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South America 2007-2008: I travelled around in Cuba, Costa Rica and South America for 8 months from november 2007 to july 2008. You can read about that journey in blog entry 1-48!
Tanzania/Kenya 2009: I'm off to Tanzania and Kenya in january 2009. Follow that adventure from blog entry 49.
Bolivia 2010: I´m travelling in Bolivia for six weeks with Eirin, a friend of mine. Good to be back in this beautiful country!
Uganda/Tanzania 2011:I'm going to Uganda to do a field study for my master degree! I'm also off to Tanzania to work with a Norwegian group going to Mt. Kilimanjaro.
Nepal 2011: I'm off to Nepal for about 20 days to work with a group of Norwegians doing the Everest Base Camp Trek.
Uganda 2011/2012: Uganda for one month. 16 days of working for Hvitserk, then heading off for own adventures.

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Magnus Hendis

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna » Annapurna Circuit December 26th 2011

Hope everyone have had a wonderful christmas so far! I've been really lazy writing lately, and I'm sorry about that. Tomorrow I'm off again, back to Uganda this time. I will bring a group of 12 people to explore the Rwenzori Mountains! For Norwegian readers you can follow the trip here . And while I'm in Uganda you can at least enjoy some pictures from Nepal and the Annapurna Circuit. It's a few so take your time : ) I did this trip in november. I hope to write a summary as well when I'm back from Uganda. Have a nice time and a happy new year! Magnus... read more
Photo 20
Photo 22
Photo 24

Africa » Tanzania » North » Mount Kilimanjaro September 12th 2011

Working on Mt. Kilimanjaro I'm back in Kampala after a "work trip" to Tanzania and Mt. Kilimanjaro. If you understand Norwegian you can read the updates from Hvitserk url= here . I was flying over from Entebbe, Uganda, 4th of September to meet up with a Norwegian group travelling to Mt. Kilimanjaro and Masai Mara (Kenya). My role was to be an assistant guide and learn about Hvitserk and how they are working. I arrived at Kilimanjaro Airport and took a shuttle to Moshi. Here I just walked a bit around before I went to a restaurant we ate in a lot last time I was here. Check out the blog entries from this one: . They serve cheap and good Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Pakistani food. After a meal I had a ple... read more
It's important to take a brake now and then
Celebrating Ann Helens birthday
Lunch in Second Cave Camp

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Rwenzori Mountains August 30th 2011

A short history of the Rwenzori Mountains The Rwenzoris is the highest mountain range in Africa with Mt. Margherita at 5109 as the highest summit point and third highest mountain in Africa. It's situated west in Uganda on the border to DRC. You can actually walk across to DRC on the summit day if you do the Margherita peak. Unlike the two higher peaks, the Rwenzori Mountains are not of volcanic origin but rise directly from the Rift Valley floor. The formation is linked to the geological upheaval that created the Rift. Rwenzoris several altitude zones has their own distinct micro climate and flora and fauna, including 70 mammals and 177 bird species. The Rwenzori Mountains are thought to have been the source of the legend of the Mountains of the Moon, the snow-capped range cited ... read more
Photo 3
Kurt Schafer Bridge
Caroline, Pol and me

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Rwenzori Mountains August 22nd 2011

Kilembe and Rwenzori Trekking Services (RTS) I went to Kilembe on Friday. I was interested in having a closer look at their hostel and facilities. I also brought a bag of mountain equipment like boots, jackets, fleece and more, to give to someone down here. Since I will do the trek with Rwenzori Mountaineering Services (RMS) later, I thought I should give the gear to RTS, to share between the two competitors. If anyone are considering doing a trek in the park, I will recommend RTS, based on the feedback from the people I met, and what I have learned about the company. Since I was first up here in Kyanjuki Village, Kilembe, I decided to do some kind of activity. Except for different days of trekking in the national park, they also provide a one ... read more
RTS Hostel in Kilembe
Countryside around Kilembe
Old coppermine in Kilembe

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala August 18th 2011

Heading to Uganda for a field trip I am now on my master degree in outdoor education, at the Norwegian School of Sport Science. My plan was to write about mountain tourism in Ruwenzori National Park, Uganda. I’ve been talking to several people with experience from this area, last winter, and I also got some good contacts here in Uganda, from one of them. During the summer I have been working on my project plan and emailing with the contacts in Uganda. So, I finally went to the airport 4th of august to fly down to Entebbe, the former capital of Uganda and situated by the northern part of Lake Victoria. I spent my first week in Kampala to try to sort of the practical things around my study. But this was trickier than I expected! ... read more
Shell open in Fort Portal last weekend
Countryside around Fort Portal

North America » United States » Florida » Miami July 25th 2010

The last days in La Paz The last two days in La Paz went a bit slower than normally. When you are soon going home you don't really do much other than wait. I had a few things to do though; buying a hammock and wash some clothes a was going to give to Sergio. In the end we had actually a big plastic bag of stuff for him. Some of it Sergio can give to other people he knows in the mountains. He normally collect the clothes of his daughters as well, when they grow out of them, and give it to his friends who are living close to Illimani or Condoriri for example. On Friday we invited Sergio out for a meal again, and this time he's family as well. And he showed up ... read more
Last view of Cordillera Real
Photo 4
Miami - South Beach

Freezing at the pampas! When we booked the flights to Rurrenabaque we were looking forward to a week in nice and warm climate. Therefore we left all our warm clothes in La Paz and brought a minimum of stuff. After the exciting flight with a 19 seat plane, we arrived in Rurre to cloudy and cold conditions in the evening. We booked a two days trip to the pampas the next day and hoped it would clear up until then. The next morning was the same. Cloudy, cold and raining. We didn´t do much else than freezing for two days, so I would say this trip was a bit wasted for me since I was at The pampas two years ago in nice and warm weather! On the way back to Rurre the road was really ... read more
Bolivia 2010 005
Bolivia 2010 006
Bolivia 2010 024

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Condoriri July 14th 2010

The last Summit attempt for this time After Illimani Bjoern, Oeyvind, Hilde and Torbjoern had a few days left before going back to Norway. A lot of options were discussed but we ended up going back to Condoriri. Hilde and Torbjoern wanted to try a direct route on Piramida Blanca, while Bjoern, Oeyvind and I decided to go for the face at Ala Izquierda. Eirin wanted to stay in La Paz for these two days. Jorge, our new driver since Sergio was in the mountains with a group from the British company Jagged Globe, took us back to Condoriri at tuesday 13th of july. Hilde and Torbjoern camped in base camp and got spoiled by Sergios´ team up there : ) The rest of us went up the same day to an advanced base camp close ... read more
Bolivia 2010 004
Bolivia 2010 006
Bolivia 2010 012

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz July 10th 2010

"The Iconic Mountain" After our first 6000 meter we felt for an even higher mountain. Illimani is probably one of the most famous mountains in Bolivia ruling in the background of La Paz. At 6438 meters its also the highest mountain in Cordillera Real. This time we decided to do the easiest route to the summit, avoiding any technical climbing. Three days was chosen for the summit attempt and we drove from La Paz on thursday. The walk from Pinaya to base camp is only two and a half hour. The landscape and surroundings at Illimani is more lush and green than the other mountains we have done so far. The drive over to Pinaya was also more "exotic" than cruising the paved road at Altiplano. On friday we did a five hour trek up to ... read more
Starting off from Pinaya
On the way to base camp
Camp Nido de Condores

Climbing Huayna Potosi After acclimatizing in Condoriri for five days and then resting in La Paz for two, we were ready for a new mountain. This time breaking the 6000 meter border. Huyana Potosi is probably the most touristy mountain in Bolivia, popular because of the altitude of 6088 meters and the easy access. But the mountain can present some interesting and serious routes beside the normal route that most people uses. The West face is about 1000 meters high and contain several routes, and the east face have a route that Hilde and I decided to go for; "Via Los Frances". A 300 meter snow face. The most of the agencies in La Paz offer the mountain as a two day trip, which is pretty crazy when you know that most of the people are ... read more
La Paz
Huayna Potosi
Photo 5

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