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Africa » Nigeria February 7th 2007

Hello all, just a quick entry to let you know I'm alive and well. Having enjoyed the luxuries of air conditioning and pizza at Frankie's in Accra, and then the party atmosphere of Big Milly's on the coast in Ghana, things have been a bit less fun. For a start I was really ill as we left Ghana, I have never felt so sick in all my life. Thank god for all the lovely people on the trip with me who gave me sympathy and medical advice. I think I sampled every petrol station toilet between Accra and the Togo border during two horrendous driving days! I also had the fright of my life at the Togo border when I was searching for the toilet down a dark corridor and came face to face with a ... read more
Off to market

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra January 18th 2007

"Who could believe an ant in theory? A giraffe in blueprint? Ten thousand doctors of what's possible Could reason half the jungle out of being" John Ciardi Well Africa has exploded into forests of dense, lush, green vegetation over the past fortnight and suddenly I feel like I've walked straight out of the desert and into a David Attenborough documentary. Ghana is such a contrast to the past two months. Not just the jungle of banana trees and coconut palms, or the humidity. The most noticeable change is the langauge, it's so strange to hear people speaking English again after all the Francophone countries we've passed through. It makes meeting people and buying things easier, but 'Give me money' doesn't sound quite as romantic as 'donnez moi un cadeaux'! Wild Africa has emerged from the undergrowth ... read more
Mona Monkey-ing around
Terrified in the tree tops
Kumasi's crazy market and bus station

Africa » Burkina Faso » Centre » Ouagadougou January 4th 2007

Happy New Year! So 2007 may be well under way but I've only just found a cyber cafe at last and recovered enough from the festivities to write anything! I hope everyone has had a great few weeks, I certainly have. I loved Mali, it is definitely one of my favourite countries so far, although two days in Burkina Faso is making me love this country too! Everyone is so friendly and happy and generous, despite these countries being some of the poorest in the world. Well I doubt I'll ever get another chance, so I was very pleased to find out we were going to mysterious Timbuktu for Christmas. To be honest it's not so mystical, just a sleepy, dusty town in the middle of nowhere at the end of a very bumpy dirt track, ... read more
Brenda in all his glory!
Scaring the kids of Timbuktu
Dogon meeting house

Africa » Mali » District of Bamako » Bamako December 18th 2006

Well I'm guessing this will be the last update before Christmas. I can't belive it's less than a week away. Here I am in the heat and the sun, with the bustling market stalls piled high with watermelons, and suddenly we see a man selling inflatable santas! It's the first festive sign I've seen in Africa, a far cry from Southampton shops playing jingle bells and the lights going up in October! I guess it's just another indication that we've moved south, crossed the border into Mali and left the influence of the Arab north increasingly behind us. The change is unbelievable, and I'm already loving the look of Mali. Everyone is unbelievably friendly, waving and calling out bonjour as we pass through scattered villages of round mud huts. All the stereotyped images of Africa are ... read more
Pushing the boat out
My 'Oxfam' photo!

Africa » Mauritania » Trarza » Nouakchott December 7th 2006

Apparently the average person in the UK uses 200 litres of water a day, for drinking, cooking, cleaning, toilets etc. For the past week we have been surviving on 6 to 8 litres a day...the result is not a pleasant sight or smell! Well we have made it through the big sand pit as far as the capital of Mauritania, mostly in one piece. The truck is suffering slightly with a leaking fuel tank, not what you want to find out half way across the sahara! What can I say about the Sahara? It is BIG! There is a lot of SAND! It is hot and windy. Sand can cover every inch of your body in about 20 seconds out here. Flies will home in on your head in 10 seconds out here. There are rarely ... read more
Attack of the giant camels!
The perfect sundowner
Paradise is a deserted beach in the desert

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Essaouira November 28th 2006

Well it's the last day before we disappear into the deserts of Western Sahara so everyone is busy making the most of internet and showers as there won't be any for over a week now. The things you end up considering as luxuries! You should have seen our campsite the other day, 26 people's laundry strung up to dry is quite a sight. And typically we had the first rain in weeks the afternoon we hung it all out! I've had a fantastic few days, some of the best yet. We spent three days in Marrakech, exploring the souks (markets) and eating so much food (no surprise there!). There are so many fabulous things to buy here (if only I had the money and space): gorgeous, brightly coloured, soft leather slippers; intricately inlaid wooden boxes; beautiful ... read more
Marrakech night market
Cook group shop

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Marrakech November 24th 2006

Hello everyone, thought i better get in touch and let you all know i'm still alive. We've been bush camping for the past week so this morning has been filled with the luxuries of hot showers and laundry!! I'm still having an amazing time, despite the fact that everyone on our trip has had the dreaded D&V followed by colds for the past week, hopefully we're all recovered for now. Illness kind of put a hold on sightseeing for a few days so I missed a lot of Rabat and all of Casablanca, except for the delicious pattiserie opposite the campsite! Since then we have driven across the Middle and High Atlas mountains, and it has been freeezing!! If there's one thing I wish I'd packed it's a hot water bottle, and a decent sleeping bag ... read more
Oasis town
Riding off into the sunset
My camel...

Africa » Morocco » Fès-Boulemane » Fes November 12th 2006

Hi everyone Well I've made it to Fez and the good news is the sun has come out! I'm really enjoying Morocco so far, especially wandering around the old towns and getting lost in the network of alleyways. We spent a couple of nights in Chefchuaon, which is a picturesque little town up in the Rif mountains. I spent hours exploring all the bright blue streets there and staring in wonder at all the food in the markets! Everyone on the truck has started fantasising about our favourite foods already and conversation always turns to food talk quickly, no surprise for anyone who knowsme! It's not that we don't get fed well, in fact we get more food than back home, it'sjust always a variation on one pot stew, with a different name each night! I've ... read more
Fez friends
Fez tannery
Food glorious food!

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Chefchaouen November 8th 2006

Hello everyone, hope you're all well Just a quick note to say....I'm in Africa! Apologies now for typing but v.weird keyboard with about 5 languages on it!! I know i was going to make everyone jealous but i'm not sure this entry will work. For a start it's been raining non stop until this morning, although now it's finally sunny and everything's hanging out to dry. Spent a couple of nights in Spain and visiting Gibralter which was v.unexciting. Adventure started when we reached Morocco...3 hour border crossing because Han is from South Korea but his passport just says Republic of Korea! By this time it was getting dark and raining again. First time I pitch a tent and it's in the dark in torrential rain, argh!! I didnt dare move lqst night in case I ... read more
Chefchouen door

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Winchester October 23rd 2006

One job quit, one to go! As of Thursday I am free of the desk and the office and the routine, free of the terrible train service and the cold faces of British commuters. And in two weeks time I will escape the long, dark nights and drizzle of England completely. African sunshine here I come! Warm faces, bright colours, bustling markets, exotic smells, wildlife, weird diseases, vivid larium dreams…!! Not that I want to make you all jealous of course! Internet connections permitting, (and anyone actually caring about my exploits), I will be keeping you all updated on my adventures through Africa…yes it’s a big place, and I plan to see as much of it as possible. I am travelling in a big yellow truck, from the UK to Cape Town, via lots of places ... read more

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