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North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau May 17th 2019

Day 12 17/05/2019 Juneau – Alaska Dog Sled Discovery & Musher’s Camp The sun woke us up early so we headed upstairs to the Lido Market to have a buffet breakfast. Breakfast consisted of bacon, scrambled eggs, a bagel, Danish pastries and coffee. If I continue to eat like this I will have to pay excess luggage going home! The food is so good. We decided to do a walk on the Promenade deck as the weather was lovely although cool. The sky was clear with no chance of rain. The ship docked at Juneau just before 12.30 pm Juneau is the capital of Alaska and their main industry is government followed by tourism. It is an island so everything needs to be brought in by ferry or barge. Most of their goods come from Seattle. ... read more
Patting the dogs.
Enjoying the company
Cuddles with the puppies

Day 11 16/05/2019 Cruising We ordered room service breakfast and then decided that we would explore the ship a little more. It looked very grey and cold outside but that didn’t stop us going to the Promenade deck to do a few laps. 3 ½ laps equalled a mile so off we went. It was bitterly cold and the weird sensation when you are walking the opposite way to the way you are going. It is like walking the wrong way on a travellator. We had layered up to try to prevent the wind getting through, although it did find the few gaps that appeared. They day comprised of eating, drinking coffee and checking out the drizzle/fog. We ordered some drinks for the room Gin and tonic water, and by the way it was described with ... read more
One of the few sights
Cold Grey day

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver May 15th 2019

Day 10 15/5/2019 Vancouver – ms Volendam – Cruising I was as excited as a child on Christmas Eve and couldn’t sleep. I woke up early and waited for the ship to come in. I watched it dock and the passengers disembark. We finished packing and had the called the concierge and the sent someone to collect our bags. The Fairmont provides its guests the service of collecting your luggage and at the same time checking your boarding pass and passports and they take your cases to the ship and clear customs on our behalf. Wow that made it easy even though it was just across the road we didn’t need to worry at all about it. We decided to go for a coffee before we checked out of the hotel. The boarding of the cruise ... read more
Really excited
Our cabin 7080
Toasting to a great cruise

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver May 14th 2019

Day 9 14/05/2019 Vancouver We woke up to a grey raining day in Vancouver. Looking out the room window and we could see a large number of umbrellas with legs moving around the foreshore. This changed our plans as we had not counted on it being so wet. We had planned to walk to Stanley Park to take in the views of the city and the harbour, but we decided that we would get terribly wet and cold so revert to the rainy day alternative – indoor activities. We headed down to the eatery to start the day off with a coffee and decision as to what we would do. Off we went to Canada Place to have a look at what it had. We found a simulated ride called FlyOver Canada. It was a fabulous ... read more
Downtown Vancouver
Fairmont Waterfront
Bellaggio for supper

Day 8 13/05/2019 Vancouver – Butchart Gardens – Victoria Up early to get ready for the tour to Vancouver Island to see the Butchart Gardens and Victoria. We decided to check in with the Concierge to make sure that they knew we were waiting for a tour and we were asked f we had booked the tour a while ago as the tour company wasn’t doing them anymore. They then quickly informed us that someone else had taken over the tours and they pick us up at the bus stop outside the hotel. E found the bus driver and boarded and was on our way. We picked up other people from other hotels and then headed for the ferry that goes to Vancouver Island It was a 90 minute ferry ride over. First stop for the ... read more
Butchart Gardens
Butchart gardens
Tulips Butchart Gardens

North America » United States » Arizona » Maricopa May 12th 2019

Day 7 12/05/2019 Maricopa – Vancouver Up early and packed our bags as we were leaving today. Karly and Scott had arranged for a lovely mother’s day brunch at the local golf course. We were seated outside so that we could enjoy the view of the course. I ordered blueberry pancakes and Ron ordered a cinnamon scroll and when they arrived I had 3 of the biggest pancakes that you have ever seen and the cinnamon scroll filled a dinner plate. I now understand how the Americans are the size that they are! Not by what they eat so much but the quantity. After brunch we finished packing and then headed off to the airport. We said our quick farewells and then checked in to find that we were not seated together, and if we did ... read more
Mother’s Day lunch
Brunch at the Golf course
Arriving into Vancouver

North America » United States » Arizona » Maricopa May 11th 2019

Day 6 11/05/2019 Maricopa – Shopping After the past full on days we decided to have a sleep in and slow down. Karly and Scott went to get the regular Starbucks order and we all hopped into the spa to enjoy it and talk about our trip to the Grand Canyon. Rob’s nephew is in the car business and had rebuilt a 1970 Chevetelle fully restored worth approximately $40K US and circa 1970 mint condition Barracouta valued at approximately over $1 million US. Ron said that they were very impressive. So while the boys went off to drool over the cars the girls went shopping. We ventured off to the outlet Mall and it was all about trying on clothes. I think that Karly and Penni ganged up on me as they kept bringing dresses for ... read more
Prickly pear
Relaxing in the spa
Light show from the spa

North America » United States » Arizona May 10th 2019

Day 5 10/05/2019 Grand Canyon – Maricopa Up early and hit the road off to the Grand Canyon. Again the clouds were a little threatening but I hadn’t come all of this way to let a little “weather” interfere with my holiday. As we left Flagstaff the temperature was 7C just a lot cold. As we were entering the park we noticed the fog and we hoped that it would clear otherwise we wouldn’t see anything. As we drove the fog wasn’t lifting so we were a little disheartened as to what we would actually see, then we saw a number of cars parked on the side of the road and sure enough the fog had started to lift. I was excited at the view as Ron, Karly and Scott had all seen the Grand Canyon ... read more
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
Lightening and rain at the Grand Canyon

North America » United States » Arizona » Flagstaff May 9th 2019

Day 4 9/05/2019 Maricopa – Bell Rock – Flagstaff Up early to freshly baked “biscuits”. We finished packing for our overnight trip to Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon . With our usual Starbucks to get us going off we headed to Bell Rock. The highways are amazing and all of the drivers are very respectful of other road users. As we approached Sedona and Bell Rock we noticed that the rain clouds were building up again. The mountains were spectacular and were very rugged until we saw Bell Rock which was aptly named as t was the shape of a bell. Even though it as a drizzle we decided to go for a walk around it as nothing was going to stop us from exploring it. The size and grandure of these mountains are just amazing. ... read more
Bell Rock 2
Asylum Restaurant

North America » United States » Arizona May 8th 2019

Day 3 8/05/2019 Canyon Lake Up early with a light breakfast. We loaded up the car with food,drinks and water and headed off to Canyon Lake. On the way was the usual stop for our Starbucks coffee which went down really well. It was a couple of hours drive. Rob had headed off early to make sure that he picked up the pontoon. We met up with Rob and loaded the rest of the eskies, food and the noodles on board and then off we headed for a day on the water. We cruised around the lake which had stunning cliffs and scenery to find a sheltered space to stop to go for a swim. Rob found a spot and of course the men were the first in the water. Karly and I were a little ... read more

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