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December 29th 2014
Published: January 6th 2015
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Life viewsLife viewsLife views

sights along the drive
Stayed 2 nights in Sarande, we were hoping to travel down the coast a little farther but as luck would have it, there was a terrible coastal storm the next day. We were happy to just stay inside and watch the waves crashing against the rocks.

We did head out the following morning to Vlore taking the road that weaved along the coast............ or so we thought.

Started out late morning for the next driving adventure, just a note it is ALWAYS best to drive the roads in Albania in daylight, that way you can clearly see potholes and missing pieces of road. Anyway back to our drive, beautiful sea views from all different heights of the road, passing through seaside villages and old ruins along the way.

Looking I could see switch backs going up a mountain side, OMG are we going up there!! Yes we did. This quite the experience and not for the faint at heart, winding , twisting road with no guard rails, part of the road washed. But amazing views along the way, and watch out for animals crossing the road also. At the top a park and snow!!

The trip back
Goat crossingGoat crossingGoat crossing

things we encountered on our drive
down was a little less tramatic and not the viewing experience. Stopped at Vlore for our 4 night, just at the city limits along the beach.

Additional photos below
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Switchbacks aheadSwitchbacks ahead
Switchbacks ahead

OMG are we going there!!
About 1/2 way upAbout 1/2 way up
About 1/2 way up

Stopped once for the view. This only 1/2 way to the top, I'll let you experience the rest yourself.

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