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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver June 16th 2019

This morning when we woke, after having our night in two sleep shifts - good old jet lag - my brilliant husband suggested I ring the 24 hour phone number for the fraud branch and sort out my card while the rest of Australia was soundly sleeping. It worked! No waiting time. And yes, it was the dodgy Spanish transaction done in haste at 5 am in Sydney airport that raised their suspicions and put the locks on my card. The nice little man took the block off my phone and then checked with Tom, to ensure they hadn’t locked his. So all is well, and we now have an expensive 5 year visa for Canada instead of the cheaper 1 year visa, but hey, I’m not at my best at 5am with the threat of ... read more
Lions Gate Bridge
The Pavilion in Stanley Park
Miniature Railway

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver June 16th 2019

What a wonderful day! After a leisurely Sunday morning wake up (with a good night’s sleep at last) and our complimentary breakfast of pastries, we wandered down the now familiar trek to Canada Place on the waterfront. it is Father’s Day here in Canada and there were lots of families out and about, even some women facetiming their father down by the Mounted Police shop. We had prebought and booked in an experience at Flyover Canada which is down in the cruise terminal precinct. Today there were only 2 ships disgorging and refilling their thousands of passengers and we find it great spectator sport to watch the procession of wheelie cases trundling in all directions. The little man in the Mounties shop said it’s always busy during their cruise season from April to October, with only ... read more
Family outing for Father’s Day
Flyover Canada - ipad screenshot
Another flyover Canada image

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver June 14th 2019

What a day! Of course we woke up three minutes before our 2am alarm! Shower and a light brekky and then on the highway by 3.15 am. We parked down at Blu Emu, our usual car park, and caught their bus around to the domestic terminal, planning on catching their shuttle over to the international airport, but no, they don’t start until 6am and it wasn’t even 5am. So we went into the terminal and caught the train over. We found our way down to the Korean Airlines checkin and when we arrived at the desk and the lady asked for our Canadian visas we looked at her blankly. We haven’t been to Canada since 2004, and in 2016 they introduced a visa system. She said they could take us to Seoul but not continue on ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver May 31st 2019

From skiing and hockey to sushi and totem poles, obviously magnificent Vancouver, Canada, teeming with athletic, culinary, and cultural experiences. 1. See the Wildlife Vancouver is one of the world's best destinations. Tour companies like Prince of Whales provide close guaranteed sightings of orcas spouting and breaching and encourage marine conservation and education. March to October runs. While researching Pacific waters at a coated or zodiac vessel, you could also spot porpoises, sea lions, and cormorants. 2. Awesome Neighborhoods Just west of downtown, Commercial Drive is home to Vancouver's Little Italy and offers a persuasive mix of eateries, from Bandidas Taqueria (Mexican) into Cafe Deux Soleils (vegetarian). The technology advances are impressive and include every... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver May 15th 2019

Day 10 15/5/2019 Vancouver – ms Volendam – Cruising I was as excited as a child on Christmas Eve and couldn’t sleep. I woke up early and waited for the ship to come in. I watched it dock and the passengers disembark. We finished packing and had the called the concierge and the sent someone to collect our bags. The Fairmont provides its guests the service of collecting your luggage and at the same time checking your boarding pass and passports and they take your cases to the ship and clear customs on our behalf. Wow that made it easy even though it was just across the road we didn’t need to worry at all about it. We decided to go for a coffee before we checked out of the hotel. The boarding of the cruise ... read more
Really excited
Our cabin 7080
Toasting to a great cruise

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver May 14th 2019

Day 9 14/05/2019 Vancouver We woke up to a grey raining day in Vancouver. Looking out the room window and we could see a large number of umbrellas with legs moving around the foreshore. This changed our plans as we had not counted on it being so wet. We had planned to walk to Stanley Park to take in the views of the city and the harbour, but we decided that we would get terribly wet and cold so revert to the rainy day alternative – indoor activities. We headed down to the eatery to start the day off with a coffee and decision as to what we would do. Off we went to Canada Place to have a look at what it had. We found a simulated ride called FlyOver Canada. It was a fabulous ... read more
Downtown Vancouver
Fairmont Waterfront
Bellaggio for supper

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver September 15th 2018

Po pięknych przeżyciach w Górach Kaskadowych, skierowaliśmy się na północ, za granicę USA-Kanada, do Vancouver. W naszych wyobrażeniach: miasto-ideał, leżące między oceanem, a górami, z mnóstwem parków i terenów rekreacyjnych. Nie zawiedliśmy się! ;-) Urocze Gastown w brytyjskim stylu, piękny, dziki, otoczony ścieżką (Seawall) Stanley Park, pocztówkowy port z wodolotami, na które nie mogłam się napatrzeć, czy fajne knajpki na West End. Do tego jeszcze udało mi się wyrwać na wieczorny jogging wzdłuż rzeki Capilano i parku Ambleside. Jedyny zgrzyt to okolice Chinatown upodobane przez narkomanów (bardzo przykre widoki na ulicach...). Gdyby nie kapryśna, zimno-wilgotna pogoda, byłoby idealnie... Jednak pogoda miała być najważniejsza w piątek, kiedy mieliśmy zaplanowaną wycieczkę do Victorii i rejs 'zodiakiem' z podglądaniem wielorybów. Może na... read more
Zegar Parowy w Gastown
Widok na Downtown
Port wodolotów

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver September 13th 2018

Been quite a few years since I last visited our neighbors to the north, and with my upcoming transpacific cruise departing from this west coast city, its an ideal opportunity to become reacquainted with Vancouver. The area is surrounded by some of the most stunning natural beauty in the world: mountains, ocean, rainforest, parks and beaches. This is a city like no other, with endless options for activities, sights and attractions. Vancouver is a city that begs to be explored, either by coach or minibus, horse-drawn carriage or helicopter, bicycle or on foot. There are numerous anecdotes regarding this city and how street/neighbor names evolved and stuck, thru to the present day: A little bit of history: Between 1592 to 1774 AD, Spaniards cruised by as part of their exploration of Canada's west coast. Spain claimed ... read more
A View from hotel room 2
A View from hotel room 3
Autumn is almost arrived at Stanley Park

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver September 2nd 2018

I always wanted to visit Canada, so in May 2015 I finally got to go. I decided to go to Vancouver, because a friend of mine, whom I had met in London had moved back over there. I found some cheap tickets online and was ready to go. The night before my trip I did not sleep very well and when I woke up I felt very unwell, it turned out I had some sort of food poisoning and was not able to fly that day. Fortunately I was able to get a refund for my trip there and booked anther cheapish ticket for the next day in the hopes I could just sleep it off.The next night I slept a lot better and I felt okay enough to catch my flight the next morning. I ... read more
hiking in Lynn Canyon
seen my first Orca on this trip
walking roud Vancouver

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver September 1st 2018

We had booked to do one of those Escape Room challenges, which we enjoyed last year in New York (see ) despite narrowly failing to finish it. It was booked at midday, so we had a leisurely morning and walk there. It was back on the border of the area where things had started to get rough when we had walked there the other day (see ). In fact the world’s thinnest building and the gate to China Town were just down the road from where we were going. Sadly, we failed to complete the escape again and were not even close this time as we had apparently only completed about two thirds. It only allowed 45 minutes, which seemed impossible. Apparently some other groups had been able to complete it in under 30 minutes, but ... read more
China Town
Science World

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