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June 21st 2010
Published: June 21st 2010
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Guten Morgen

No Worms for us last night. J's got that throaty, tasty, green-producing cough going on and was basically sleep walking so I let him off the hook and decided to just go walk to dinner. and walk we did -- i'd say about 2 miles. we both knew we'd seen what looked like a quaint little pizzaria place so we circled and circled and couldn't find it to both of our frustrations. we finally ended up at a pizza place 2 blocks from the hotel and sat quietly for the first 5 minutes because we were both sick of saying "which way do you think we should go, what should we do". No bottle of Chianti last night. 😊

Got back and I sat on this damn computer for-ever trying to plan the perfect 2.5 days at the end of our trip. not planned - my decision making abilities are abundantly apparent, i just can't decide. likely a 2-night stay at a 1000 year old castle in Rothenburg od der Tauber -it's the details i can't work out. done thinking/talking aboutit.

slept great through the entire night, awesome window shut, in fact, we overslept this morning. There is almost no worse feeling for J, #1 starts at 8 and he left here at 7:45, not a good way to get an invite back but here's hoping Helmut understands, i think he will. But i feel terrible for J and helpless about it.

......and the anxiety is starting to kick in, we're leaving for a naked spa day in 1 hour and 45 minutes - what if i can't do it? what if i can't take off my towel? i can't even walk around that way in my own house. and really, the real question that's been eating a hole in my brain for the past few weeks -- to shave or not to shave. i mean seriously, what will be the bigger freak show? ugh. maybe Monday's are dead there.

i'm going to get some fruhstadtedsomething (breakfast). that'll help.


21st June 2010

Oh Jen- you're too funny. Listen girl it could be much worse. What if you had "My Body" and had to go naked in front of a bunch of people. Shave or not shave wouldn't be your worry!!!! YIKS! It sounds like this trip has not been your best. All I can say is try to just enjoy each other and discover one great thing each day where you're at. If your looking for wow every moment you're sure to be disappointed. But you know that with all the travel you've done. I can't wait to hear how today went- naked butt!!! lu
22nd June 2010

thanks joannie butt :) lu2!
23rd June 2010


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