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24th May 2019

I've been loving the blogs! The pics are fantastic! What a great experience!
17th May 2019

Already loving the pictures!! Looking forward to more!
From Blog: Hello Vietnam!
14th October 2016

Thanks for keeping us with you as you and your partner continue your life's journey
14th October 2016

Wow way cool! If you ever want to check out more Lewis and Clark stuff, there is quite a bit up here near me in North Dakota! 😆 And that clock, man is that huge! !
18th August 2016

Looks like you had fun! Hope you are all settled in in the Midwest!
From Blog: North to Alaska!
20th May 2016

I'm so glad that you are enjoying yourself!! I miss you tons girl!!
15th February 2016

Love you
You did not eat fries you had the papas Fritas and that my friend is food of the gods!
15th February 2016

Good trip!
So much to see in our own backyard! Doesn't mean I want to stop wanderlust adventures ever.
5th August 2014

The Navajo still use the yucca. Love that you are in my old stomping grounds!
5th August 2014

Yay! This looked like so much fun! I've been wanting to check thsee out myself! Glad you got the chance to! !
1st March 2014

Give me account info!
I will front you cash to your account so I can be on your travel partner list.
1st March 2014

No dinero needed!
You're always on my list. This was just a quick trip, you and I still have places to go. Love, A
8th August 2013

Allahabad is great
Nice blog on my city. I run a hotel in Allahabad. If you are visiting the city do contact me. Regards, Dhananjay - Manager at Hotel in Allahabad
6th June 2013

So glad you had a great time here. Look forward to conversations of the experiences and other pictures!!
6th June 2013

Sounds great!
Thanks so much for the comments during my trip, I really do appreciate them.
2nd June 2013

are you not scared of snakes??
3rd June 2013

Piece of cake!
The cobras these guys use have their venom removed. It's a tourist gimmick, something you just have to do! (Ps, who's this?)
1st June 2013

A rating????
You should be the food critic for India.....what is the food health inspection ratings for your pancake house :) Sounds like you are enjoying yourself. Pictures have been great this time, just need to get you to label your pics so we know what we are looking at or at least what you were thinking when you took the pictures. Thanks for allowing me to come along for the ride, see you when you get back.
3rd June 2013

I know....
It really all comes down to lazines! (See I didn't even want to write that extra s in that word, lazy over here!). I have a bunch of pics I can show you sometime!
28th May 2013

it is really strange to see such poverty in juxtaposition with such riches as pictured in the temples, and the Taj Mahal. What an amazing adventure.PJ
29th May 2013

So many contrasts..
It's confusing at times to say the least!
27th May 2013

Taking Your time
Well it sounds like things are getting pretty much back to a little normal for the two of you,don't get in in hurry to be on the move if the weather is as hot as you sat,Grandpa and I ran into Yuma today and bought a roll-away bed for when you come down,so keep having fun.Love Ya Grams.
27th May 2013

Sounds great!
But the couch really was fine I promise. We are trying to get moving now, get up and out of here before the heat kicks in. Love ya, A

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