Day 8 - Butchart Gardens - Victora

Published: May 19th 2019
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Day 8


Vancouver – Butchart Gardens – Victoria

Up early to get ready for the tour to Vancouver Island to see the Butchart Gardens and Victoria. We decided to check in with the Concierge to make sure that they knew we were waiting for a tour and we were asked f we had booked the tour a while ago as the tour company wasn’t doing them anymore. They then quickly informed us that someone else had taken over the tours and they pick us up at the bus stop outside the hotel. E found the bus driver and boarded and was on our way. We picked up other people from other hotels and then headed for the ferry that goes to Vancouver Island It was a 90 minute ferry ride over. First stop for the day was the Butchart Gardens. The boarders of the flower beds were lined with tulips. Being spring here they were all in bud. It was stunning the amazing array of colours all carefully blended and so pleasing to the eye. We headed into the sunken garden which was amazing again filled with colour. At the back of the garden there was a water fountain that had a lovely sequence to it. Then we decided that it was time for a coffee. We stopped at the Rose Carousel. We chatted to a Canadian couple for a short while. We walked through the Japanese Garden and the Italian garden and they all were stunning. The gardens were filled with the most beautiful Rhododendrons of all different colours and were placed as backdrops for all of the garden beds. After a couple of hours walking around it was back onto the bus for the drive into Victoria which is the capital of British Columbia WE were dropped off in the middle of the city right at the docks. We decided that we didn’t want to go shopping so we went for a walk around the harbour and looking at the sights. We had a couple of hours to walk around and then we were picked up again to head for the ferry. After the 90 minute ferry ride we were then driven back to the hotel It was a very long day as the tour took 13 ½ hours. By the time we were dropped off we were cold and tired although we were in a “mild” climate! E went upstairs and put our beanies and gloves on before we went out for dinner. WE grabbed take away and headed back to the warmth of the room. Another amazing day

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19th May 2019

Love, love, love Butchart Gardens!
The Butchart Gardens are amazing aren’t they? It’s hard to believe the transformation from old quarry site to glorious gardens 🌳🌲🌹🌼🌸🌻🥀💐🌲🌳. The water features ⛲️ ⛲️⛲️ are pretty spectacular too.

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