Day 5 Grand Canyon - Maricopa

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May 10th 2019
Published: May 19th 2019
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Day 5


Grand Canyon – Maricopa

Up early and hit the road off to the Grand Canyon. Again the clouds were a little threatening but I hadn’t come all of this way to let a little “weather” interfere with my holiday. As we left Flagstaff the temperature was 7C just a lot cold. As we were entering the park we noticed the fog and we hoped that it would clear otherwise we wouldn’t see anything. As we drove the fog wasn’t lifting so we were a little disheartened as to what we would actually see, then we saw a number of cars parked on the side of the road and sure enough the fog had started to lift. I was excited at the view as Ron, Karly and Scott had all seen the Grand Canyon before but it was my first visit and they all wanted it to be amazing for me. We parked at the visitors centre and boarded the bus to take us to the South Rim. All I can say is that the view was breathtaking. We saw some moose on the side of the road as we headed off to where we were going to walk down into the Grand Canyon. As usual I’m not quick enough to get the photo. After the initial “wow” and the hundreds of photos we decided that we would make our way down into the canyon. My foot was still very sore so I wasn’t confident to making it to “Oh Ah” point so Ron and I walked only a short way down and left that for Karly and Scott to do. This now means that we need to come back so that I can go further into the canyon. Once we made it back to the rim we noticed that heavy threatening clouds were building so once Karly and Scott made t up we caught the bus back to the visitors centre. Just as we made it there we heard the thunder and saw a little lightening, so we were glad that I didn’t go down too far. We bought the obligatory souvenirs and then decided to leave as the thought of walking around in the heavy rain wasn’t appealing. On the way home we stopped for a Starbucks. Once we arrived home we decided that t was spa time. All of us jumped in and sat talking just enjoying each other’s company. Scott decided that we should try the typical American hamburger, so off we went to get them. They were not as greasy as we had thought and quite tasty. After dinner we opted for back in the spa with a couple of drinks.

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19th May 2019

It sounds like you are keeping Starbuck’s in business!!
I’m glad you had some fine weather and amazing views while you were at THE canyon. As you say, it leaves opportunity to see/do more on a return visit.

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