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Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Galway May 20th 2017

Dia duit gach duine (Hello everyone) Landed in Ireland after a brief and uneventful flight. Had to go through immigration which turned out to be a bonus as we had to go through the non-EU line which compared to EU was minimal. Off to get the rental which is a Nissan Pulsar Diesel, which I initially took a dislike to but after a day or two it did everything so much better than the Skoda Rapid I drove around England and Scotland. Found our way to our hotel, The Marker ( ) which was a bit swish but you have to spoil yourself sometime. The area it is in is a recovered docklands area, very similar to Melbourne and Sydney but not quite on their scale. ( ). Had a meal at an eatery over the ... read more
Creedons Cork
Flash digs in Dublin
Gaynor deep reflection

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow May 15th 2017

Well Ach Aye da Nu. Things have gone well since my last post. No lost glasses, forgotten rentals etc. First up I must apologise for the lack of punctuation etc at the end in my last post. It all looked good in the edited form but , anyway, We headed north to York which is more a comfort stop for us rather than anything else because we have been there at least twice before so we just wondered about leisurely and basically looked for stuff we hadn't seen before, which isn't much because the main part of York is quite walkable in all directions. We stayed at the Grange Hotel York ( ) which is an old world hotel which has seen better days, albeit it was well appointed and comfortable. This stop also included ... read more
Kate and Gaynor
They are huge
Rest and be thankful

Hi, back again We arrived in Munich on Tuesday en route to London and spent 3hours waiting for our connecting flight. Because of the debacle with the luggage we had to go through immigration to collect our bags, recheck our bags and then back through immigration to catch our flight. PITA. We found a seat and that's when Gaynor realized she could not find her glasses. An extensive search failed to find them, our only thought they were on the plane we left. We contacted Tabitha who got her an appointment at a Specsavers nearby our hotel. Here we are in London, Got to Heathrow at 11.30am and got a cab to our hotel. staying in Brick Lane at the Arbor ( ) . The area has a huge Middle Eastern/Indian population which reflected by the ... read more
View from Duck and waffle
Peak hour
Sitting in Liberty

Asia » Singapore » Changi May 2nd 2017

Here we go Again. Gaynor and I are off on a round the world jaunt (again). This is our 3rd circumnavigation, 2 in this direction heading west (2003, 2017) and 1 heading east (2015). We are as usual popping into the Mother Land to see relatives, they being Gaynor’s Cousin, her children and the last surviving sibling of Gaynor’s dad, Nellie (aged 90+). Also Betty’s side (Gaynor’s mum) which include her sister Gaynor and her children and partners. Last but not least our own Tabitha (our baby) who moved to London nearly 3 years ago and has settled in quite nicely. Living in Clapton and has taken on the task of organising our time in London for which we are very grateful as we are renowned for just sitting around and hoping everything comes to us. ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Kansas City June 22nd 2015

Wow how time flies Here I am in Kansas City and wondering where the time went. It all seems to blend in. Anyway I hit Atlanta and the hotel I stayed in was walking distance from the hotel. In fact it is the same hotel Gaynor and I were booked into in 2003 and when we turned up then it was closed for renovation even though we had prepaid for it. So got to stay there this time and I set out to explore the city by foot even though it was 90+ in the shade. Went to the underground town( for an explore. Not much different to my previous visit but still interesting that years ago they just built over the top of these streets as the city progressed and then discover later they have ... read more
Forest Gump4

North America » United States » Texas June 4th 2015

Hi there, It’s been a while and a lot of concrete and bitumen has passed under the rental, about 3192klm’s actually and in 11 days. Saw a lot of countryside albeit the scenery can’t compare to what we saw when we were travelling through the mountains. The biggest concern was the amount of rain that had fallen in the past few days. Apparently Houston was in major flood with many people missing, so I was hoping it will all be clear by the time I get there. I did drive through some heavy rain on the way to my first stop which was Wichita. (,_Kansas) . Not much to say but it did provide me with a nice meal at Hooters and a restock of my regular nightcap of Wild Turkey (medicinal purposes only). I did ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver May 24th 2015

Well that was fun. Picked up the new rental, have moved away from Avis and using Enterprise as they are 40% cheaper. Headed east from Seattle towards, uh I don’t know, maybe Ontario, Oregon. That’ll do. So headed for Denver via Ontario. From there I visited the Craters of the Moon ( What a place. I don’t think this place would be open to the public in Aussie, as the bits you want to see, which are the caves, are too put it mildly dangerous at best. I have been to cave sites before that have walkways, low level lighting etc. This place had none of that, and if you are on your own and something untoward happens you are pretty much “on your own”. Anywho, pretty eerie place and the caves are scary and very ... read more
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North America » United States » Washington » Seattle May 21st 2015

Starbucks et al Headed off from San Francisco with good and bad memories. Loved exploring and using the Bus network to find our way around. What saddened me was the homeless/crazy people that fill the place. Anyway, north to Seattle. We drove off with little or no idea what tonight would present but after looking at maps we decided to drive up the I5 until we veered off and headed to a town called Klamath Falls (,_Oregon) and for no other reason than it had a hotel full of dead animals. The Olympic Inn ( was full of wood and stuffed animals, most of which the owner had purchased from a taxidermist to decorate his hotel, so not a trophy wall as such. Inclusive in the price was soup and salad at 4:30 and cookies ... read more
Kindergarten Cop

Crazy Town (aka San Francisco) Thursday Arrived in SF around 4ish and slowly found our way to the Nob Hill Motor Inn ( . Interesting hotel located near Polk St which is a strip that contains numerous eateries, bars and convenience stores. The hotel itself was clean but could do with new carpets etc. Location was excellent as the bus to Fisherman’s wharf was around the corner and a bus that goes direct to AT&T Park went past the front door. So car stayed neatly tucked away in the hotel whilst we rode the Muni (Local Bus service). Went searching for the evening meal, with such a range to choose we picked a little place called Street ( and was pleasantly surprised with good food, wine and a Fig martini which took Gaynor’s fancy. Friday ... read more
4 Wise monkeys
Seismic Device

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas May 5th 2015

Tuesday Drove into Vegas and negotiated the roads (6 lanes) to get into the correct lane. Because we were early I rang the Wynn ( and asked about an early check in and was told that would be fine, only $56. This was a sign of things to come. I said I wasn’t that desperate to move in so we checked the bags and drove off to find the drop off for the car at the Palazzo. Park and key drop so not difficult. Wandered round wasting time till check in taking in the sight and smells. The place was alive with people walking up and down the strip. Went back to Wynn to cool down and while having a drink in a bar we were told you can check in at any time and they ... read more
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