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December 26th 2014
Published: January 6th 2015
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Durres, AlbaniaDurres, AlbaniaDurres, Albania

View from our hotel room in the morning
Albania! nope never thought I would be driving in Albania but it is an experience not to be missed. We left our comfortable rented flat in Kotor Montenegro and thought hey why not just drive down to Albania while we are in the area.

Albania is a beautiful country but just still a little behind when it comes to roads and everyday life.

We spent our first night in Durres, not a bad drive really about 200 km but it takes about 4 1/2 hrs. The border crossing was an experience, line ups where long. Someone, not too sure who he was, border official of some kind, not sure for which country, walks along takes your passport and goes into the booth, in about 1/2 hr you pull up to the booth and they hand it back. No one says a word, no questions. and off we go.

Durres itself is a very nice city, a little confusing but we have a GPS , thank goodness. I am not sure if we would take these adventures with out it. Stayed in a very nice hotel right along the sea for 50 euros with breakfast. Dinner was also available
Boardwalk Boardwalk Boardwalk

Beach and Boardwalk in Durres
for 9 euros. Parking was secure and guarded which I read was a must.

Left the next morning for Sarandes.


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