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May 2nd 2017
Published: May 1st 2017
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Here we go


Gaynor and I are off on a round the world jaunt (again). This is our 3rd circumnavigation, 2 in this direction heading west (2003, 2017) and 1 heading east (2015).

We are as usual popping into the Mother Land to see relatives, they being Gaynor’s Cousin, her children and the last surviving sibling of Gaynor’s dad, Nellie (aged 90+). Also Betty’s side (Gaynor’s mum) which include her sister Gaynor and her children and partners.

Last but not least our own Tabitha (our baby) who moved to London nearly 3 years ago and has settled in quite nicely. Living in Clapton and has taken on the task of organising our time in London for which we are very grateful as we are renowned for just sitting around and hoping everything comes to us.

London is followed by a guided tour of Scotland with our dear friends Robin and Kate, then off to Ireland for a bit of free roaming including some Guinness. From there we travel back through London to Lisbon for a 17 day Scenic tour which concludes in Madrid. After this we head to the good old US of A starting in Detroit where Gaynor has made some good friends via her scrap booking.

Then it is into a car, I have 5 states to complete the 50 and I will take in 4 of those this trip (Alaska next year), so I head south to Leechburg, Boonsboro (Home of Nora Roberts), Charlotte, Savannah then West through Oklahoma, Albuquerque and on to Salt Lake City where Gaynor has a conference. I leave her there and head to San Francisco to join up with a crew of old farts (the Aussie Wombats) for some Masters baseball in Monterrey.

After that Gaynor and I join up in Vegas (she gets there 3 days before me, I hope she doesn’t break it) for a rest (LOL) then 3 days in LA and home.

That is our life for the next 70 days, will fill in the gaps as we progress.


Day 1 – Set out on the train to Melbourne. Good idea. Well maybe not, as there were 2 big games of footy on in town that day and the 9:15 from Bairnsdale was booked out, so only the front 2 carriages were available for MYKI (our version of a travel card). Standing room only, luckily we barged our way on and got a seat each. Checked into the Langham (Gaynor’s home away from home) then had a night with Owen (son) and Rochelle (girlfriend- his not mine). Can recommend the San Antone BBQ joint in Crown.

Day 2 – Good breakfast and trouble free. Organised a car (Audi Quattro) for transport, nice easy ride and onto the airport to check-in.


We are flying via Singapore, Munich to London. Check in our bags and are told we cannot book it through to London direct, just to Munich, why not? Apparently they are separately ticketed and it cannot be done. I contact my booking agency (Alpha Flight Guru) and they don’t know why they wouldn’t check it through. I ended up ringing British Airways (Munich to London leg) to see what my luggage set up was and was told I only had carry on privileges, no checked luggage. So £240GBP later and we can also take our luggage onto the plane, NOT HAPPY.

Anyway we are on our way, sitting at the pointy end and enjoying the pleasures associated with that. Will catch up in a few days some photos etc.

Anon (meaning soon or shortly)


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