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North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo May 27th 2019

DAY 22 27/05/2019 Poolside We started the day with coffee and croissants again. Karly had woken up early to go down and reserve our pool lounges for the day. Breakfast again was at the beach buffet as it had amazing views out into the Atlantic Ocean. It is so good being at the resort as you do not have to worry about what you wear as you get up and put our bathers on and stay like that all day until dinner. We decided that we needed to put our feet into the Atlantic Ocean so we ventured into the man made beach. Next stop for the day was poolside. Pina Coladas for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea is my idea of a relaxing holiday. We were lucky enough to get 4 lounge chairs in ... read more
The man made beach
Dipping our toes in the Atlantic Ocean
A deer on the grounds

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo May 26th 2019

Day 21 26/05/2019 Tulum (Mayan Ruins) Up early for our amazing beach buffet breakfast and back to the front of the lobby for the tour of the Mayan ruins. The coach picked us up and we had about a 50 minute drive down to the site. Once we arrived we met our guide who is from Mayan decent that would be taking us around and explaining the history and important information. Everywhere we went there were iguanas and they choose either the top of a rock or fence up high or in the sun next to a rock. The Mayan people can be traced back to 15,000 years ago and came from Mongolia and they were a highly intelligent race. They used astronomy to create calendars in which they used to plant crops and track the ... read more
Tulum Mayan Ruins
Tulum Mayan Ruins
Tulum Mayan Ruins

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo May 25th 2019

Day20 25/05/2019 Occidential We had a sleep in and then decided to get into our bathers and then head to the beach buffet. In the resort they have placed pairs of Macaw birds in small trees and they stay there all day and do not try to fly away or hurt the tourists. It was about a 10 minute walk on pathways in fairly dense jungle. We saw lots of birds flying around and small animals that looked similar to a quoka that they said was a rodent and they call them Amigos. They don’t have tails and are about the size of a possum. They are not scared of us at all and just kept looking for their food. There were so many Iguanas on the walk down to breakfast, and they too are not ... read more
Macaws in the lobby
The pool

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo May 24th 2019

Day 19 24/05/2019 Edmonton – Occidential at Xcaret Mexico Wow a short night sleep and the alarm went off at 4.30 am so that we could finish packing our case and hand luggage to be out the door just after 5. Rob very kindly said that he would drive Scott, Karly, Ron and me to the airport. Once we checked in we boarded the first flight to Calgary and then after a quick change of flight we boarded the 5 hour flight to Cancun. I took the opportunity to snooze on the plane and then we arrived. I must say that the Cancun airport is very modern, extremely clean and quite easy to navigate through. Once through customs and immigration we headed outside and bang! The heat and humidity hit us with a vengeance. We found ... read more
hotel lobby
hotel canals
Mayan Ruins at the hotel Occidental

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton May 23rd 2019

Day 18 23/05/2019 Edmonton- Breakfast with the Boss We needed to wake up early as Karly and Scott’s boss Jason decided that he wanted to throw a “Meet Karly’s Mum Breakfast”. Jason had arranged for a pancake breakfast with all of the trimmings at the office so that all of the workers including the techs, installers and the office staff could get to meet Ron and me. It was a really lovely thought and we appreciated all of the effort that Jason and Deanna went to. It was great to finally put faces to the people that Karly always talks about. We needed to be mindful to not eat too much because we were on our way to the High Level Diner to have the most amazing Cinnamon Buns. We decided to order one each with ... read more
High Level Diner Cinnamon buns and a bowl of coffee
Bbq family get together
Breakfast with the Boss

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton May 22nd 2019

Day 17 22/05/2019 Vancouver – Edmonton We had an early wake up as wanted to watch the ship dock into Vancouver, and as usual the ship was on time and followed the Princess ship into dock at 7 am. We went and had a quick breakfast at the Lido Market and then returned to the cabin and waited for our disembarkation call. We had to have our cases out in the corridor no later than midnight for them to collect, and we were allocated a colour and time leave. We were called at 9.15 and collected our cases on shore and then we were off we didn’t need to go, through immigration and customs. The decision was to head straight to the airport as we didn’t have enough time to look around Stanley Park and to ... read more
Last breakfast on the cruise

Day 16 21/05/2019 Cruising to Vancouver We had a relaxed morning with a late breakfast. Chilled in our room for most of the day looking at the sights of the inside passage. Sadly it is the last day and we will wake up in Vancouver at 7 am.... read more
view from the balcony
The view at dinner
Inside Passage lots of islands

North America » United States » Alaska » Ketchikan May 20th 2019

Day 15 20/05/2019 Ketchikan Rain Forest Sanctuary Walk, Totems & Eagles. Up at a reasonable time that allowed us to have a leisurely breakfast and watch us dock in Ketchikan. It is amazing the skill level the people steering the ship have. As we were moving toward the dock I noticed that there was 2 other cruise ships already docked and we were going to go in behind them. The first was the Golden Princess, then the Norwegian Joy. As we came closer I noticed that the dock had a slight bend in it and another ship the Island Princess also docked. The interesting thing is that we were docking in between ship 2 and ship 3. There wasn’t any room for error in doing this as you could not over run your space. With perfect ... read more
A Black Bear
A Bald Eagle
Ketchikan Rain Gauge

North America » United States » Alaska » Glacier Bay May 19th 2019

Day 14 19/05/2019 Glacier Bay I woke up to the most beautiful dark blue sky with almost no clouds at 4.32 to see the full moon in the sky. What an omen for today I knew it was going to be spectacular! I went back to bed but only dozed on and off. As soon as the alarm went we were up showered and off for breakfast. We were back in our room by 8 and layered our clothes, ready to adventure outside on the balcony for the views. The temperature expected for the day was 7C. The ship picked up a park ranger who was going to give us commentary whilst cruising in Glacier Bay. We headed up through the Narrows and past Gloomy Knob . On went the beanie, hat and gloves, and the ... read more
John Hopkins Glacier
Mini icebergs
Margerie Glacier

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway May 18th 2019

Day 13 18 May 2019 Skagway – Alaska White Pass Summit Scenic Railroad We were up early to watch us dock into Skagway as we had an early tour at 9 am. Again breakfast and then off we hopped and walked to the train. Today again we are blessed with the weather as it was sunny and only a few clouds, cool but not cold. We boarded the train which had been restored and was looking amazing. Off we went on this amazing rail journey up to White Pass. The guide explained how it took 2 years, 2 months and 2 days to complete the rail line at a cost of 47 lives. It was built in the earl 1900’s when it was thought to have lots of gold here. The men who worked on the ... read more
Heading into the tunnel
Enjoying the ride and views

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