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In my last post, we had just completed Day 2 on board and I thought that this time, rather than bore you even more silly than I have in previous episodes, by giving you a blow by blow account of each and every day of the cruise, I would take a slightly different approach. In a nutshell, I decided to wait until the cruise is finished and then provide one overall post summarising highlights/lowlights, tips and suggestions, do's and don't's and thoughts on the excursions we participated in. But firstly, an apology.......there are a lot if words in this post and........a lot of photos as well........sorry!! So, in no particular order, here goes: * The Ship - whilst Mandy and I haven't really got any previous (large ship) cruising experience to go by, the Celebrity Millennium ... read more
Mendenhall Glacier - 2
Mendenhall Glacier - 3
Mendenhall Glacier - 4

Land of the Midnight Sun – Alaska, May 2019 What more can be said of a state which boasts 20 indigenous languages, has 17 of the 20 highest peaks in the United States (one of which is the highest in North America - Denali - at 20,320’), imposes no state income tax AND has an annual dividend payout to eligible residents? All this and awesome scenery which attracts millions of visitors each year. Not too shabby a travel destination for sure, and one I’m exploring for the next couple of weeks. This latest journey begins in Vancouver, Canada after boarding the newly-refurbished Celebrity Millennium just back from Asia and beginning her Alaska cruising season. As many times as I have visited this wondrous state, it’s my first time seeing it from the deck of a cruise ... read more

Day 16 21/05/2019 Cruising to Vancouver We had a relaxed morning with a late breakfast. Chilled in our room for most of the day looking at the sights of the inside passage. Sadly it is the last day and we will wake up in Vancouver at 7 am.... read more
view from the balcony
The view at dinner
Inside Passage lots of islands

Day 11 16/05/2019 Cruising We ordered room service breakfast and then decided that we would explore the ship a little more. It looked very grey and cold outside but that didn’t stop us going to the Promenade deck to do a few laps. 3 ½ laps equalled a mile so off we went. It was bitterly cold and the weird sensation when you are walking the opposite way to the way you are going. It is like walking the wrong way on a travellator. We had layered up to try to prevent the wind getting through, although it did find the few gaps that appeared. They day comprised of eating, drinking coffee and checking out the drizzle/fog. We ordered some drinks for the room Gin and tonic water, and by the way it was described with ... read more
One of the few sights
Cold Grey day

North America » United States » Alaska » Inside Passage August 12th 2018

Sunday, August 5, 2018, safely tucked aboard ms Westerdam, Marilyn was ready for her first cruise and I my second – well, not counting the round trip I made between Vietnam and the Philippines aboard the Landing Platform Helicopter (LPH) USS Iwo Jima some fifty years ago. Here are some interesting statistics about our oceanic mode of transportation. MS Westerdam is owned by Holland America Line and is a sister to MS Oosterdam, MS Zuiderdam and MS Noordam. The prefixes of the four ships' names represent the four directions of the compass in Dutch. Pretty cool. She was christened in April 2004, has eleven passenger decks, is 936 feet long, 105.8 feet wide and weighs 81,811 tons. The mostly Indonesian and Filipino crew of 800 tends to the needs of 1848 passengers. After departure from Vancouver ... read more
We Weren’t the First Ship Out of Port
Creek Street Is Loaded with Quirky Little Shops and Eateries
The Real Deal Is Just as Intricate, Though Less Vivid, than the Replicas

North America » United States » Alaska » Inside Passage December 11th 2017

Cruise to inside passage from Seattle to Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway Alaska. Flew into Seattle and took the Train to the space needle. Caught a bus from there to the Cruise ship terminal. No other reason to take the train other than more relaxing and scenic then the freeway. Boarded Celebrity Soltice and had a very nice port hole cabin looking out on the bow of the ship. Very spacious cabin with a unique view. Stopped in Ketchikan first which is primarily a fishing town and tourist shops next port was Juneau, more tourist shops and a nice tram up to view the city Last stop was Skagway. Had an interesting talk on the ship about the history of Skagway decided to take the train to the canadian border. Very senic trip along massive cliffs. basically ate ... read more
Skagway train trip

North America » United States » Alaska » Inside Passage June 27th 2017

Long day of waiting/traveling. First day of Marine highway travel. Left Skagway @ 3:30. Made a stop in Haines then on to Juneau. Arrived in Juneau at 10. Didn't get to our new lodging until 11:15 pm. And it was dark out at that time????. We were on the slowest vessel of their fleet. Only wet at 14.5 knots. Usually only takes about 2 hrs to get here. Rainy was a little freaked by spending all that time in the bowels of a boat. It was all worth it - Our place here is phenomenal ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Inside Passage June 24th 2017

We started the day by ourselves at a table for two in the Dining Room. It was a glorious day; although, the daylight was barred from our interior cabin, here in the dining room we could see the distant shore as the channel was narrowing. On our northbound journey through the passage over three weeks ago an oppressive pea soup fog had obscured any possibility of scenic viewing. Those who had opted for balconies might have felt cheated; but, not so today. We stopped in the Explorer’s Lounge and picked up today’s Sudoku, and they’ve reverted to the extra small size making annotation difficult. Midway through the Hard puzzle, Sharon was off to the cabin with a, “This is ridiculous…” and that was the end of Sudoku. I too gave up on the Hard puzzle a ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Inside Passage September 16th 2016

So the sun finally came out. The morning we sailed into Scagway the view out of my stateroom window was solid cloud/mist and my heart sank. I was excited because I had booked a tour with a local photographer and was hoping for some pretty spectacular landscape shots. It was still rainy and quite cold when we met at the end of the pier as instructed. There were only 9 out of the whole ship's contingent signed up to do this tour, and as there were two photographers and two vans, I was delighted to find myself onboard with just 4 other photographers. I'm not sure what I had imagined we would do, or where I thought we would be taken. The tour blurb that I first read said that no matter what the weather, our ... read more
Scagway downtown
Summit Lake at White Pass
Termintion snow Scagway mountain tops

North America » United States » Alaska » Inside Passage September 15th 2016

Cruising in Alaska I'm starting to get the message. Its rare to get a sunny warm day in Alaska. Its rarer still to get a sunny cloud free day in Glacier Bay Alaska. As the Park Ranger said today, when the barometer goes up it means rain. When the barometer goes down it means rain. When it stays steady, it means rain will continue. Its 7pm on day 2 of my time on board the Island Princess cruise ship and we are just about ready to drop off the Park Rangers who came aboard at 9.15 this morning and who have given us lectures and narrations on and off all day as we have traveled approximately 100 kms inland on the waters of this bay and viewed some amazing mountains and glaciers. Overnight, after a glassy ... read more
Your Cruise ship awaits
Island Princess awaits
Goodbye Whitter

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