Day 11 Cruising

Published: May 22nd 2019
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Day 11



We ordered room service breakfast and then decided that we would explore the ship a little more. It looked very grey and cold outside but that didn’t stop us going to the Promenade deck to do a few laps. 3 ½ laps equalled a mile so off we went. It was bitterly cold and the weird sensation when you are walking the opposite way to the way you are going. It is like walking the wrong way on a travellator. We had layered up to try to prevent the wind getting through, although it did find the few gaps that appeared. They day comprised of eating, drinking coffee and checking out the drizzle/fog. We ordered some drinks for the room Gin and tonic water, and by the way it was described with 3 cans of tonic water we thought that we would get t along with some beer. After a few phone calls Ron finally just said to bring whatever beer they had available. Next thing came a full 1 litre bottle of Gin and the beer! There is no way I can drink all of that before we get off! We are noticing that he sun sets around 9.30 pm but they have an incredibly long twilight lasting about an hour.

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