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22nd January 2016

Brilliant, useful post!
Thank you so much for posting about your microadventure! You're totally right, there is hardly anything recent (in English) about this beautiful Island. My girlfriend and I intend to spend 4 days in Corsica in June. We're thinking of visiting Bastia, Ajaccio and Corte. I was wondering if you found the Pass Libertà value for money. I suspect Jayne and I will only take 3 or so trains, so I would be grateful to read anything you know about individual ticket costs. Finally, is the Pass Libertà a psychical ticket? It seems an odd question, I know. But having done Interail and India Rail, we seem to be collecting train tickets! Thank you :)
22nd January 2016

Trains in Corsica
Hi Phill, thanks for your comments! Our pass was 7 days unlimited travel for 50 Euros, which I thought was great value. I'm not sure of the exact price for single/return trips, or if there was a shorter pass, but I think they were all reasonably priced. When we arrived at the train station there were useful timetables and fare guides on display and staff were helpful. The pass was a paper ticket. Have a great trip, I'm sure you'll love Corsica! Frankie
20th July 2015

Thanks for blogging again!
Gosh we've missed your blogs. I'd love to go to Corsica. This place has been on our short list for a couple of years.
19th July 2015

A spot of heaven!
What a perfect get-away, but it sounds like a month there would be more amazing. Love that you just took off and trusted and were rewarded with helpful people and perfect places! I've a English friend who's always flying around Europe on your cheap airlines--lucky you!
19th July 2015

Looks great!
Corsica looks like ' our' kind of place. We must look into Band B options there or other cheap basic accomodation as I don't fancy carrying a tent around plus all the other stuff that comes with camping. Thanks to your blog we will certainly look into going there.
19th July 2015

Hi Sheila and Stan!
Looks like you've been having very exciting adventures of your own to much further flung places! Defo think you'd love Corsica. Not sure about other accommodation options, a lot of the campsites had cabins and static tents but you'd prob have to stay a week min in those. F x
19th July 2015

Welcome back...
you've been missed!
19th July 2015

Thanks Bob!
20th June 2013

Miss your blogging
Love to hear what adventures you've been up to and hope you'll be blogging them.
12th May 2013

Just now reading your last couple of blogs
For some reason I didn't read these last year when you wrote them. It is always good to read your work. We are ready to hear more. What are you exploring now. After following you for two years on the road it would be great to hear your five year plan. When will you be hitting the road again or are you rooted?
28th August 2013

Sorry for the lack of communication
Hi Dave and Merry Jo, thank you for your lovely comments. I had such great plans to blog from the UK while I prepared for more exotic adventures and then life decided to throw everything it could at me after all the fun I'd had. 2013 has been a disaster and it means there are no big travel plans on the horizon :( I'm just going to try and get through it and hopefully I'll be ready to blog-on in the future x
10th July 2012

Ubud seems like a destination for me then. I think, I at least part hippy. :)
From Blog: Bali briefly
9th April 2012

Ahhh...England in the Spring
This was our favorite time to visit, with the reasons just as you described. Enjoy your favorite paradise island (and give us some more hints about it), and then return to more blogs about England.
9th April 2012

Looks like we are both going through the same changes and experiencing similar realisations. Coming home doesn't mean it all has to stop, we just need to keep motivated and keep in mind those things which we learnt about ourselves whilst away.
9th April 2012

home blogs
Hi Jess yep I just saw your blog and thought it was funny we were both doing the same thing virtually! Lets keep fingers crossed for a nice summer so we can explore the UK some more.
9th April 2012

I always love to see the most ardent round-the-worlders explore their home, and so much to see too! Glad to hear you are enjoying and finding wonder in the local sites as well as those abroad - it is true, you don't have to go far to see big, weird (wonderful!) things (and would you believe that walking amongst the bluebell forests of England are one of my "must do's"?) Those daffodil fields look amazing as well; no wonder Wordsworth wrote about them as he did. Happy travels, and welcome home - two phrases that do not have to be mutually exclusive :)
9th April 2012

Happy travels and welcome home - two phrases that don't have to be mutually exclusive
Hi Stephanie and Andras - I love the way you put that, thank you :)
22nd March 2012

Welcome home!
Hey there! You had an amazing trip! We were in Western Australia at about the same time as you. We've been home now for just over 3 months. The novelty of being home has definiately worn off some - although we try to make it out cross-country skiing as much as possible, enjoying the snow. Also we've gotten really into the cooking thing, and meal planning from cookbooks. Ahh, the fun things to look forward to when you're home, eh? Best of luck, Kathie
20th March 2012

You've been one of our favorite bloggers!
We have loved every minute of your two years and are sad it is coming to an end. Hopefully, you will blog a bit at home so we know what you are up to. Our ATW was in late 2007 and early 2008. Our trip was not as long as yours but we had wonderful experiences and made great friends. We were fine for the first 4 or 5 months even though our minds wandered every day. For us it took about 18 months to really absorb all that we saw and did. Later this year we take off our a second extended trip. Only 4 months this time but we are eager to be on the road again. We cherish each moment. Enjoy your family, friends and sleeping in your bed. I'm sure you will be tucking away a few dollars and planning that next journey. Congrats on your adventure and becoming more confident.
26th March 2012

Thanks for your comments Dave and Merry Jo and Kathie. The shock and enjoyment of being home is still sinking in, I'm sure the emotions will change soon enough. I'm seeing my own country through fresh eyes now so who knows, there may be a few more blogs in the future, before I save up enough money to go abroad again! Just printed off lots of recipes - cooking and eating is definitely the way through this!!
20th March 2012
Stunning sunsett in WA

this photo is amazing!!
20th March 2012

Wow, you have had one heck of a trip and it sure does go by fast! Best of luck with reentry into the 9 to 5, which I am quite sure you have indeed forgotten.
20th March 2012

It's been an amazing two years...
and I have enjoyed following you although for most of the time it was only as a subscriber. I found out my mistake in not having Recommended you when I went to second your nomination for the Hall of Fame and didn't see you on my Favorites list. Anyway, hurry up and save your money as I and other TB fans are looking forward to your next trip. I hate it when someone I have been following stops traveling and settles down to a boring life.
20th March 2012

Thank you for reading!
Thanks for all the lovely comments again everyone :) I really hope I don't have to return to 9 to 5 and somehow win the lottery next week so I can get back to travelling and blogging, fingers crossed!! Thanks for the nomination Bob - at least when I get home I might find time to start reading some other bloggers on here!
13th March 2012

Another amusing read - thanks :-) If you're up in Auckland, book ahead for an overnight trip to Tiri Tiri Matangi (an island bird sanctuary). You'd love it!

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