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May 5th 2015
Published: May 9th 2015
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Drove into Vegas and negotiated the roads (6 lanes) to get into the correct lane. Because we were early I rang the Wynn ( and asked about an early check in and was told that would be fine, only $56. This was a sign of things to come. I said I wasn’t that desperate to move in so we checked the bags and drove off to find the drop off for the car at the Palazzo. Park and key drop so not difficult.

Wandered round wasting time till check in taking in the sight and smells. The place was alive with people walking up and down the strip. Went back to Wynn to cool down and while having a drink in a bar we were told you can check in at any time and they will text you when your room is ready. Nice to know now.

Went and registered to be told we could upgrade to a strip view in a bigger room for only $30, which we opted for and they had a room ready to go. If we wanted we could pay a resort fee of $29 a day which gave you internet and spa privileges. Opted out of that assuming that like most hotels internet would come with the room. Not so, $15.99 a day. Checked out the room with its motorised curtains and stunning view from the 59th floor. Mini bar was stocked and overpriced as usual and electronically controlled so anything removed from it’s spot for more than 6o seconds it would automatically be charged to your account, but you could have a refrigerator in your room. That sounded ok at $25, until they clarified that charge would be per day. Choke. Good thing I bought a cooler cause ice was free (about the only thing that was). One surprise was that breakfast was included with the room. Win.

Had a nice evening meal in house at Allegro. Went off to gamble and found myself at the poker room. For those that play hold’em I was dealt 6,9 flopped 2 pair, with some dude doing the betting and me following, nothing on the turn, and a 5 on the river. The betting was enough to put me all in which I did and he turned over 5’s for trips. Short visit. Sat down with $200 played 1 hand and walked away with my tail between my legs. I went back to what I know, Blackjack. Sat down and played for 1 ½ hours and came out $100 up. Much better.


Breakfast was a buffet and had more selections than you could throw a menu at. Cereals, buns, bagels, fish, shellfish, pizza, roast beef and ham, eggs, bacon, various Asian foods and that doesn’t include the desert bar. WOW. So needless to say we ate well and bypassed lunch every day. Worked out well.

Wandered about aimlessly looking at stuff. Got to see Big Elvis performing ( in the Piano Bar at Harrah’s, amazing voice.

Ultimately decided to go to a show and chose Penn and Teller at the Rio. It has a rooftop restaurant called Voodoo steakhouse so we bought 25%!d(MISSING)iscount for the meal from a discount ticket outlet along with our show tickets. Ultimately save over $100 bucks on the evening. Food was great, Beef cheek appetiser followed by steak. Both as tender as can be imagined.

Penn and Teller show was great with them doing magic, showing how it’s done and debunking any and all of those people who say they can talk to your dead friends and tell you about your life. At the end of the show they ran out into the foyer and allowed people to take selfies with them. Amazing. By the way for those of you who have seen Penn and Teller before, Teller does talk and he only looks short because Penn is 6’10”. Great night.


BigBus tour day. This is one of those hop on hop off tours with commentary etc. Good fun and you get the good info from people who know Vegas. Toured around and got off at Fremont. Wandered round and decided to come back again at night because that is when it goes off.

That night was spent at Cashman Field watching the 51’s playing the Reno Aces. Good night and pretty good game.


Lazy day spent catching up on shut eye and emails (yes I paid the fee). That night went to Fremont. Very different to the daytime. Both ends of the street were fenced off and security went through your bags and used metal detectors as well as carding everybody which gave you a wristband to verify you were over 21. The place was jumping with 3 sound stages playing various music, some live band and some DJ generated. Dancing girls on the bars and there were people dressed up as various characters and would allow you to have a photo with them for a tip. This included a dude who we estimated was in his 80’s dressed only in a green mankini. Not attractive.


I did the Hoover dam whilst Gaynor was intending to go out and shop. The tour was good with the guide talking no stop from when we left till we got to the dam. This included his political views on various matters including announcing himself as a “bit” of a climate sceptic. The stats on the dam are pretty amazing ( and worth a read. Back by midday to find Gaynor had stayed in. Decided to go to the show in house called “Showstoppers” ( which is a montage of musical numbers from many and varied shows. Well performed and we enjoyed it, not worthy of a standing ovation but you can’t stop some people.


By this time we had seen most of what we felt was Vegas. I am sure there is more but a lot of it just comes down to budget and what interests you. That night we dined in house at a Chinese restaurant RED8.and donated some more money to the Steve Wynn foundation.


Picked up the car and went for a drive to assimilate with the roads again and that night met up with Kylie and Marty Ledwich. Kylie is an old work friend of Gaynor’s and they were on holiday doing route 66. We went to dinner at Gordon Ramsay’s Steakhouse (

in the Paris casino. Had a blast with some amazing food and good company, albeit $600+ later we left and took on a slot machine. We won. Not much but we won. Watched the Bellagio water show followed by the Mirage volcano and by then it was time to head back and prepare to hit the road again.

I think I can now say I have done Vegas (my 3rd trip) and have no great desire to rush back. I suppose it is what you make it and at my age nightclubs are no longer my thing. What did disappoint us a little was how little you get at a high end resort other than the room unless you are prepared to keep putting you hand in your pocket. Probably better to stay at the lower end of the market and spend the extra on getting all the bells and whistles to make it a whizz bang experience. Heading off tomorrow to San Francisco which I am looking forward to.

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17th May 2015

Greg, reading your blog, keep it up. Missed you in Vegas by 1 day. Flew out on mon 4th after MayPac fight. Went over for the fight weekend to hopefully get tickets but to no avail. Did get tickets to the weigh in though and the Snoop Dog afterparty (WTF). A mad weekend with the place packed. Stayed next door at Venetian but did go for a wander through Wynn. Amazing place. Will follow with interest as you are covering a lot of my Bucket List places to visit. All the best. Cheers Barney
17th May 2015

We were there
Hi Barney we arrived on the 28th April and left on the 5th May so we were there the same time, missed out. Had a great time, and yes the Wynn is amazing but you get nothing for nothing. Everything costs even the daily internet so next time might stay lower class and get all the bells and whistles next time. About to leave Seattle heading South East. Wife flys home today and I am on my lonesome for a bit over a month.

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