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28th October 2017

Angkor Wat and other Temples
I absolutely love the photos of before dawn at Angkor Wat - the colours are amazing. I visited the temples about twenty years ago and your images brought back some lovely memories of watching the sunrise. Thank you for sharing
27th October 2017

Such gorgeous photos, you certainly have seen some stupendous places. X
24th October 2017

lovely to share this with you
Wonderful blog Lynne. So very happy you had a fabulous first experience in S.E Asia. Love your style and makes me want to book the next flight!! Lots of love Angela xx
23rd October 2017

I too was quite pleasantly surprised at how nice fried crickets were! And quite high in protein :) Loving your photos Lynne, and looking forward to the photos of the Angkor temples...
23rd October 2017

An experience!
What a great time ...and what super photos and descriptions.....I feel I am seeing it all from your eyes! Sounds like the traffic in Naples.....we always joined some Italians to weave our way across roads ha ha!.,
22nd October 2017

Kind Cambodia
We may have mentioned their kindness in our blogs also. Visit Cambodia is tough as you are faced with mans inhumanity to man whether you want to be or not. Next time we get together remind me to tell you about my adventure with a Cambodian rat. Does a country ever recovery from these atrocities? .... it certainly makes it stronger. MJ
23rd October 2017

We saw a couple ! What amazed us was no flies on the produce in the market .
21st October 2017

The Cambodian Genocide
Having just blogged the Armenian Genocide, your blog is very real to my mind Lynne. Yet when we visited Cambodia I am glad we did not visit it's Genocide Museum or the Killing Fields. I do however believe the message of such atrocities should be presented time and again. Thank you for doing so.
20th October 2017

Tragic past - still happy people
I visited Cambodia 20 years ago and I remember that people seemed to be so happy. I know that all of them have either themselves lived through hell or they have close relatives or close friends who have been murdered. Still they seemed to be happier than people seem to be in my own country. Their smiles and their laughs made me happy too. I hope you were also happy when you were there. /Ake
17th October 2017

Omg....we don’t know what suffering is!! At Naples airport....some folk have been here for 6 hours!!! We’ve no idea when we will set off for Liverpool!!! But torture, had fab vegan salad, wonderful coffee con latte di soya multi caldo !! We r so blessed!
17th October 2017

Ground Zero
We did an Intrepid trip in Cambodia too and that day at the Genocide Museum and later at the Killing Fields was so you, I think it's important for us to witness what happened. I'm glad I saw this first blog of your trip, and will be looking out for more :) Safe Travels!
17th October 2017

Thanks for reading was hard to write .
17th October 2017

Unforgettable experience
Yes the recent history of Cambodia leaves a lasting mark. The brutality and suffering are such that we hope no human ever has to experience again.
29th August 2017

The beauty of Belgium
We are always rewarded when we go off the beaten track. Sounds like another great adventure. MJ
20th August 2017

Hi Lynne, I just bumped into your blog of Belgium. I liked your blogs and your photos are good. Really amazed on your extensive travel experience. I am from India and it looks you have not yet visited India. Its worth visiting. I will surely read your other blogs as and when time permits. Thanks for such lovely travel info and superb snaps. Best wishes for more travel. Do visit my blog when you find time. :) Regards, Ramz
19th August 2017
At the Open Air Museum

To us Belgium = Castles
When we went to Belgium castles became the theme. We stayed in castles which are now used as hotels, we tried to visit the abandoned and ruined Castle Miranda but failed since they are very strict on not tolerating any trespassing (we weren't busted. We saw the signs and decided not to try it) and we also visited one or two castles. It seems like they have many castles, so many that they can't even take care of them all. I'd love to one day make a trip to Belgium and only explore castles. Ake
20th August 2017
At the Open Air Museum

That sounds like a good idea to me... next trip I will do castles !
25th July 2017

Music and Dancing are always a good thing
I still want to do the house trading....we will see what the future holds. You've had another great adventure!
24th July 2017

Andre Rieu
Hello Lynne. Lovely to see you got to the concert after the mini crisis at home! We can see one of his concerts ( don't know if it's your one) in our local theatre on screen. We often get the Met Operas fresh from the season but I think it is the first time we have had Andre. 5 weeks Wednesday till I leave here!! I will think of you as I travel alone and tell myself "If Lynne can do it I can do it!" Great example. Love Jocelyn xx
23rd July 2017

Nice read
As you said, Belgium and Netherlands are two countries many people don't realize you can travel in. We saw bits and pieces of Belgium a few years ago and we are just waiting for a good chance to go back. We'd also love to see more of Netherlands. So far we've only seen Amsterdam. /Ake
20th July 2017

Beany rabbits and bears!
Beany rabbits and bears! Great stuff, glad i have the "what to do in the event of meeting a bear " info, though I hope I will never be too close as to need it. Alaska looks stunning, great blog.
12th July 2017

Sunshine on my shoulders
We were lucky too and we could see Denali when we were there. From Telkeetna we took a plane that circled us around the top of the mountain for an hour. It was fabulous. I'm glad you had some sunshine.
13th July 2017

Towns in Alaska
We loved Homer , the visitor centre and local museum there were very interesting... and Talkeetna was buzzing the day we went ...loved the old Roadhouse pies.

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