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Jennie Clark

Europe » Germany » Brandenburg » Frankfurt June 27th 2010

Our last full day: woke up in Dinkelsbuhl and came to find that it wasn’t 38e/night - it was 38/e/person/night. Jeremy then broke it down by how much we paid per limb and per digit. We walked around a bit and somehow found our way back to the “big cheese” plate for another dose of happiness before leaving on the 12:40 minibus which ended up costing us nothing for an hour’s ride - nice. My calculations were right on the nose for all the connections, danke. After 1.5 travel hours and a quick snooze we landed in Schwabisch Hall which is a town that dates back to a time when Celtics produced salt there, something like 500bc. This too was a cute-beyond-belief town on a very steep slope with hundreds of steps everywhere. St. Michael’s church ... read more
Just take the picture
He's better at it

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Dinkelsbühl June 26th 2010

out cold by 9:45pm last night - it was still light out. One of the things we were going to do here is observe the night crier - apparently the tradition is that some costumed guy blows a horn to warn people that nght is coming (?? do they have to be warned??) and they've been doing it for hundreds of years. missed it. stupid chinese buffet. now that it's almost over, i'm getting really good at figuring out the most efficient and inexpensive ways to get around. If all goes according to my now-expert planning, the least amount of time we'll be on a train/bus today is 3 hours 15 minutes. uh huh, we'll see. today: Dinkelsbuhl till noon, arrive by bus/train at 2 in Schwabisch Hall (a super steep town on the river with, ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Dinkelsbühl June 25th 2010

Is it possible to be nearing enough of cute little germanic towns? quite. R was an incredibly perfect amazing town - just like a hollywood movie set. I kept taking all these pictures of street shots because I couldn't get over it. The church is huge. We climbed up the tower in the smallest steepest stairway i've ever imagined. We went through the Kriminal museum which showcased all the different ways they used to torture people in medieval times - and for the smallest of crimes. There were lots of special devices for women for doing things such as gossiping or bickering with their husbands - like shame masks, "violins" which held their heads and hands up and they weren't let go until peace had been restored. Yikes. If you missed church or drank too much ... read more
cute street
hard to tell

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Rothenburg ob der Tauber June 25th 2010

(finally made it to an internet cafe - no connection at the castle. It's 2pm friday) So I’m writing this Fri a.m. as I sit in the nook of our castle room - I can’t get enough of this spot, as you'll see from the pic, best seat in the burg. J’s last day with the team was great. They gave him a warm send off with a team jersey signed by all the kids and “thanks for a great week”. He started with 29 kids and 1 pro, by the end of the week word was getting around and he had 46 total, 13 of them pros. So - they loved it. How he managed that many guys for a 1 hour workouts 2x/day is beyond me. The week was a success and now his ... read more
Leisurely lunch at Ladenburg
loooong day

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim June 24th 2010

People can drink publicly, I knew that, but it's still weird to see it. People by themselves and in groups, on the bus, hanging out on the corner, walking around town with their country colors and get ups on and their beers in hand. Kinda like how it used to be at Grand Ol' Day when folks could walk through the streets with a drink. very festive. But it wasn't as mayhemic as I anticipated - until after. I had a hankering for some schnitzle, spatzle and hefeweisen and we found a great little spot right across from a cafe that was showing the game. Not that we cared but we were trying to care. J got the schnitzle "vienna style" -- these are not light meals, mine even had a big dollup of super sweet ... read more
Jer "I ordered us an app."
The game
On the lighter side...

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Ladenburg June 23rd 2010

I got the 3,5e ticket for the 12:22 bahn to Ladenburg but somehow I was on the wrong platform and missed it so I figured that out and got on the 12:44. It's a short 12 minute ride to this SUPER cute non-touristy town. I mean really do people actually live here?? c'mon?! und what would they ever have to stress about - they live in a postcard and ride their bikes with little baskets for bread - ?? I basically just meandered thru for two straight hours because that's all you can really do there - the winding cobblestone streets take you throuh the maze of this little town and every turn is more quaint than the next. A couple churches had awesome exteriors but very plain interiors. One had a timeline listed on the ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim June 23rd 2010

Still didn't find the Italian place last night, and actually he was taking me to a different place that someone had told him about ....but we couldn't find that one either, so we opted for a random place, had a delicious pizza and shared a bottle of chianti. We had a deep conversation about many topics, one of which was a bet as to how long Carrie Underwood and her hockey (i stand corrected, i thought he played football) playing husband's marriage would last. This is the official record that J gets the under on 5 years - whoever wins gets a trip somewhere. I thought I'd wait for J today and "surprise" him by dragging him along with me on today's excursion, but, it's now 11:15 and he's not back yet - I'll give it ... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Worms June 22nd 2010

I'm afraid I've been remiss in my journaling because I have failed to mention a very important part of this trip: Jeremy's love of fancy cars. I cannot tell you how much he loves them, i can only give examples. So, admittedly, there are a lot of nice cars here - all kinds of porsches, BMWs, lamborghinis, mercedes, italian cars - on and on. EVERY TIME he sees one he startles me... Jer "oh! look at that! did you see that?!" Jen- heart jumps, "what?! where?!" Jer "did you see that sick (insert car name here)?!!" Jen "ugh! stop doing that!" Jer - "what? i like cars." I'm always expecting something big, like somebody just got hit by a car, or someone on a bike almost took me out, or some man dressed up like a ... read more
Town Wall
Interior St Paul's Cathedral
Front of Cathedral

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim June 22nd 2010

4 hours of sleep is plenty. just returned from the breakfast that still makes me happy. There is something about the coffee and the little spoons that they use for real, not just for show, that makes the coffee delicious. I skipped the prosciutto this a.m. - it too is delicious but every once in a while when i eat it my brain plays a trick and thinks it has a mouthful of raw squirming animal fat and forces me to gag obnoxiously. I didn't want to go through that again and besides, i was already shaming America by showing up with my bed head and puffy eyes to bfast. This sure ain't like the Americinn continental bfast up der in Brainerd - most people here are showered and ready to show themselves in public. not ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Stuttgart June 22nd 2010

before i divulge the day's happenings - I LOVE this book, The Girl who Played with Fire, canNOT put it down - which is why it's 2:30 and i'm wide awake again. today was a super gigante perfect day! The 3 train rides to get there were a bit of an adventure and you walk up to this relatively non-descript building that is the naked spa. so yeah you go in the locker room, you're given a wrist band that tracks your time and spending (food, drinks) and you rent towels. no bathing suits allowed, period. ok so i walk out to meet J and i swear he couldn't get his towl off fast enough--he was truly born to be a nudist. So we begin to walk around, towels on(me) and I had about a 2-minute ... read more
Schwaben Quellen
6 hours later...
Stuttgart Marketplatz

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