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18th June 2007

Lynne, i have really enjoyed reading your stories and i am so glad that you enjoyed your travels. I sincerely hope that the rest of your life is very very happy. Tim
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2nd June 2007

Will the saga continue?
Good to have you home again, but will miss reading all the blogs it was almost like travelling with you. Not just good at photography but also painting in words a fabulous picture of the beautiful places you visited, if I win the lottery!!!!!!!!!???? Will see you end of the month, looking forward to that and a spare hour or two to view the photo's! Have a good rest, hope the body clockwill soon be back to normal. Love Marilyn
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22nd May 2007

It is a pleasure Lynne. I have just managed to catch up with your blogs which is why this comment is a little behind the times. Enjoy....
From Blog: Last days in Oz.
21st May 2007

NZ sounds wonderful
so glad that everything is working out well for you Lynne. You should apply for a job on Getaway ( or buggeroff as Ed playfully calls it being the good Aussie that he is). I'll keep your blogs as they contain a mine of info. I sent a brief email to your other address re Bilbao- about booking our first 3 nights in Ria be Bilbao. Will check today to see if it's still available- it's a hostel but has v. good reviews. See you soon. Love Angela
13th May 2007

Muscat Calling...
Hi Lynne WOW -what an incredible picture you paint of New Zealand. Jonathan and I had planned to visit Wendy in Christchurch ... we're still planning a trip and your descriptions make it that more enticing! You are truly an incredible lady. Keep having loads of fun and keep warm, a mild 40 degrees here! Lots of love Tx
11th May 2007

enjoying your trip from afar
Lynne, What a treat it is to read your blog every week (or even several times a week!). It especially enjoy it late on Friday, reading through it in the quiet of the office when everyone else has gone home. I read....and imagine being there! You are great at describing things, so the imagining bit is easy. What is hard is sitting here when I would much rather be travelling like you. I'm impressed with all the different activities you are going for - you are a true brave adventurer! Looking forward to the next installment. Love, Jennifer
9th May 2007

Hi Lynne - all sounds fantastic. Am very jealous of you being in NZ. It's at the top of my list of places I want to go. Hope you and Betty have a fab time, loving the name! Keep and eye out for Gandolf, over and out for now x
8th May 2007

Reading your blogs
Hi Lynne, We are reading your travel blogg and you seem to be having a great time. I am very jealous!!! We will get in touch when you are back in blighty!! Continue to enjoy and we look forward to NZ!! Love Bruce, Lorri and Melissa (and Cee Cee, currently a double ASBO cat!!!!)
From Blog: Last days in Oz.
3rd May 2007

Lynne, you do not know me but having read your blog's i just wanted to commend the fact that you have been brave enough to do the things you want to do despite your tragedy. I really hope you thoroughly enjoy the rest of your holiday and that you have a great life. Tim...
2nd May 2007

Off on our hols
Dear Farm Girl, Great to hear all your news it's nearly like being with you! as we are off to Tenerife 4th we will be out of computer contact for two weeks but look forward to catching up when we get back. Still have the phone will text messages with you from there. Bet picking olives was easier than spud picking in Kirkoswald! hope to be eating plenty of olives soon and drinking the grape juice!! Tel really looking forward to the rest. Take care love from us
23rd April 2007

Hello from Muscat
Hi Lynne What a fab time you are having. Love the photographs. Great idea having a travel blog. Everyone well in Muscat. Had an amazing Easter with a trip to Beijing to see my brother, his wife and their gorgeous baby son - now 3 months. 91/2 weeks until the summer holidays. If we are in the UK we'll give you a call. Continue having a fantastic time and a safe journey home. Love Txxx
16th April 2007

Loving the photos, Sydney looks amazing, we have to plan to visit there while we are in Singapore. Its nice to get your blogs and hear your news, i have eventually figured out how to get around the site!! Well enjoy your trip to Cairns, and look forward to hearing all about it. Much love from us all xxxx
15th April 2007

SO nice to see your photos! Its lovely to see little Cam! I just cant wait to see him! And Cher and Suz and you! you all look great! I cant wait to be there. Leaving on Thursday night and heading to Singapore, then onto Perth in Australia... Soexcited now! xxx
13th April 2007

Same high standard of photos!
Wow it looks fantastic and certainly the way to see the world, glad you are having such fun. These blogs are a great way to keep in contact so easy. The weather here has been very good so our weekend in Eastbourne was great Chris and Annabell looked after us well we went into town walked on the pier and finished up in a pub in the center so Tel could watch Man U unfortunately they lost but the beers and the lovely supper Annabel cooked eased the pain!l Then on Tuesday they stuffed Roma 7-1 so he's really happy again!!!!!!! Chris said to make sure I told you how spotless the house was and the old lady next door said the wild parties are not that bad!
11th April 2007

Dear Lynne, Hello we can read that you are having a good time with lots of different people not sure that we know all the names but when you get to Forster we may recognise a few! When you see the gang give them our love! What date are you intending to get there? We are off to Washington on the 17.4.07 so it may be that you will be in Forster while we are away! We may skype you if you are with G and R! Have a fun time and looking forward to reading more! Lol Julia and SashXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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