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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver August 17th 2015

So I had not heard from Fly since he left me in peace in the Zenhut. I was wondering, how I would do the key exchange with a 6:30 AM train out of Canada, which included a customs visit. I was about to message him, when I got a note from him. He was training a new boat chief and if I wanted a 5 hour tour around the surrounding Vancouver waters, I could hop on the boat. One catch, I had to pretend like I was part of the crew. Unfortunately, I had to jump on my train and had no opportunity to sink Fly's charter with my incompetence. By the way, I am considering a name like the Zenhut for my own personal lodgings. Brohut isn't quite right, but it is certainly in the ... read more

I am leaving Canada on a very early train tomorrow. I have decided to get up even earlier and walk to the train station which is about 2 KM away. When I get to Portland, I am staying in a nice hotel as opposed to the Airbnb life I have lived so far on this trip. The idea was to spend a few days relaxing on this trip. I was originally going to do that in Vancouver, but then I would have missed out of the Zenhut! Anyway, I was walking toward a district known as Gastown, when I came upon the hotel I am almost stayed at. It is this awesome complex that features cruise ships docked, sea planes taking off and, most interestingly, a convention center. Suddenly, I realized I was surrounded by folks ... read more
Comic Con Canada

Okay. This was another super busy day, but I think I can get it all in two posts. Also, I got super cranky at about 1 PM and had to put myself down for a nap. I am glad I did because I had an awesome late afternoon and evening. I was up at 5 AM and running by 6. Honoring my commitment to log in a run in each city I did about 4 KM (Hey, it's Canada and it's Metric!) along the seawall and into Stanley Park. Vancouver had a half-marathon today, which was sold out so I could not join. ;-) Anyway, they had the KM signs up so I was able to track my run even without cell service and my runkeeper ap. The run was beautiful. I stopped halfway and tried ... read more
Statue in Vancouver's Stanley Park Surf
Totem Poles in Stanley Park
Jelly Fish in Vancouver Aquarium

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver » False Creek August 15th 2015

I awoke at the Zenhut three hours later feeling refreshed and slightly less grouchy. A word on the Zenhut. This place is crazy. I am attaching a photo of the room in which I napped; how can you not relax in here? Also, Fly must buy votive candles by the truck load. There are just drawers and drawers of them here. At present, I am in the garden surrounded by candles. They are relaxing but I also feel it is my duty to burn some so Fly can have some room for other household items. Anyway, when I woke up I decided I needed to check out a new neighborhood. The West End is cool, but its very bohemian. It kind of reminds me of The Haight and I only go there for Cha Cha Cha. ... read more
Granville Island
Paddle at the Lamplighter
Tanks at the Yaletown Brewing

Man. They did not want to let me into Canada. In their defense, I think it was my fault. Scruffy and traveling alone with a single small bag was bad enough, but I did not help myself. My first mistake was taking our friendly/allies relationship with Canada for granted. The second problem was that my border agent was a very attractive woman who looked really good in her uniform. The first girl I talk to across the border and she is grilling me on my plans in her country. Next thing I know there is another woman, just as attractive, I swear she came out of nowhere! They are battering me with question after question. (It did not help that I am staying in an Airbnb known as the Zenhut with a host named Fly!) Mercifully, ... read more
Zenhut - View from the Roof
English Bay
Zenhut - Hidden Garden

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver August 6th 2015

Arrived after a three hour easy flight from LA, it's kinda become no big deal to hop on a plane for a mere three hours, it's getting a bit like catching a bus except you get drinks and nibbles!! We jumped in a taxi and got a driver who told us where were the good areas were,and pointed out some of the sights along the way. It seems every taxi driver at every airport in every country that has picked us up has been Indian and all they want to talk about is cricket!! Anyway we chose downtown to stay and the location on Robson Street has been really good, it's very central for everything and there are loads of restaurants to choose from within a couple of blocks and we feel very at home and ... read more
At the Vancouver Lookout
A happy Baz at the Lookout
Bazi and the Laughing Men

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver July 31st 2015

We went biking today. We rented bikes at the end of Davie street and went for a ride to Stanley Park. An easy enough ride, once we got used to the bikes. No tandem bikes this time! We rode around to the totem poles and admired their artwork, then continued on around Lighthouse Point. I was impressed at how organised the paths were. One way paths for wheeled transport (bikes and inline skates), with separate paths for bicycles, inline skates, and pedestrians. At certain points, like at the little water park (they have a Kids Dryer there!) or at Lighthouse Point, there were signs requesting bikers to dismount and walk the bikes, which everyone did. People follow the rules here. We planned to cut across the park at some point, but I must have missed the ... read more
Steam powered clock
Dr. Sun Yat Sen's garden
Party time!

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver July 29th 2015

Our first day in Vancouver. Supposed to be as rainy as Seattle, and it was - which was as rainy as home in Summer. Nary a cloud in the sky. We decided that after yesterday we need to take it easy for a day, so after breakfast we headed down to the beach and took the ferry to Granville Island. The ferry is a tiny boat that looks like a toy in a child's bath tub. But it did get us across the bay. We wandered around Granville Island for the morning, visiting the geese and ducks at Sutcliffe Park, watching the boats from Ron Basford Park, past the Giants of the cement factory on Johnston street, and back to Granville Market. We wandered around the market, bought some snacks and a bag of fresh cherries, ... read more
Bald Eagles
The Fireworks

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver July 26th 2015

Montreal: 30th June to 5th July After leaving Toronto my next stop was Montreal. It was a wet overcast day when I went to explore Montreal. I had got a book of self guided walking tours from the information office so I started with the walk by the river, I found a lovely city beach that was closed as it was a horrible day! I quickly gave up on the idea of exploring in the miserable weather and instead visited the beautiful Basilica of Notre-Dame. The magnificent alter was very impressive as was the huge organ. The stain glass windows along the sides of the church, instead of showing scenes from the bible, tell the religious history story of Montreal from its beginnings as Ville Marie. The next day was Canada Day, I went down to ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver July 4th 2015

It's 10.39 on the 3rd of July. Today, if I get this written and uploaded, I will have finally caught up with my blogs and I will go back to the usual one every 3 days. So, today's blog will be about the last day at Beaverfoot, our day in Vancouver and our arrival in Victoria. We agreed on Sunday morning with Raph that we would work a half day instead of a full day. For some reason he seemed to think we would be very pleased with this even though we were supposed to have the whole day off. Anyway, we had breakfast then got to work. The heat had reached a boiling climax that day, so everyone moved sluggishly around and, really, not a lot of work was done. Rosie, Kate and I headed ... read more

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