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Jaki's Travels

I love to travel and this year completed a round the world trip which I'm currently writing about and hope to have many more trips in the future.

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Pushkar October 14th 2008

What a horrible horrible night. And after such a good day. Lay down for a bit and tried to fight feeling sick and talk myself out of it but couldn’t. It was horrid, I HATE being sick. Just wanted rid of the taste and smell. Sarah came back just as I stopped, and got me some water and went to get some medicine from Susan. I took that and tried to sleep but felt had to lie on my back and be really still. Tried turning slightly at one point and was sick again. Took some more pills then managed to make it through the night. Felt better this morning but still couldn’t face food. Went up to the restaurant just to have some water and a rehydration drink Susan made. But started feeling dizzy and ... read more
Ghats cow

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Bassi October 13th 2008

Sarah was actually awake and in the shower before the alarm - strange. Really nice place to wake up though. Breakfast was great. Had toast with omlette, toast with honey, and some porridge with a little honey. Oh and a veg cutlet. Took the jeeps to a local village where the kids were getting ready for school and all wanting ‘one photo’. We had a wander around and saw the school house and different areas of the village, which is divided into separate areas depending on jobs. Saw the barbers living area - that’d be my family. Also stopped to look around the different crops in a field before arriving at the castle. It was great - when we arrived there was someone drumming and someone on a horn and we given flower garlands - a ... read more
Village homes
Young driver

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Bassi October 12th 2008

Was very hard to get up this morning but managed. Local train was better than had been described. No chickens or goats in our carriage. Sarah and myself ended up in a carriage down from the rest where a guy kindly gave up his seat and we sat in the compartment with him and his family. Train was of course 30m late. A woman who looked like the mother in law was asleep along half of the seats, which seemed unfair as people were sitting in the doorway. One kid, a young boy, was left a tiny spot at her feet. His sister, a bit older was opposite (same side as us) with their dad next (who had insisted we sit there). Their mother was up in the luggage rack above the seats having a nap. ... read more
Hand made canoe
Temple along the way

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Bundi October 11th 2008

Had a fantastic sleep last night. Seem to feel better but look worse for it. But feeling good is much more important than looking good. Actually had breakfast. Still don't understand how it can take 20 minutes to make tea and toast but every where we go it does. Was after 9 when we left but the journey took less than 3 hours rather than the 4 we were told. Better they overestimate rather than underestimate it though. We passed through a village where they were re-surfacing the road and all the men and women were out doing it by hand prom picking up and shaping each brick to laying them down in place. The hotel seems nice, had a snack when arrived then chilled in the gardens, sitting on a chair swing - really like ... read more
Photo stop

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Ranthambhore National Park October 10th 2008

Didn't sleep as well last night which was disappointing. Also sad to get up early again. Left at 7.45am and went to an animal shelter. Was nice to see the animals get some help and were some really cute puppies. Gave a donation then headed to Ranthambhore across a road that seemed to get bumpier and bumpier and was really hot in the vehicle - Sarah moved up front as she wasn't feeling too well. Toilet stop was side of the road by some not so thick bushes but really just got out of sight o cars then didn't care much. Got here and got our rooms which are nice and it would be a lovely place if it weren't for all the children - must be a school trip. The grounds are nice and it ... read more
Samba Deer
Large bird
Samba Deer

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaipur October 9th 2008

Slept well - was great. Didn't get up until about 9.30 to take washing down then had some tea and toast. Spent about 2 hours on the net not getting much done. The PC I was on crashed, the next one didn't have a CD drive, went back to original, crashed again, then another was free so went on that and was much better. Put more pics on Bebo then the next lot were going on as picture icons. After about four attempts, sitting uploading, I gave up, mostly because Firefox stopped working. I did however reply to Gem and put the pics we had on CD onto my USB along with the ones I've taken since. Still to reply to mum. Sarah wrote a whole massive group email then lost it all when she tried ... read more
Family photo

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaipur October 8th 2008

Well last night/early morning wasn't great. The lightening was nice though. Got up and showered for 8am. Was a nice morning and we enjoyed breakfast up on the roof of the tower before heading off at 9am. The car I was in was nice - even had seatbelts!! which is the first time since arriving - well first time to have both belts and plugs together. Felt a bit ill with tiredness and the heat, and Sarah was in the other jeep with the water so by the time we got to the Amber Fort at Jaipur I was really thirsty. But after some water and a Limeca soft drink I felt a lot better. The Amber fort was very interesting and we again had a good guide. It had a particularly nice mirror room in ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Madhogarh October 7th 2008

Can't think we are a week into October already. Didn't manage to sleep well last night. Throat was sore and kept waking up really sweaty but feeling cold. The bus was much better today - actually just walked on and sat down. Plus the seats were much more comfortable. Managed to just chill out with my ipod and actually enjoyed the rest. The jeep journey up to the former fort we are staying in was bumpy but enjoyable and the heritage hotel is wonderful. Every room is different and ours is in a tower/turret with Peter and Susan nex door in a beautiful room with a gorgeous bathroom. After a royal Rajput welcome, we had a nice lunch when we arrived then chilled out on top of one of the towers, enjoying the view. Then went ... read more
Driving by
Spinning bobbins of thread

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Bharatpur October 6th 2008

So glad to leave Agra and the horrid sweat box behind - did not get a good sleep at all! The shower was sparse at best and Sarah ended up with a bug on her leg. But anyway, it's in the past and we are in a lovely - and brand new - room in a nice hotel. Not a great journey. The first bus from Agra was full and when the next arrived (30m late of course) it was a mad pushy scramble to get on and get a seat. Super tired so was feeling crabbit but trying not to be outwardly so. Got some heavy angry music on my ipod and turned it up loud and also played some solitaire to pass the time. We were not at our final destination when we got ... read more
Across the water
Entrance fees

Asia October 5th 2008

Another good nights sleep, if only it was longer. Managed to get up and have a hot shower and be ready for 5.45am. Then stood downstairs for about 20m - so much for the sharp exit Sanjay had made a huge fuss about saying we would leave at 6am on the dot and everyone must be downstairs by 5.50am. Anyway, left luggage, sorted and room service paid, the cars arrived and we were soon at the station. Really hate how pushy, ignorant, and impatient people here can be when it comes to boarding trains - WHEN SEATS ARE BOOKED! Pushing and shoving and jumping on even as the train is pulling in. Sarah stood just two seats away for ages as everyone just shoved by and she couldn't along that small distance to her seat. Most ... read more
Entering Agra's Red Fort
Crocodile moat

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