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June 22nd 2010
Published: June 22nd 2010
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4 hours of sleep is plenty. just returned from the breakfast that still makes me happy. There is something about the coffee and the little spoons that they use for real, not just for show, that makes the coffee delicious. I skipped the prosciutto this a.m. - it too is delicious but every once in a while when i eat it my brain plays a trick and thinks it has a mouthful of raw squirming animal fat and forces me to gag obnoxiously. I didn't want to go through that again and besides, i was already shaming America by showing up with my bed head and puffy eyes to bfast. This sure ain't like the Americinn continental bfast up der in Brainerd - most people here are showered and ready to show themselves in public. not so i. But i was SO glad that i brushed my teeth as the better-than-average looking man joined me shoulder to shoulder in the 2.5'x3' elevator. that would not have been gute.

So the day is mine -- J made it off to work on time, actually more than on time, as i think he got there an hour and a half early today. It took him a bit to shake off his feeling badedness yesterday and I bet my life he'll never be late here again. I'm very tempted to take this day to finish devouring my book, but i won't, but i want to...but i won't. I believe Worms is going to be all mine, fraulein. and i'll bring the book. The sky is all blue and it's not warm (why would it be?) but it's sunny and that there is gutentag with me.

I have to be back here by 4pm so I can go watch the #2 with J today. He's having coffee with the GM of the Germany pro hockey team after his #1 today, hope that goes well (and ultimately means more schwaben quellen for me).


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