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7th May 2017

Photo of new glasses required please :)
17th May 2015

Greg, reading your blog, keep it up. Missed you in Vegas by 1 day. Flew out on mon 4th after MayPac fight. Went over for the fight weekend to hopefully get tickets but to no avail. Did get tickets to the weigh in though and the Snoop Dog afterparty (WTF). A mad weekend with the place packed. Stayed next door at Venetian but did go for a wander through Wynn. Amazing place. Will follow with interest as you are covering a lot of my Bucket List places to visit. All the best. Cheers Barney
From Blog: Vegas Baby
17th May 2015

We were there
Hi Barney we arrived on the 28th April and left on the 5th May so we were there the same time, missed out. Had a great time, and yes the Wynn is amazing but you get nothing for nothing. Everything costs even the daily internet so next time might stay lower class and get all the bells and whistles next time. About to leave Seattle heading South East. Wife flys home today and I am on my lonesome for a bit over a month.
From Blog: Vegas Baby
4th December 2013

Booda & Pesht
Who's the Pesht next to the Booda statue?
29th November 2013

Like the Navy days of old!!!
What's changed .....just a few years older and perhaps a bit wiser! Following your travels with interest. Harry
From Blog: London Lights
29th November 2013

Well, Gregory Howard...
That's the last time my husband gives you a scarf! Glad you're enjoying the sights. Love from Robin, Hodge the Wonder Cat and me xx
From Blog: London Lights
30th November 2013

Mea Culpa
I am bereft I have gone back to being cold....will Hodge ever forgive me, let alone the lovely Robin?
From Blog: London Lights
28th November 2013

Great reading!!
14th November 2013

Looking forward to seeing you both, Lovely Greg.
From Robin and me. Kate xx
From Blog: Pre Trip Blues

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