Day 10 Vancouver - ms Volendam

Published: May 19th 2019
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Day 10


Vancouver – ms Volendam – Cruising

I was as excited as a child on Christmas Eve and couldn’t sleep. I woke up early and waited for the ship to come in. I watched it dock and the passengers disembark. We finished packing and had the called the concierge and the sent someone to collect our bags. The Fairmont provides its guests the service of collecting your luggage and at the same time checking your boarding pass and passports and they take your cases to the ship and clear customs on our behalf. Wow that made it easy even though it was just across the road we didn’t need to worry at all about it. We decided to go for a coffee before we checked out of the hotel. The boarding of the cruise was so easy and streamlined that at every corner there was someone who would direct you. We checked in and had our photos taken and was issued with our room key. We were told that the key was very important as it had all of our details on it and needed to carry t with us everywhere. We were boarded by around 12.30 and found our room on level 7 with a private balcony on the port (left) side. Wow the room is amazing and the view out of the windows is fantastic. We decided to explore the ship to try to find where everything was. We found the casual dining area so decided to get something to eat. I know that I will be leaving the ship a few kgs heavier! The food is lovely and tasty. WE headed back to the room and sat on the balcony to wait for the ship to leave. Right on 4 pm off we went. Ron and I sat on the balcony for a while looking at the harbour as we left until it become too cold. We decided o eat in the dining room as we accidentally came across it. The meal was lovely and then headed back to the room to watch the sun set. The sun sets at 9.30 but they have a really long twilight that lasts for an hour so it doesn’t get dark until after 10 pm. It really messes with your head as yo feel tired but it isn’t dark. I’m loving this cruising!

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19th May 2019

The long evenings are weird!
We have been in the far northern hemisphere (Alaska and Norway) in the summer and the long, long, evenings definitely play with your mind. The sun’s elevation makes it seem like mid-afternoon, but it’s nearly bed time according to your watch!! 💜T

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