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27th October 2018

Meet me under the clocks
All cities have a unique personality and Melbourne seems to have layer after layer of interesting neighborhoods. Glad you continue to enjoy the trip.
26th October 2018
Coles Bay

Nice story
Nice to read your story. Thanks for sharing it. /Ake
26th October 2018

Mix of new and old
What I remember most from Melbourne is the mix of new and old buildings. I liked that mix a lot. /Ake
23rd October 2018
And more signs

Cross cultural interpretation
Finally catching up on your blogs... so glad you enjoyed my beloved Melbourne! I used to work on St Kilda Road and know that part of town very well, and the Block Arcade is one of my faves. When some tourists visit Asia or rural Europe for the first time and freak out about using squat toilets, this sort of sign with instructions would probably help too! :)
21st October 2018

Great adventure
Wonderful pictures and account of your solo adventures. I met some lovely people from Tassie when I was in Australia many years ago. Also hired a car and stayed in backpacker hostels. Australia is a good country for striking off on your own and you always meet friendly people. X
21st October 2018

I agree Sue. I have met nothing but generosity and kindness.
21st October 2018

Lynne the explorer!
Didn't realise that you had so many 'adventures' over the last week but as usual you overcome them and have an amazing time - probably seeing more than you originally bargained for! Not long now until we meet in Sydney - really looking forward to it.
21st October 2018

Tassie East Coast
You may have had a whirlwind visit but Bay of Fires, Freycinet, Wineglass Bay & Coles Bay you certainly picked some great spots. Excellent pics to remember them by, Lynne.
19th October 2018

Really enjoying reading this Lynne, I feel a book coming on. Loved the toilet sign, so just remember NEVER STAND ON THE TOILET!
you may miss. xxx
19th October 2018

Thanks for the comments Jean. It’s akways good to see who is reading and what your thoughts are and feels like you’re coming along with me xx
18th October 2018

There is a lot of competition in Oz as to which city is better, Sydney or Melbourne. I prefer Sydney as I live there but each time we visit Melbourne its hard not to love the place!
18th October 2018

I had heard about that , I prefer to enjoy the delights of each place where I am
18th October 2018

Nearly New Zealand!!
Hi Lynne. It is amazing how your travels have followed mine in the last two weeks. I loved the Mornington Peninsular and of course the Arcades of Melbourne. My friend has lived there since 1976 and had never walked in the arcades. I learnt more from your descriptions than I did on the day! People who live there are too busy working and struggling with the traffic which is horrendous now. Almost as bad as Auckland!! You were lucky with the Seniors experience! We bought concession tickets on the trams in Adelaide and on the very last trip the inspector asked to see our Seniors Cards and when we showed a NZ one, we got a telling off as they don't recognise us. We knew that of course. They are very harsh on New Zealanders but come here and get all the benefits the same as us. Looking forward to seeing you soon!! Love, Jocelyn.
17th October 2018

Travelling twosome
What a fabulous lovely surprise to meet Lynne and Angela being a new 5W member I thoroughly enjoyed their stories and friendship. I'd like to thank Ann Fairman too as her cooking is superb and we all enjoyed a great many talks on travel.
15th October 2018
Nothing like a log fire !

Australian adventure
As I read each blog I smile at the great care and effort you had when planning this trip. You really are seeing all that is Australia. Cheers!
15th October 2018
Port Campbell NP

Amazing drives
We spent several days in this area and could not have been happier. Stunning beauty.
15th October 2018

A purpose of travel
Seeing old friends and making new ones is the reason we are so fulfilled when we travel. Talking to the person next to us or chatting on the bus or train. Love following your adventure in Australia.
14th October 2018

Almost blown away...but sounds like you were!
Gotta say its fantastic that you drove from Adelaide to Melbourne. Most touristos miss the wild Limestone Coast except maybe Melbourne to Port Campbell to see the Twelve Apostles. Definitely deserves time to let the vibe of these areas to pervade the soul. The weather changes daily so each day is a different experience. We have seen Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' at Lochard Gorge at sunset. I even got knocked off a rock in wild seas and lost an SLR camera around my neck. Wonderful part of Australia and delighted for you that you have seen it in all its glory. Kinda makes it a challenge to see how we can give you a taste of Sydney to match that!!!
14th October 2018

Doesn’t have to match Dave ... I will be delighted with anything that comes along , see you on Monday
14th October 2018

idea tranformed into a reality
Thank you Lynne for helping our idea to become reality-and such a great adventure; so many unforgettable shared moments. Your blog really captures the excitement that enables others to enjoy it too. We'd better think about the next one.....xx
11th October 2018

Beautiful Adelaide
Adelaide gets a bad rap compared to other capital cities, and is far too underrated as a result. We're yet to make it to those gorgeous looking markets... should make it a priority :)
10th October 2018
Guess how much red string !

That is cool! /Ake
10th October 2018

Home exchange
Glad you are visiting Adelaide with locals. I'm sure they enjoyed your home and area also. Looks fantastic. We stopped in Adelaide when we took the train from Sydney to Perth. We thought if we went back we'd like more time there.
7th October 2018

Nice pic
Nice photo you got there. I am not good at taking photos of flowers. They never come out good. If you see pictures of flowers on our blog they are most likely taken by Emma. /Ake
7th October 2018

I love flowers and as you will realise reading my blogs there’s always photos of flowers ! Thanks for reading.

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