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Europe » Albania » West » Durrës September 14th 2019

When we left the magnificent Bay of Kotor, we headed south and stopped at the town of Bar, still in Montenegro as we needed to check out of the country and this broke up the trip to the next country we will visit, Albania. We had heard that it was quite easy to check out in Bar which is always a plus when dealing with the bureaucracy of various countries. We pulled into a large marina in Bar and were pleasantly surprised when we were given a side tie – always much easier for getting on and off the boat. We were helped by a very kind marina staff member who you could tell knew his way around boats by the way he dealt with the lines - he was an older gentleman that stated that ... read more
Not The Best Photos But Trying to Show
View of Durres As We Are Nearing the Harbor
Up Went the Albanian Courtesy Flag

Europe » Albania » West » Durrës June 18th 2019

ALBANIA A BREAK FROM DIVING My next stop was for R&R in Durres, Albania. Diving the Adriatic so far had not been world class, and I had my fill of cold water, and cavern and wreck dives. My plan was to relax and take a break from diving. As usual, changing locations was time consuming. Packing and preparations for travel kept me up till 4 am. I consoled myself with short sighted optimism and wrote in my journal… I can rest on the bus. I was up at 8 am, made a big breakfast and had a quick shower. I took a cab to the bus station…and there was a long wait before boarding. The bus was almost full when I finally got settled in my seat. Express? Not really. It took 6 hours. As usual, ... read more

Europe » Albania » West » Durrës December 16th 2018

A few days’ previously, we had watched the chaos ensue near the Dogara roundabout as the road system struggled to cope with the volume. Pedestrians weaved precariously between the cars, as they attempted to cross the road to reach the Bus Station on the far side. It was our turn to join them this morning, as we had decided for our final full day on Albanian soil to take a trip to the seaside. Durres was the destination. We alighted opposite the Bus Station and decided the safest tactic to cross the road was to effectively use others as a form of human shield. If we let them take the initial plunge into the carriageway, they would get hit first. It worked. We made it the other side and the Bus Station. I say Bus Station, ... read more
Durres Venetian Tower

Europe » Albania » West » Durrës June 19th 2016

We were scheduled to take the Berat: City of a Thousand Windows tour but it was 8 ½ hours long. 8 ½ hours. Don’t think we can do this. We went up to breakfast and saw Skate who said she was on her own. As we finished breakfast, Michael came in and we asked him what he was going to do. He said he thought he’d take the Archeological Treasures tour. That sounded good so we took our tour tickets to the destinations desk to see if we could change them. Absolutely no problem. (Regent’s favorite words, actually.) Got to the Seven Seas Show Lounge and met up with Michael. It was cloudy today and there was evidence of rain so I brought my linen jacket. I forgot my hat and sunscreen, though, so went back ... read more

Europe » Albania » West » Durrës June 4th 2016

Zaterdag 4/06/16 – Durrës Korte busexcursie naar de historische havenstad Durrës. Bezoek aan de overblijfselen van het Romeins Amfitheater uit de 2de eeuw, het grootste uit de Balkan. (15.000pl). Spijtig, alles oogt nog slordig. Slechts gedeeltelijk opgegraven. Op een groot deel staan nog flatgebouwen en woningen. Evenwel in de gewelven enkele mozaieken van een vroegchristelijke Byzantijnse kapel (5e eeuw) nog redelijk bewaard. Aangebouwd aan het Amfitheater resten van de stadsmuren (15e eeuw). Ook bezoek aan een prachtig Archeologisch muzeum. Artefacten, amforen, gebruiksvoorwerpen, munten etc uit de Illyrische, Griekse, Romeinse periodes knap tentoon gesteld. Gids met mooi kleedje. Foto's nemen verboden. Daarna 4 uur vrij voor lunch en uitgebreid te terrassen aan de zeeboulevard. Minpunt zijn de bedelende Roma's die je konstant volgen en money vragen voor de bambino's... read more

Europe » Albania » West » Durrës June 3rd 2016

Vrijdag 3/06/16 – verplaatsing naar Durrës (123km) We staan op een soort braakliggend terrein van hotel 'Dolce Vitae Complex' op 100m van de zee. Stroom wordt afgetakt met lange stroomkabels. Geen grootverbruikers aanschakelen of iedereen zit zonder. Er worden 2 kamers gehuurd om eventueel beurtelings grondig te douchen. Zwembad en restaurant ter beschikking. Internet is wispelturig. Onderweg naar hier langs de drukke hoofdweg die er zelfs op plaatsen goed bijligt. Waar er al gerepareerd werd is het nogal bonkig. Naar snelheidsbeperkingen kijkt niemand. Dan is voor de Albanezen een doorlopende witte lijn dé uitnodiging om voorbij te steken. Nochthans de Policia langs de baan staan altijd iemand te controleren. Lijkt dus maar weinig uit te halen. Durrës is de 2de grootste stad van Albanië. Al hoogbouw van hotels en appartementsgebouwen. Steekt af tot wat ... read more

Europe » Albania » West » Durrës May 18th 2016

Woolly says – With the sun out and quite a lot of walking to do I had decided that a taxi to our first exciting visit of the day would be in order. As we sped through the city streets I spent the time explaining to Jo and Zoe about King Zog.....what an awesome name for a king I hear you cry! HM King Zog was the founder of the modern Albanian State and first King of the Albanians, which he declared for himself! Born Ahmet Bey Zogu on the 8th of October 1895 in urgajet-Mat, he attended school in Istanbul but returned to Albania in 1911 to lead a revolt against the Young Turks.....maybe he hadn’t enjoyed his school! On the 28 November 1912, he took part in and defended the declaration of independence of ... read more
King Zog's Pad
Mosaic to the fallen
The Venetian Tower

Europe » Albania » West » Durrës May 16th 2016

Woolly says – Why is it that every bus we have to catch is at silly o’clock in the morning when mammoths should be sleeping! As our sleepy party stood at the kerbside we weren’t even sure if the bus would come, having asked a variety of people we had been given five different times and four different locations as to where to catch it. Before Jo lost the will to live one person had finally rung the bus people to tell them to pick us up and was then told that the vehicle could arrive at anytime between 7am and 7.45 am unless of course we wanted to try the 5am slot.....I voted with my paws on that option. Luck however did seem to be on our side and at 7.35am our transport rumbled into ... read more
Stunning View even with Fog!
Roadside Memorial

Europe » Albania » West » Durrës December 26th 2014

Albania! nope never thought I would be driving in Albania but it is an experience not to be missed. We left our comfortable rented flat in Kotor Montenegro and thought hey why not just drive down to Albania while we are in the area. Albania is a beautiful country but just still a little behind when it comes to roads and everyday life. We spent our first night in Durres, not a bad drive really about 200 km but it takes about 4 1/2 hrs. The border crossing was an experience, line ups where long. Someone, not too sure who he was, border official of some kind, not sure for which country, walks along takes your passport and goes into the booth, in about 1/2 hr you pull up to the booth and they hand it ... read more

Europe » Albania » West » Durrës July 10th 2014

A day trip. Not so much to see here, in the end, but was proud of myself for finding the minibus here and back. :)... read more
Old amphitheater
Old amphitheater
Old amphitheater

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