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Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Alicante February 3rd 2017

Thought we hadn't been to enough of Spains wonderful feastivals and Markets in our area. So googled the best markest to see in Spain and up came Orihuela Medieval Market, never heard of it, but less than 2 hours away. Perfect! So on to find a place to stay , close by, takes dogs and has parking. Not alot of choice. So found a hostal to stay in, booked , done! (Talk about that choice later). The Medieval Market is help from Friday night to Sunday on the first weekend in February( unless they move the date), as it is Spain and nothing is set in gold. Easy less than 2 hours up the highway to Orihuela, easy to find, nice size city and found our hostal without a problem. Easy street parking ( until we ... read more
Window display
Cooking up a feast
Meat on the cooker

Europe » France » Île-de-France December 5th 2016

Last year we set off to the BEST Christmas market in Spain! via train to Madrid. Well it was the worst Christmas market I had ever been to so this year I was making sure that we saw a proper Christmas market. The place to do that is in Strasbourg France, they have the biggest and best Christkindelsmark in all of Europe, and since we were flying in and out of Paris may as well do it too. So first off to Strasbourg via high speed train from Paris Sud station, should be there in 2 hours plenty of time to check in and see the evening market. The market is mainly held around or near the Cathedral from 1570 making not only the biggest but the oldest in Europe. We wondered the streets with a ... read more
Small Chalet booths
Houses decorated
Magical Christmas

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Zell September 5th 2015

So now we have secured our new apartment in Mojacar, Spain and that means it is time to say good bye to our beloved Zell, on the Mosel, Germany. We have had a holiday home here for 4 years. Then moved to our flat that we thought would be our forever home. So now it is time to move on to our next country. Zell is a lovely little wine village with about 4,000 inhabitants, it is midway between Trier and Koblenz on the Mosel river. Ferry boats travel in either direction and we loved spending a fall day floating along. Because of the locks along the river it can be a 2 day journey to Trier, that would take about an hour to drive to. We will miss Zell and all of it's fun little ... read more
Bachturm (tower)
Room with a view
Hiking in the Vineyards

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Brac August 4th 2015

So after our day spent in Makarska, we made our way by ferry over to the Island of Brac............ in the dark........... on a winding road looking for a little fishing village called Salivan. We drove around and around in the dark in this little village and couldn't seem to make it to the little apartment I had rented. It seems that the main streets close at night( 6p.m.) to all cars, making it extreemly difficult when your GPS is telling you "turn around" "turn around". Finally had to call the owner to come and guild us, we would have never found it on our own. Lovely little village, easy to walk around and get everything you need. Could have stayed a month.... read more
Morning Coffee
Close to the beach
Walking though town

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Brac August 1st 2015

Even though we are in a bit of a rush to pick up our Spainish visas in Toronto Canada, we had already booked a wonderful AirBNB on the island of Brac Croatia and had decided to stick to that plan. We had been through Croatia last year and loved it, stayed in Makarska in January and thought it would be wonderful to see it in full swing in the summer, our plan was to stay there but also wanted to see the islands. But we did get a bonus day in Makarska we weren't really planning on, but the ferrys in the summer are jammed, so we had a 6 hr wait. We had seen booths when we were there before and wondered would it would all be like in the summer.... read more
Eurome being silly
Fun at the beach

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo July 31st 2015

After a great visit in Cacak Serbia we are on our way to Sarajevo, why? Well I guess I remember the Olypics there and wanted to see it. So we set our Garmin and off we went, now with no horn in our car. Enjoyed the stunning scenery along the way even if it was a bit raining. Bosnia has recovered from the war better near the sea than in the east, Sarajevo was a bit of a shocker to see, still bullet holes visable in the walls of buildings, still standing are partially destroyed apartment buildings and homes. Driving in it looks like a typical city of the west but a closer look shows the saddness of it all. The people going on about their lives amongest the rubble and distruction , no money to ... read more
even in the rain
Not much of a boarder crossing here.
heading into the city

Europe » Serbia » West July 30th 2015

After our 1 and only night visit Bulgaria we carried on to Serbia, as we had met a young lady from there in Montenegro the winter before and had befriended her. Looking forward to visiting her in her hometown of Cacak. We had a never ending wait at the boarder to Serbia, in the never ending heat, for no reason that we could see. 1 lone man in a small booth waving people through. When we entered into Serbia( another new country for us by the way), it was beautiful!! Lush green rolling hills. Found a great Hostal in Cacak, hotels are few in the area and this was the only one that accepted dogs, but it was a wonderful place, new, clean and oh ya cheap. Paid the extra 5 euro to get the suite ... read more
One man job
On our way
First view of Serbia

Europe » Bulgaria » Vidin Province July 28th 2015

Romanian roads not being the best or the most realiable, we headed out early to Vidin Bulgaria, still hot , still humid!! A trip that should take a little less than 5 hours took us 7 hours. Vidin is a port town on the southern bank of the Danube in the north-western Bulgaria, a good portion of Vidin's town centre is occupied by greenery, and tree lined streets. Even though it is beautiful, the town centre itself gives you a feeling that it is mostly abondoned , and that the rest of Bulgaria has forgotten this little corner.... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Bran July 24th 2015

Staying such a relaxing place we were in no hurry to set off to Bran, only just over a 2 hour drive to our next stop just outside of Bran, where the history Castle of Dracula's although there never was a Dracula and Stoker Bran never actually saw the castle. It is however a well preserved Castle and a national landmark of Romania. It is one of the most beautiful castles that I have visited in Europe, the tour is self guilded which allows you to take your time to visit all of the gounds without being rushed. You must make an appointment time to enter, then you are on your own. We stayed at a lovely family pension, with our own suite but shared the kitchen and dining room with the other guest, because it ... read more
Bran Castle
Rasnov Fortress
Resnov Fortress

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Sibiu » Sibiu July 23rd 2015

Day 3 of our stay in Romania, it is still stinking hot and humid. I had many adventures planned to do while we were here but it is difficult to go off hiking and exploring in +33C tempatures with our older dog. So we settled on a day trip into the city of Sibiu only about 20 minutes away. What a lively city Sibiu is, hustling , bustling fun place. It is one of the most charming places to visit in Europe. it is an anicent walled city, with the defence structures are still in excellent condition. We love to wander the old streets discovering every nook and cranny, jammed full of Romania heritage. Even though it was hot we managed to stay reasonably confortable in the air conditioned building, most shop keeper where very friendly ... read more
Too cute

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