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Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Sibiu » Sibiu July 22nd 2015

So we are off to discover Romania, and very thankful that we did not drive any later than we did, as the was road work every where. Sometimes on the left side, then switch over and construction on the right side, oh and then 1/2 the road was completely gone! A little unnerving but again we had driven through Albania so we are ready for anything. It took us over 6 1/2 hrs to do a 4 hour drive to our next destination, a lovely little Pension in a village just out side of Sibiu. We had hoped to stop along the way at Bethlen Castle as recommended by friends but between the heat and the extended drive we passed it up for another time. We did how ever, after a little searching in the village ... read more
Eurome relaxing in the garden
Village life

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Sibiu » Sibiu July 21st 2015

On July 21st continued on our adventure across Hungary to Romania, still very hot, still very humid but we are all comfortable easy roads throughout Hungary. It should have been roughly a 4 1/2 hr drive to our first nights stop. We could probably made it further but we don't know what the roads are like in Romania I had read that there was a lot of construction and don't really want to chance it in the dark. As it turns out we were delayed at the boarder for over 45 minutes, not sure why, no reason given, which we have to accept and carry on. But did notice at the boarder there was a Canadian flag, which I thought odd to see. Oradea's building is a mix of Communist era boring block apartment style building, ... read more
Our hotel in Oradea

Europe » Hungary » Western Transdanubia » Gyor July 20th 2015

Picked quite the time of year to go on a road trip, I think it was one of the hottest summers on record. Thank God we took the time to have our air conditioning fixed before we left Germany. Quick trip across Germany and the top of Austria, won't bore you with the details of the drive as we had done it many times before. Off to our first planned stop in Gyor Hungary, I found a cute little camp kind of place to stay near a man made lake called Achilles Park. When we arrived it was hot there too. It was a restful night and ready to head off in the morning after breakfast, that was served on the patio outside. Strange little breakfast, still not sure what we had there. Posted pictures on ... read more
Gyor Hungary
First Hungarian Beers

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Garrucha March 17th 2015

Sorry it's been awhile and I wanted to share my Spainish experience with you. Arrived in Mojacar Playa January 18th after driving for 4 days from Montenegro. What a beautiful site to see driving towards Mojacar village (pueblo) , it reminded me of bleached white lego blocks piled on top of one another high up on a hillside. We stayed in Mojacar Playa, steps from the beautiful, blue , Mediterranean Sea. We loved it here so much we have decided to move here.... read more
Looking down to the Playa
Mediterranean Sea

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Garrucha February 14th 2015

Wow! I have been to many markets over the years and this by far is one of the best markets in Europe! Everything you could possible want or need can be found at Garrucha Market, every Friday morning. Get there early or late, parking is a bit tricky, but usually you can find a spot down by the water, in the winter it is not so hard as the beach is available for parking. What eles can I say, the pictures say it all. Not that this is the only Market, it was the closest by far. There is one also in Vera on Saturdays and also many of the other neighbouring villages. It is a must see must go thing in Spain.... read more
Garrucha Market

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Marrakech February 10th 2015

After spending two nights in Fez we are off to Marrakesh! The country side in Morocco was amazing, I guess I never expected it to be so fertile and green, with rich dark soil. Farms of fruit and vegetables, and herds of sheep and goats spot the fields as we drive along. There a vast difference in living, from beautiful mansions to cardboard and tin shacks, so as we drive along I observe that all of coffee bars and restaurants are all filled with men. Uuum , sitting in the fields having a smoke or a coffee are all men, so is there way of life a choice, arrogance. Uuummm. But out working in the fields or the streets are women with babies tied to there back, sweeping, cleaning , washing , raking the field, planting ... read more
way of life
Goats and sheep spot the country
Oh and did I mention there is snow! in Africa

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier February 8th 2015

First I must apologize for taking so long to write, the internet in Morocco was less than realiable. But I will do my best now to bring you along on our tour, and I invite my travel buddies to add any coments you wish in English or Spainish. If you were ever worried about travel to Morocco, don't be! I highly recomment a guided tour through Morocco we used Luxotour ( with a well organized and enjoyable way to travel. If feels like only yesterday that we were walking though the cobblestone streets of Fez, with it's winding and maze like Medina, I would never attempt this Labyrinth without a guild, good god you would never find your way out. No cars allowed but watch out! for donkeys and scooters and push carts. Attenion! But WOW! ... read more
Love the freshness
Look out donkeys on the move
the amazing Tannery

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Granada January 27th 2015

My brother is here in Spain also, so planned a trip to Granda and to see the Alhambra. Granda is an easy 2 hours from Mojacar and the highways here are easy and not much traffic, after driving in Germany it's a breeze. How ever what was an easy drive to Granda, quickley turned in to hell as we tried to find our hotel. Weaving our way around the small intercity streets was to say the least a nightmare. On our GPS we could see our final destination, the little checkered flag way waving to us, but we just couldn't make our way there, one street, one little right hand turn was not possible. We tried again and again, finally giving up and parking and walking to the hotel, only to find it is NOT possible ... read more
Anything you want
Beautiful Architecture through out
Lovely sunny day

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Montpellier January 17th 2015

Up and off first thing in the morning, it was a dreary rainy day good one to be on the road. Tunnel after tunnel, toll after toll way made our way past more destination places, Monaco,Cannes,Nice, we will make it back to all of these one day but for now our eyes are on Spain.... read more
More tunels
I think I would like my house over a tunel

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Genoa January 16th 2015

So on our way to Spain full speed ahead. Zooming through Italy , past places that people make a destination point we went flying by, Venice, Milan, Torino all just a blurr. We will make them a destination another time. Italy is expensive, the gas was over .50 more expensive than anywhere, the tolls on the highways is constant and it seemed never ending. But excellent driving. Spent our night in Genoa, right at the ferry termanial, almost ended up on one because some of the roads we wanted to go on were closed.But made it through, intesting to watch the boats load up from our hotel room. Thought while in Italy why not have a typical Italian meal, what could be more Italian than Pasta! It had to be the worst pasta I have ever ... read more
I liked the colours of the bridge.
The harbour in Genoa
Watching the ships come and go

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