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June 20th 2010
Published: June 20th 2010
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It really was so very nice of him (to remain nameless) to accompany us and "help" us with Heidelberg today, it was and I'm grateful for it and I have to keep reminding myself that a slightly let-down of a day in Heidelberg Germany is better than any day at the USPS. For various reasons i don't want to get specific about (because it's not nice, at all, to be mean to people for things they can't help) it was a tough day with our companion....I'm trying to stop banging my head against the wall but I simply cannot.

We visited the castle in H, awesome structure and surely there's a great story and history behind it... but to me going to such a location without doing the audio tour or a guided tour is 98% pointless. So much to learn right within my grasp and yet, no. ok so that's fine, again - better'n being at work ------- so we headed into the ever-touted old world town of H and with the 1.5 hours we had available, we sat at the first place we saw at a table outside where it felt like about 35 degrees (F). We stayed for 1.25 hours, then took a very brief walk about 2 blocks down and then had to head back. agh, there prolly wasn't anything else to see anyway.....

slow pace, language barriers, lots of veiled frustration.

Today's take aways so far: cute town from what we got a chance to see, exhaustion from trying to interpret, sore face from fake smiling all day, jeremy has fractured fingers from me squeezing them with all my might all day.

Jeremy's observation: "you are a lot more fun when we're on vacation. I think we should have this Jennie around a lot more." Jennie "yes, let's!"

We got back to our room with 1 hour to decompress and stare at each other not knowing what to even say and then just laughing about it before J headed for workout #2. I'm figuring out if we should train it to Worms tonight to check out the town in the evening. Tomorrow is a big day - Stuttgart and a day at the SchwabelQuellen -- huge spa/sauna/steam rooms/pools/massages who knows what else -- in the buff. no joke. my anxiety hasn't kicked in yet, maybe it won't. When in Stuttgart....

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Germany's (the world's??) largest wine barrel, when the king lived here it was actually used and full of wine. the one (loose)fact i learned about this place because i read it online before we went.
Old Town HeidelbergOld Town Heidelberg
Old Town Heidelberg

The main street, taken from our outside table at lunch.

Brat, saurkraut, mashed and bacon on top

the three of us at lunch

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