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October 23rd 2006
Published: October 23rd 2006
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One job quit, one to go! As of Thursday I am free of the desk and the office and the routine, free of the terrible train service and the cold faces of British commuters. And in two weeks time I will escape the long, dark nights and drizzle of England completely.

African sunshine here I come! Warm faces, bright colours, bustling markets, exotic smells, wildlife, weird diseases, vivid larium dreams…!!

Not that I want to make you all jealous of course!

Internet connections permitting, (and anyone actually caring about my exploits), I will be keeping you all updated on my adventures through Africa…yes it’s a big place, and I plan to see as much of it as possible. I am travelling in a big yellow truck, from the UK to Cape Town, via lots of places until recently I’d only heard about on the news or in a David Attenborough documentary. From there…who knows?! From now on I’m on Africa time!

Please keep in touch! Fxx

P.S. Thanks for the nickname Aidwah!


26th October 2006

Hey Frankie, or Frankwah as I believe you are to be now known! I am just about to leave the office to go home and it is already getting dark, and winter is so cold and dreary, and this time last year I was travelling myself, and it's not fair I wish I still was, and.....ok I digress! Am extremely jealous but wishing you all the best for this fantastic adventure and looking forward to getting updates about your travels to keep us office based ones amused/enlightened! Have fun KT xxx
27th October 2006

Ohhh, bit green I am!
A small piece of advice my Dad always used to say belonged to the coast (coast-fever), and it looks like you've got quite a few coast stops! As they say there's no hurry in Africa... "If you feel the need to do something, go and find a quite place, sit down and wait for the feeling to go away" Have an awesome trip!
3rd November 2006

2 days to go!
Hey guys, thanks for your messages, Africa obviously appeals to the env. scientist in us! Thanks for the advice Nick, i'll definitely fit in plenty of relaxation time. Katie, I got very jealous reading all about your travels when I was stuck in the office last winter, so I'm glad I can re-pay the favour!! Aghhh, better go get money and think about packing! Keep in touch and I'll make you all jealous with tales of the exotic, or Gibralter, soon. Fxx

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