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May 21st 2015
Published: May 21st 2015
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Starbucks et al

Headed off from San Francisco with good and bad memories. Loved exploring and using the Bus network to find our way around. What saddened me was the homeless/crazy people that fill the place.

Anyway, north to Seattle. We drove off with little or no idea what tonight would present but after looking at maps we decided to drive up the I5 until we veered off and headed to a town called Klamath Falls (,_Oregon) and for no other reason than it had a hotel full of dead animals. The Olympic Inn ( was full of wood and stuffed animals, most of which the owner had purchased from a taxidermist to decorate his hotel, so not a trophy wall as such. Inclusive in the price was soup and salad at 4:30 and cookies and milk at 8pm. If you didn’t get down early for soup you missed out on the best but the fresh baked cookies were pretty cool. Up early the next day and had to fill up with fuel so I was prepared for the prepay process as encountered everywhere else so far but I was greeted at the pump by a gent who informed me that “This is Oregon we pump the gas for you here” very personable.

Continued on and decided at some stage we would head west and drive up the 101, which was the scenic route albeit we were warned that it tended to be full of RVs and caravans. Turned out not so bad, so Left at Albany till we hit Newport then north to a place called Seaside where we had booked into the Gilbert Inn ( which is a property built in the 1890’s and was very comfortable. Seaside ( is a town that apparently during the summer holidays is jammed packed with holiday makers but it was early in the season as most of the stuff was closed but we were reliably informed when it is going you cannot move in the place. The other thing that interested us was they offered beach bbq’s with a Goonies pack. What was this we asked? As it turns out the movie The Goonies ( was filmed in a nearby town called Astoria and you can go and visit (look at) the goonies house. It was a favourite movies of our kids, you had to park your car out the front of the nearby school which as it turns out was the school used for the movie Kindergarten Cop. Pretty cool.

Took the photos and headed to Seattle which was pretty straight forward until we hit the suburbs and then thank god for GPS. Ultimately found our new digs The Gatewood ( A stunningly restored old house that welcomed you, as well as the effervescent Helena who greeted us and pointed out what was and wasn’t. The only disappointment was we hadn’t booked the big room but we suffered in the luxury of the rest. Highlight of Seattle was the baseball, the ducktour ( , Pikes Place ( and the Gatewood.

The rest of Seattle appeared to us to be in construction mode with the whole waterfront being full of work sites, cranes and machinery, ugly at best. Roadworks were everywhere and the I5 which was the main distributor through the town was a nightmare, even on the weekends. Thankfully I learned the easiest way around was just don’t go on the I5.

Whenever we told people that we were going to Seattle they would say with a sigh, “OH, Seattle is so beautiful”. Well I am sorry people, for us it was a city of chaos that is full of construction and roadworks. Maybe one day.

It was here that Gaynor and I parted company for the time being as she heads home to be Grandma and the craft beastie that she is. It was quite an emotional farewell and I know I will miss her dearly but look forward to Boston when she joins me again for the East Coast swing of the journey. At least I have Mitsy to keep me company as she has for all the time Gaynor and I have known each other.

So onto the next leg of my journey solo. Wish me luck.

More to come


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