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24th April 2010

Your Tanzania post made me laugh! Sounds like an interesting place with many shopping options! My blog is looking for travel photos, etc, to share. If you have the time check it out at, or email me at Continued fun on your travels! Heather :)
15th April 2010

Glad you're enjoying it Josh, will try to keep you entertained with more stories once I've got out of Nairobi! Hope all is good in Canadia? Fxx
15th April 2010

thanks for the update
Hey Frankie, Thanks so much for posting your adventures. I am very jealous but sooo excited for you. Can't wait to hear about your east Africa adventures. Anyways, I hope you are having a fantastic time and I look forward to your next post. I have subscribed to your blog so I get the updates automatically which is nice. Josh
19th September 2009

very good very nice to see photographs
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4th September 2008

well done Frankie so proud of you look forward to seeing you soon tom xxx
From Blog: I've done it!!
27th August 2008

Cheers Nick...
...considering the weather I had for that days ride you're probably not that disappointed you missed out on cycling with me! Ah well hve the bug now so we can have a day trip out on the bikes anytime. See you soon for your wedding! fxx
From Blog: I've done it!!
26th August 2008

Gotta say, that's a seriously good job you've done there Frankie! Proper bummer we didn't get to join you as you came through Saltford. We'll definitely catch up soon and pass on your hard earned dosh! Well done.
From Blog: I've done it!!
6th August 2008

Your doing great Frankie - am so impressed!!! I'm enjoying the diary so far so keep it coming..... Fran is busy sorting you out accommodation - think he has 3 nights sorted so far so will send on details. Lots of love ali xx
2nd August 2008

Go get em girl !!!!
Hey Frankie. Good on ya for being a trooper. Best of luck with the ride and hope you get a lot of sponosrship along the way. A great ride for a gret cause. I still think all cyclists are freaks though - couldnt think of anything worse !!! But I have total faith in you and Frankwah will pull you through it as well. He / she seems like they could talk the pants off you ? Anyways - see ya for a cuppa at Ma's - with your delivery of Deep Heat Muscle Rub. Cheers me dear - Jeff x
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30th July 2008

Mascot name
How about (alliteratively), Otto the Otter, or Otis. On a mythogical note, Odysseus - took him 10 years to complete his journey - hopefully you'll be home a bit sooner than that!
From Blog: Name my mascot!
29th July 2008

Cheers Jez, hopefully I can check the route out for you then. I'm relying on the amazing scenery to get me through this! Thanks for hostel recommendation, I must get my arse in gear and book it up.
29th July 2008

Good Luck!
Hey, I'm a mate of Cecca's and a big cycling tour fan. She tipped me off about your trip, which sounds really cool. I'm thinking about a Lands End – John O’Groats trip myself next year so will be really interested to hear how you get on. Your route looks really interesting – Wicklow’s south of Dublin should be good fun and you’re guaranteed some awesome scenery. Anyway, will be checking your blog. Best of luck! Jez PS. Carbisdale hostel is fantastic - one of the best UK hostels going :o)
6th July 2008

good planning!
hey frankie sounds awesome, looking forward to reading your blogs... KTx
26th April 2007

Home time!
Hey flamingo! Think we must've been online at the same time as saw your email's magically appear in my inbox. Coolio! Hello from far far away :) Enjoy the rest of your time, can't wait to see you!! I'm going to India to race a tuk tuk!!!! Bit of news to fill you in on when you get back. Safe journey if I'm not in touch before. Lots of love XXXX PS How hardcore are you, getting chased by a lionness!
26th April 2007

hey frankie! sounds like you have been having a blast, have been reading your entries when get chance! it's ok weather over here and something to look forward to is an environmental science meetup - put weekend of 4 august in your diary and hope to see you there! luv kt xxx p.s are you still in contact with ellen?
21st April 2007

Safety report
Hi Hanna, I hear we've missed some adventures by leaving the truck but having a fantastic time here in SA instead and very happy to be here instead! Just to let you know I met up with Dan last weekend and he's well and still on the bike, so don't worry too much!! We cooked up a braii for him so hopefully he was sustained for another day of riding! Might hold you to a cup of tea sometime when I'm back in Dorset!
10th April 2007

Home is in sight
Hey guys, thanks for comments, great to hear from everyone. Look forward to catching up with all your travel stories when I get home Khemmie, how's the culture shock going now you're back?! Loving SA it's a great country although a strange one too as I'm sure you noticed. For all those wondering, I'm flying home on the 5th May so will try to catch up with all of you sometime soon after that. Hope everyone is well, fxx
3rd April 2007

Hey hun
Great pics!!! Brings back a lot of memories for me of south africa. It's a beautiful place isn't it? I want to go back there. What date are you back in the uk? I just got back a few days ago. Lotsa love and hugs, khem xxx
1st April 2007

Good to hear it's going well!
Hey you - hope we get to catch up again on the garden route... keep me posted with where you are... pictures look amazing. Dan x
1st April 2007

Long time many miles
Hay how's it all working out now that you're travelling n your own timetable? I think you did well lasting 4 months, especially when your comments before you left were along the lines of "Not sure how I'll do as I have to have a cup of tea in the morning......" :-p You have any idea how long ou are staying out there for? And do you think yo'll try another continent before coming home again.....I am guessing you will get a job (hate it of course) save up some more money and head back out to another corner of the world. And I don't blame you - leave the rat race behind - at least you had the guts to do it...I'd love to but just cant bring myself to give up the fun fun fun of working in an office :D Take care girly. C xXx
30th March 2007

thanks for photo!
Hi Frankie, only just found, (re-found) your travel blog... I'd been wondering how you might be getting on... and glad to see you are having wonderful adventures! Perhaps just as well some of you moved on, judging bu Josh's blog!?? Anyway.. i love the photo of Daniel! and I wish you well for the remainder of your trip! If you are passing Edmondsham, once you are back in UK, do pop in! Best wishes, Hanna
24th March 2007

Sorry for the delay, how's it all going? Wishing you a belated birthday for Thursday. How's it all going? Where are you? Lots of love mate, gotta get back to work XXXX
18th March 2007

A very nice discription and excellent pictures
14th March 2007

Hey Nick! How was Kenya? (sorry know that was ages ago now!) You said exactly how I felt about group travel, having a great time now I`m independent! Would love to see whales again but sadly not the right time of year, as for sharks, not so sure about them but I know Gerry will be up for it so will get recommendations from you. Went on safari today and still buzzing from it, will try and put up pics later. Hopefully see you when I get back fxx
7th March 2007

Hey Frankie, been following the journals with interest! Sounds like too many people together after a while - I did exactly the same in Mad. and left for 4 days, headed off into the uknown. Perhaps the best 4 days of the 3 month trip, totally independent and free to do whatever whenever, without having to agree it with the rest of the party! When you get down towards Capetown, look up Hermanus and Gansbaai - H for whale watching and G for White Shark Diving - will email you all the info you need if you want it! Safe travels, Nick

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