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November 28th 2006
Published: November 28th 2006
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Truck pet!Truck pet!Truck pet!

Me and 'puppy', our truck fly catcher!
Well it's the last day before we disappear into the deserts of Western Sahara so everyone is busy making the most of internet and showers as there won't be any for over a week now. The things you end up considering as luxuries! You should have seen our campsite the other day, 26 people's laundry strung up to dry is quite a sight. And typically we had the first rain in weeks the afternoon we hung it all out!

I've had a fantastic few days, some of the best yet. We spent three days in Marrakech, exploring the souks (markets) and eating so much food (no surprise there!). There are so many fabulous things to buy here (if only I had the money and space): gorgeous, brightly coloured, soft leather slippers; intricately inlaid wooden boxes; beautiful sunset silk bedspreads; pots in every shape, size and colour. Everywhere you walk people call out to you, demanding you come into their shop, 'where you from', 'is free to look', 'fish and chips', 'rasta man'! Then at night the main square comes alive with snake charmers and monkeys riding toy cars and drumming...and best of all, the food stalls. We tried lots of
Marrakech night marketMarrakech night marketMarrakech night market

All the delicious food to choose from
delicious soup, tagine, couscous, and my favourite, crispy fried aubergine, washed down with sweet, freshly squeezed orange juice. I did resist the snails and sheep's head though!

One of the guys on our trip came back from the market with a chameleon, so we now have a truck pet! At the moment we are training it to eat the flies as it doesn't seem to be doing it's job very well so far, hopefully he'll perk up when it gets warmer.

Yesterday we arrived in Essaouira, probably one of my favourite places so far because it is so chilled out. It has a huge beach and we spent yesterday afternoon leaping around like big kids in the massive waves, it was so much fun! This place is also famous for its fish market and for lunch we got a buffet of prawns, calamari, grilled sole and sea bream for about three pounds, it was so fresh and delicious! The African diet better kick in soon!

Anyway, I'm off to buy a sun hat in preparation for the heat of the desert. I hope everyone's ok back home. I'll be in touch in a week or so when

Freshly caught fish at the market in Essaouira
we reach the relative civilisation of a Mauritanian city. Fxx

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Cook group shopCook group shop
Cook group shop

We're all getting good at buying food for 26 at the markets!

28th November 2006

Desert crossing?
Sounds like you're having a wicked time! Shame you won't be round to the East coast, going to be there in less than a week now, can't wait for the sunshine and warmth! A36 was closed this morning when a car broke down in the middle of the road, in a BIG floodwater puddle! If this gets to you in time, try and pick up a cotton tuareg style headscarf/bandana - they're brilliant for keeping sun, sand and wind off (and flies if you get any). They look pretty cool too, but make sure someone shows you how to tie it...! Super-envious of the safari - safari njema! Nick
29th November 2006

My trousers!!!!
Frank! Is the 1st time I've looked at your sight, couldn't find the address til now! Rubbish! Looks like you're having a wicked time, brings back memories of my wicked time, sob sob!! But hey, figure a part of me's with you as my wonderful trousers are there, glad to see they have a starring role on your blog :) Everything's cool here, I'm still slumming it with the Police. Enjoy yourself mate, where you gonna be for Christmas and New Year? Lots of love xx
6th December 2006

are you getting our messages
hello, am reading your blogs with excitement-they are just immense, me and mimi have been commenting but they dont seem to appear??!! are you getting them????? love tom xxx and mimi xxx
7th December 2006

Getting them at last!
Hi guys, sorry for the delay in response. Thanks for the messages, I have to review them before they show up and only just reached a computer to do that. Keep them coming it's great to hear from everyone! Fxx

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