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July 25th 2010
Published: August 6th 2010
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The last days in La Paz

The last two days in La Paz went a bit slower than normally. When you are soon going home you don't really do much other than wait. I had a few things to do though; buying a hammock and wash some clothes a was going to give to Sergio. In the end we had actually a big plastic bag of stuff for him. Some of it Sergio can give to other people he knows in the mountains. He normally collect the clothes of his daughters as well, when they grow out of them, and give it to his friends who are living close to Illimani or Condoriri for example.
On Friday we invited Sergio out for a meal again, and this time he's family as well. And he showed up with his three girls at El Arriero, a Argentine inspired beef house in Sopocachi. It was really nice to see Marianella (Sergio's wife), Camilla and Soy (he's daughters) again as well before I'm heading back home. It was a bit sad to say goodbye after the dinner, especially since I have now idea about when I will be back next in Bolivia...

4 am the next morning I woke up and headed for the flight to Miami, a stop over on the way back to Norway.

Miami - Stop over on the way back home

Pretty boring to be in a party city when you are not up for partying!
I arrived around 6 in the evening at the hostel and were a bit tired after the travel. South Beach is just like you probably have seen it in different TV-series! A crazy place and probably great if you have a few days and would like to party and spend time at the beach. But when you are more or less in a transfer on your way back home and are stucked with a dirty pair of jeans and one t-shirt (since I gave the rest to Sergio), it's not the same.

I ended up walking for an hour exploring the ocean drive and some shopping opportunities (which I can't use anyway since I'm overloaded already...), and then heading back to the hostel for a lasagna meal. That was pretty much it for my stay in Miami, so don't use this blog entry as a tour guide to this city ; )

At the airport the next morning I just got trough the check in with just paying 50 USD for my overweight. Everything above 60 lbs had to be paid for, but just up to 70 lbs. After that I have no idea what was going to happend. I had 69 lbs! Pretty good luck.
I was having about 3,5 hours at Newark airport, so I didn't think that was going to be any problem. Until we had to wait for almost an hour at the ground in Miami because of some bad weather in New York. And when we was getting closer to Newark, we had to fly around in circles for another half an hour due to the bad weather still going on down there. Actually we had to fly up north in the end, to get around the big storm. But the transfer at Newark was really easy and I ended up having time for a meal and some tax free shopping, so I guess I had luck this time as well.

Back home

I checked the weather forecast for Oslo before I got home and it said it was going to be sunny for the next week, so I was looking forward to land in Oslo. But something must have been wrong on that computer because when we landed it was raining and around 15 degrees! And it has pretty much been raining for the last week as well. With unpaid bills waiting for me, loads of gear to fix up, washing clothes and clean up the aparment, I've had a great time after I came back : ) Can't really understand wy people ever go home from their holidays or travels!? : )
And last thursday my car broke down as well...!

But I can't really complain though, after coming back from one of the poorest countries in SA, and back to this wealthy country...

Sorry for being a bit late whit this finishing blog entry. Thanks to all of you that followed this trip. Hopefully you might have enjoyed some of the writings, or at least some of the pictures?!

I'm defenitely going out travelingl again, so continiue to follow the blog if you like it!


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7th November 2010

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12th November 2010

Hey Eddie, Thanks for the link, seems like a good page for exploring Miami. I´ll keep that one in mind for another visit : )
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