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May 25th 2019
Published: June 9th 2019
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We had a sleep in and then decided to get into our bathers and then head to the beach buffet. In the resort they have placed pairs of Macaw birds in small trees and they stay there all day and do not try to fly away or hurt the tourists. It was about a 10 minute walk on pathways in fairly dense jungle. We saw lots of birds flying around and small animals that looked similar to a quoka that they said was a rodent and they call them Amigos. They don’t have tails and are about the size of a possum. They are not scared of us at all and just kept looking for their food. There were so many Iguanas on the walk down to breakfast, and they too are not scared of us. Some of them were quite large and I made sure that I stepped around them. The breakfast buffet is situated right on the rocky out crop looking out onto the Atlantic Ocean. I need to make sure that I get to swim in it. We had a mimosa along with our breakfast of omelette, fruit and croissants and pastries. Oh no there goes my waist line! On the grounds of the resort there are some original Mayan ruins we found them and took some photos. There were 2 workers that were in charge of Falcon birds that were highly trained and they were used to keep the other birds out and away from the buffet. We took time to explore the resort and then touched base with the guest services to see what tours there were available. We decided to do a ½ day tour of the Tulum (Mayan) Ruins the following day, and then will look at the pricing of the Xcaret a large water park which is located next door. Pool time! We found a lovely shady place with a small lagoon so we thought that it was perfect. We spent the rest of the afternoon lazing around the pool sipping on our drinks and when it was too warm we went for a swim. We decided to have dinner and the buffet. I am quite enjoying trying new foods and flavours. After dinner we went upstairs to the late night area and had a couple of drinks while we watched the night’s entertainment.

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