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Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rijeka January 15th 2015

Our last day in Croatia and the Balklands, the Autoban(toll road) is the best way to make your way toward Rijeka but for the last little bit take the scenic off the 1A to #23 highway, the roads are good and it makes for a much more picturess drive. It takes a little longer of course but if you are in no rush , why not? Rijeka is a beautiful clean city for the size of it, the downtown is busy but well organized with a no cars pedestrians only shopping area.We found an interesting Botel to stay in right on the water and right downtown.... read more
drive along the coast
sunset on sea
coming into Rijeka

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Makarska January 14th 2015

After a beautiful drive along the coast of Croatia we stopped in Makarska, what a find! We had spent time in both Split and Dubrovnic but this is by far my favorite city in Croatia. Not being Season ( as they call it there) not sure when "Season" starts or ends but we were not there in "Season" so finding a hotel open is a little harder. But within a few minutes we found a wonderful hotel right on the water, with views of the harbour, highly recommend Aparthotel Miramere. Beautiful fishing village with fresh fish every morning! There is a ferry to the 3 islands for a wonderful day trip. We will be returning here to spend a week or longer. Absolutly loved it!... read more
Fresh Fish

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Makarska January 14th 2015

After goodbyes to new found friends in Debrota Montenegro we set off at 11 am planning to stop in Neum Bosnia. But best laid plans are not always the best, arrived in Neum by 1:30 ish, but could not find any place open to spend the night, if I didn't mention before we are travelling with our 9 year old Shi zu bison, Maxx, which makes it harder when looking for accommodations. Travelling in January is not busy season, a good time to find bargins but finding something open is another. So on we travelled passed Neum with no idea where to stop, I didn't want to stop in Split as we had stopped there on our way to Montenegro, so I get the map out. There is a new highway through Croatia now, easy, not ... read more

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor January 7th 2015

Our days here are coming to end soon......... so on the beautiful day which also happens to be the other Christmas celebrated here in Montenegro, the Orthodox Christmas, perfect day for a last hike. Now most people blog about the hike up the old fortress wall starting in Old town, which is a fabulous walk up 1320 some stairs but the hike we enjoy is on the other side of the walls. Quiet, except the odd call from the hillside goats, or the odd stray cow, it is about 4 km hike straight up to the top. We did this one time before but got way laid at a house the had a small pub, but this time we were determined to make it too the top.(hopefully). The trail is an old road at the bottom ... read more
house at the top of the hill
Stopped for a beer

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor January 6th 2015

Sometimes when you are in a strange new country there are places and people that make you feel at home. Our apt is at the far end of Debrota a few km from Old town Kotor. It is a little quieter here, not so many students and cars, not so many parties, but in the evening it is a little far to town for a beer or a snack. On our walk we found our new favorite pub and restaruant, The Premier Gold Bar and Restarant, where from the moment we stepped inside we new we had found our new favorite place. From the moment we stepped inside the bar, we felt at home, the bar keeps were friendly and welcoming, and spoke English! Bonus for us as our Montenegren is limited to Please and Thank ... read more
Premier Golden Pub

Europe » Albania » South » Vlorë December 29th 2014

Stayed 2 nights in Sarande, we were hoping to travel down the coast a little farther but as luck would have it, there was a terrible coastal storm the next day. We were happy to just stay inside and watch the waves crashing against the rocks. We did head out the following morning to Vlore taking the road that weaved along the coast............ or so we thought. Started out late morning for the next driving adventure, just a note it is ALWAYS best to drive the roads in Albania in daylight, that way you can clearly see potholes and missing pieces of road. Anyway back to our drive, beautiful sea views from all different heights of the road, passing through seaside villages and old ruins along the way. Looking I could see switch backs going up ... read more
Goat crossing
Switchbacks ahead
About 1/2 way up

Europe » Albania » South » Sarandë December 27th 2014

Day 2: Durres to Sarande Wow what a road trip! The country side beautiful, the scenery breathtaking, the views spectacular, the road....... the shits. There are no major roads or highways through Albinia, no bypasses of every city and town. They have started some, but none completed so it makes for a very interesting drive. There are people along the roads everywhere, selling everything from live animals to fruit and vegatables and shoes and clothing. You can buy almost anything as you drive, Turkeys, goats, chickens, rabbits, donkeys, and people do stop, right there on the road. A four lane road they just stop, and buy or visit or cross over to the other side. Also watch for horse and carts, or donkeys on the road, or scooters and bikes going the wrong way, or people ... read more
Road side
heading back to the coast

Europe » Albania » West » Durrës December 26th 2014

Albania! nope never thought I would be driving in Albania but it is an experience not to be missed. We left our comfortable rented flat in Kotor Montenegro and thought hey why not just drive down to Albania while we are in the area. Albania is a beautiful country but just still a little behind when it comes to roads and everyday life. We spent our first night in Durres, not a bad drive really about 200 km but it takes about 4 1/2 hrs. The border crossing was an experience, line ups where long. Someone, not too sure who he was, border official of some kind, not sure for which country, walks along takes your passport and goes into the booth, in about 1/2 hr you pull up to the booth and they hand it ... read more

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor October 19th 2014

I am a first timer here, sorry for the errors but I will learn. We left cold Canada to travel and travel is what we are doing. We have a small flat in Germany on the Mosel river as a home base, hoping to stay for a while there first. But we have to wait for our retirement visas to off we go................. We found our selves having to leave the Schengen area of the EU, well there are only so many places you want to go in the winter so Great Britian was out of the question. So we set our GPS to Kotor Montenegro, Where?? Never even heard of it before. It took us a couple of days from the far side of Germany to Kotor. There are no major Autobahns that we were ... read more

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