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June 22nd 2010
Published: June 22nd 2010
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Train to StuttgartTrain to StuttgartTrain to Stuttgart

This H&M bag cracked me up all day - we had to bring shower shoes and his wouldn't fit in my purse - so he toted it around all day. Also, two Asian kids got on the train and sat next to us, they were both crushed (that's canadian for drunk) and got kicked off after the first stop.
before i divulge the day's happenings - I LOVE this book, The Girl who Played with Fire, canNOT put it down - which is why it's 2:30 and i'm wide awake again.

today was a super gigante perfect day! The 3 train rides to get there were a bit of an adventure and you walk up to this relatively non-descript building that is the naked spa. so yeah you go in the locker room, you're given a wrist band that tracks your time and spending (food, drinks) and you rent towels. no bathing suits allowed, period. ok so i walk out to meet J and i swear he couldn't get his towl off fast enough--he was truly born to be a nudist. So we begin to walk around, towels on(me) and I had about a 2-minute giggle fest that i did my very best to stifle. The place is about the size of a medium sized LA Fitness, not huge, but it's uber cool -- there are trees and big rock formations all over the place and there's a big non-rectangular pool in the middle and there are various levels that have different types of saunas, steam rooms, lounging areas
Schwaben QuellenSchwaben QuellenSchwaben Quellen

Prior to entering the locker room. No cameras allowed from that point forward.
and they are all themed - like the Afrika Lodge, the Finnisch Spa(J's favorite - super hot sauna) the Cauldraum (my favorite, steam room where you rub salt all over then just sit in the steam room), another pool that connects to an outdoor poor, sunning decks, hot tubs, bar, food area. and naked people. Karen - I could have used Ben's help with the german word for turtle today afterall.

so when you are walking around in between the different spas/saunas, etc you wear your towel - most people do anyway, but not all. when inside these rooms or in any pools - no towels. There are more men than women and every body type is represented. Shaving was completely irrelevant, anything goes in that regard, i worried for naught. So when you go - which you will when you find yourself in Baden-Wurttemberg - go as you are. It didn't have a pervy vibe at all, although let's be honest here, certainly there had to be a perv or two but overall it's a very differnt and fun experiience. A day we'll never forget.

In the bar area that overlooks the place the soccer games were
6 hours later...6 hours later...6 hours later...

relaxed - that's the exterior of the place behind us. you'd never know what was inside.
on, of course, and all these people sitting in the bar watching soccer in their towels, taking breaks to nakedly walk somewhere. so so so strange and hilarious and great. We had fun listing off the people we thought would and would not go to a place like this.

We were there for 6 hours - ja, i'm serious. My new favorite german dish is spatzle - yum.

so far the 2.5 days of this trip receive an A - even with the Heidelberg fiasco.

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Glittering Babes - you remember our latest uplifting WWII book that was based in Stuttgart? This is the building at the town square with the steps and it's where the book burning was. Looked nothing how i pictured it. oh and that's Jeremy demonstrating to me how he "puts it out there".
Waiting for the train homeWaiting for the train home
Waiting for the train home

The end of a really great day.

22nd June 2010

nakedness :)
LOL- I knew this would be a good day for you! You two are just the cutest together- lu

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