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12th February 2019
Gorgeous Glasshouse Mountains

Scenic views
Very nice.
12th February 2019

Great tour guide
Sounds like Vikki is an excellent tour guide. You really are seeing some lovely things.
12th February 2019

Local knowledge
Yes it was great to tour around with Vikki .... as often happens we need a visitor to come so that we can appreciate and explore our local area
11th February 2019

Those voices in your head
Glad you've silenced the voices. And we are glad the glitch has been fixed. I'm going back to see if I missed reading any of your blogs. Loved your summary. Wow, only 13 nights in hotels.... unbelievable. Thanks for taking us along.
11th February 2019

The blog fix
Yes I am so glad it’s all fixed .... such a great community of like minded travellers and I think I’ve been lucky to meet some of you on my travels. And it’s always good to know you guys are following me. Thanks .
10th February 2019

wonderful adventure
Great to share some of your wonderful adventure Lynne. Hope you're settling in well back at home. xx
10th February 2019

It certainly was an adventure , hard to settle down to “normal “ day to day life. And no picnics in the sun here at the moment !
29th December 2018

Always an Irish Bar!
Have you ever been to a town or city that didn't have an Irish bar? Sounds like great fun. I'm not big on Casinos but the rest sounds great. Thanks for sharing with us.
29th December 2018

Bay of Plenty
Centuries ago I went diving in the Bay of Plenty. I assure you it was cold water. Such a beautiful part of the country.
29th December 2018

360 degree views and a sunset
Travel enriches the view! You've arranged an amazing trip and have been able to travel with lots of family, see friends, acquaintances and locate local wildlife. I hope you had a sip of wine for us. Glad you were up early for those steamy waters and geysers.
5th December 2018

Having come home to dark mornings and nights, it's good to remember the lovely times we had together!
2nd December 2018
Flying North

Amazing flight
Life is good.
2nd December 2018

Hiding Mountains
The road less traveled is the best way to go. I can understand why you didn't like walking to see the carvings. Life experiences change us. Sorry the mountain didn't cooperate..... Sounds like a great adventure even though you had some rain.
2nd December 2018

Amazing drives and wildflowers
I've enjoyed sitting down today and getting caught up with your travels. Your descriptions of the heather, wild thyme and your drive captivated us. And... those lovely little blue penguins. I never tire of watching penguins. I'm glad to hear they are protecting our little friends.
2nd December 2018

Catching up
We’ve been doing the same thing today , catching up on respective travels. Yes life is good, and we all have to take the opportunity to to live each day thoughtfully , respectfully and appreciate the moments and the people we care for.
1st December 2018
There it is - Fox Glacier view .

So many wonderful places.
1st December 2018

Crisp sunny mornings
A beautiful country and a great adventure. Sounds like some great views and great hiking. Love the glacier.
1st December 2018

Foreboding weather, abundant wildlife and a few hair pen curves
Glad you had a nice house to stay in for home exchange. What a great way to see the world. NZ is beauty round every corner. Glad you enjoyed the sounds again. Sounds lovely. I was in Queenstown the first time in 1989 and it was a village of about four streets. Times certainly have changed. I was shocked when I was there in 2008. Life moves on.
25th November 2018

Looks interesting
That looks like an interesting place. I think I would I enjoy going there. The penguins come in at night, right? That's why you weren't allowed to take photos, correct? /Ake
28th November 2018

Yes they come back from feeding at sea after sunset . No photos And we had to be silent as they don’t want anything to disturb the penguins . There was lighting so you could see them but it doesn’t disturb them.

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