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19th May 2019

The long evenings are weird!
We have been in the far northern hemisphere (Alaska and Norway) in the summer and the long, long, evenings definitely play with your mind. The sun’s elevation makes it seem like mid-afternoon, but it’s nearly bed time according to your watch!! 💜T
19th May 2019

Love, love, love Butchart Gardens!
The Butchart Gardens are amazing aren’t they? It’s hard to believe the transformation from old quarry site to glorious gardens 🌳🌲🌹🌼🌸🌻🥀💐🌲🌳. The water features ⛲️ ⛲️⛲️ are pretty spectacular too.
19th May 2019

It sounds like you are keeping Starbuck’s in business!!
I’m glad you had some fine weather and amazing views while you were at THE canyon. As you say, it leaves opportunity to see/do more on a return visit.
19th May 2019

Love the ghost town shot
The ghost town looks fab. I love the ginormous cacti 🌵 🌵. Not so excited about the snake photo. Still, it’s better to see snakes in a cage rather than on the hiking trail. 💜T
19th May 2019

Yum, ice-cream!
We have had holidays when we have been eating so much ice-cream, usually in the afternoons, that we have invented the phrase ice-cream o’cock! As in, gee it’s the middle of the afternoon it must be time to find an ice-cream ... or gelato works when in Italy. 🍦🍦🍦😆💜T
From Blog: Day 2 Phoenix
19th May 2019

Welcome to the travel blogosphere!
I hope you are enjoying keeping your travel diary on-line. It’s a great record of your adventure to have for yourself and to share with others. 💜T

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