík May 17th 2012

I have made it to the island of fire and vikings! I was brought in on the red eye and have had today to try and recoup the sleep deprivation and to enjoy the city. The city is quite similar in feel to Helsinki, the port is right to the south of my hostel and the church is,of course, right at the top of a big hill. The church is really quite fantastic, with columns reaching high into the sky. I have assigned myself some homework though as I could not discern which religion it belongs to. I usually stop into churches to say a prayer and noticed that in this one there was no symbol of Jesus (or anyone I recognized) anywhere. The city, town really, has its own vibe. Quite peaceful actually. Stores sell ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York May 16th 2012

As the title says, Blanche du Bois is a mess. Last night I saw a Streetcar Named Desire at the Broadhurst theatre on Broadway. I've seen the moviebunt the play is so so much more. Blanche's selective history and pitiable dishonesty are just no match for Stanley's rough nature. Truly an amazing experience. Afterwards I walked around times square, a square that is incredibly like the Vegas strip. Huge neon signs, billions of slow walking and gawking tourists and shopping. It really is for the tourists, much like the strip is, but that still means it is fun! In the morning I went over to the Met. This museum is the prize of the city and I almost hesitated for a moment about going in. After all, it's a museum where you can't touch anything, where ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York May 14th 2012

My first day as a tourist in the big city and I am proud of the progress I have made. Wringed up and thoroughly used after a red eye out of slc, I was at first overwhelmed by the city. This has been remedied though by a metro ride to nowhere, a lot of nerdy tourists (big time nerds that we all become when in a new, amazing place) and the complete awesomeness of New Yorkers have all helped to make this day a success. First up, two sites I have had on my to be visitEd list for years; the Statue of Liberty and Ellis island. Lady Liberty was closed due to construction, but it was a great visit none the less. She is a lot smaller than I imagined! Ellis island was interesting as ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Elko May 11th 2012

This Sunday I will be starting my trip trip around the world. A trip that, quite coincidentallY, will last 80 days. Heres a quick rudown of my itinerary: New York Iceland England France Possible short trip to Amsterdam, not sure, it is only three or so hours away from Paris by train! Or Switzerland Slovenia has some cool caves I wanna check out Italy Jordan Israel Egypt UAE, specifically Abu Dhabi China Taiwan It is quite an aggressive timeline, but with most rooms, train tickets and modes of transportation already booked, it is a manageable trip I believe. I have found foster homes for my pets for these three months and will hopefully hear about the phd program I have applied to whole on the road. This has always been a dream of mine, so I ... read more

The last few days in Guatemala were spent in the Solola Department, either in Panajachel or in San Marcos. The western part of Guate was just as great as the first half that we saw when we went over to Flores Island and Tikal. Antigua was full of colonial ruins, but Panajachel and Lake Atitlan provided all the natural beauty one could ever hope to find, it really was quite beautiful and unexpected. Three volcanos circle the Lake and the legend of two star crossed lovers, doomed of course, is apparently the reason behind the whitecaps that come in on the lake in the afternoons - that is called the Chocomil. The boat taxi system is relatively easy to use, though my dismount from the boat is atrocious. I gave a few locals a good laugh ... read more
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Well let's see if I can get this one to stick. I typed up a similar post a while agoand lost it somehow on this system. After a quick hulksmash, I'm back to try this again. Antigua is a beautiful old city, originally aSpanish settlement that is now popular for Spanish language courses,colonial ruins and history and has a very cool laid back vibe. We walked through a massive convent which at one time housed at the most fifty nuns at a time. Lifewas not a all easy for nuns back then, as penance was exacted in often violent ways to ensure the sanctity of their souls. In themiddle of the grand square was a beautiful fountain that isn't just for atmosphere. Indiginous women can be found througlout the day dressed in bright clothing, babies in ... read more
Guatemalan Beans
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We are currently waiting for our bus to whisk us away, first back to the city and then on to Antigua and Lake Atitlan. I´m sitting here in a cute little internet cafe, listening to the hum of a fan, the sound of mopeds and tuk tuks and feeling the heat rising off of my crispy, burnt skin. Today was a good day! We were able to take a boat ride over to the next island and swim and tan ( or fry ' you know ' tomato, tomato, aye ' when you type them you don´t get the different inflections but you know what I mean, wait, where was I?) Ah yes, here I am. This island is beautiful. I haven´t been swimming in over a year or two, so jumping into the lake was ... read more

Beauty ' your name is Guatemala. Today we went over and saw the MAyan ruins of Tikal. A totally profound and sweaty experience. Entering the park is fairly easy as tours are arranged through various travel agencies. The ride takes about an hour from Flores Island and provides a nice introduction to the jungle and the community villages along the way. The ruins were fantastic and the walk through was lovely, even in 80 degree heat. Yeah ' you heard me ' the whitest girl on the planet ' say that 80 degrees in the jungle isn´t too bad. Be still your heart! At a leisurely stroll you can see all that the ruins currently have to offer including the El Grande Jaguar, the Lost City and Temple 4 of Star Wars fame. The ruins are ... read more
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After a long day of travel, I've finally made it to my destination, my elementary school classmate's home in Guatemala. Over twenty years ago we said goodbee and have kept in touch through the years. Seeing her at the airport was great, I felt already at home in this country she's already assured me I will want to-return to. Shes young and fabulous and I'm already incredibly grateful to her for taking his week to be my traveling buddy. After a shower and a good nights sleep, I'm feeling pretty confident that jet lag won't be as bad as if I was going forward in time by several hours. I always seem to need a refresher course when traveling internationally as I forget the craziness we go through in our attempts to econnect the earth and ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Elko March 13th 2012

This Friday I am taking off to visit a long time friend in her home country of Guatemala. I have stayed in touch with Bitty since the 6th grade and am finally able to visit her. We'll be seeing a lot of country within these 10 days and I am very excited and grateful to her for taking the time to be my traveling partner. I'll have images and fun stuff from the trip posted here :).... read more

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