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8th February 2012
Lake Pukaki

Amazing picture.
8th February 2012

It is darn good to see you blogging again.
Good to see you on the front page again. Fantastic photos. Kaikora is one of our favorites. I could see you running after your bus--thanks for the laugh.
9th February 2012

Thanks for the lovely comments!
Hi Merry-Jo and Dave, Chris and Nikki Thanks for leaving nice comments, glad you enjoyed the blog, photos and the chance to giggle at me :) More to come in the next few weeks, including hopefully from Kaikoura - somewhere I also really like!
30th January 2012

Just to add - 4a. Never trust a D.O.C. Campsite guide either!
Maybe it's a co-incidence, but we found the D.O.C. Campsite guides we had to be more than a little misleading on distances to said campsites! Quite a few times we found ourselves completely lost, in the middle of nowhere and driving a lot further than the guide said! Maybe all that time in the wilderness skews distance perception!? Great photos, glad you fixed your camera.
29th January 2012

And welcome back. We will be in New Zealand in October so your blogs are an inspiration and foretaste of things to come...although regretfully we will be driving rather than tramping to Milford Sound. We look forward to reading the rest of your blogs about your trip to New Zealand.
29th January 2012

Hi Bob glad you're getting excited about your trip to NZ through my blogs, I'm finishing work in 3 weeks so hopefully I can write a few more blogs for you then! The drive from Te Anau to Milford Sound is also spectacular - you will have an amazing time here!
29th January 2012

Congratulations on completing the Track! Sometimes we need to hear stories told through a fresh set of eyes to remind us how lucky we are to live in NZ - thank you. Lovely photos, I\'m glad you had a great time here :-)
29th January 2012

Hi Jo thanks for your nice comment! I'm going to have to read blogs about the UK now to mentally prepare myself to go back home in a couple of months i think!! That or they'll convince me NZ really is paradise - you are very lucky to live in such a beautiful country!
28th January 2012

Have missed your blogs recently
Saw your comment about Air Asia canceling its Europe routes, and was reminded that I hadn't seen anything from you recently. What has happened since you last blog? Will you catch up with your blogs for the last few months? I want to nominate you as Blogger of the Week if you plan to continue blogging.
29th January 2012

New blogs coming soon...!
Hi Bob, Thanks for your comments and I'm glad you're enjoying the blogs when I do get around to putting them up! I was just trying to find the mental energy right now to do blogs on the Milford Track and maybe another Christchurch and Nelson blog so hopefully have something for you to read in the next couple of days :) Frankie p.s. would love to be Blogger of the Week but I 'm already on the front page so not sure I'm allowed?!
10th November 2011

Thank you for taking us along for the wander through central Christchurch. I was down there for a few days recently - still hard to believe it is forever changed. If you make it up to Auckland, feel free to get in touch.
15th June 2011

This blog brought back a lot of good memories for us
We loved the Pinnacles when we were there. Loved heading north to Dongara. You have some great sunset shots. Most excellent.
7th May 2011

Hi Frankie
We follow your travels and hope you will take a look at our blog from the rails. We too, took the train from Sydney to Perth but our experience was the opposite of yours. We were in the gold cars with sleeping berth, dining room and lounge. It was a magnificent experience. When we made the trip we were lucky to see a fair number of kangaroos in the brush. It sounds like you made the best of your situation.
2nd May 2011

Thanks D MJ Binkley
Glad my blog amused you, it was fun writing it! Yep if only it was all travel no work, but then we wouldn't appreciate the travel part so much hey?! I'm on the road again from Wednesday, can't wait! Enjoy your time in SF and if we're ever in the same zip code I'll be sure to get in touch for that dinner!!
1st May 2011

You made me laugh this morning.
Ah, the joys and pleasures of the working world. Sounds like you are enjoying it for the most part but time to time the idiot patrol rides in. Sounds like you handle them pretty well. It comes down to there isn't a free lunch and you must work a bit to support your travel habit. Good luck and hopefully you will be on the road again soon. If you make it to the states look us up and we will buy you a nice dinner. Always enjoy your blogging.
8th April 2011

Thank you
Thanks for the lovely comments everyone, glad you enjoyed the blog as much as I did writing it...and researching it! Unfortunately I move tomorrow so will no longer have that amazing view everytime I step outside my front door. Ah well, new adventures beckon and I will have the memories!
7th April 2011

Wow - great description
Just happened up this blog entry by chance and I am so impressed. I have visited Sydney a few times and love to walk around and enjoy the areas you so cleverly describe. The Rocks Markets came alive for me and the view from cir quay train station - great memory. I am visiting again for 2 days in May and will enjoy wandering the areas you describe. Fantastic writing - you should be published
7th April 2011

Brings back memories....
I soooo love your blog. Been to Sydney twice and may do a 3rd soon, to visit family. Your insights, all those lovely details, the epic views--- all these brought back fond memories. You write beautifully. And hey, that's a lovely view from where you live. I'm jealous.
6th April 2011

heading there soon.. for da first time.. can only hope to see what Sydney has in store for me!
20th October 2010

Thanks for the comments guys. Yeah I really want to get into the mountains some time just waiting for a nice day off. Thanks for the offer of the trip Rob and Lorenza!
19th October 2010

Looks like you're having a wonderful time and somehow succeeded in becoming an Australian. I'm glad you enjoyed it here in the land down under.
18th October 2010

A very entertaining blog! Featherdale is a great place. We hope you enjoy your time here. If you ever want a trip to the mountains drop us a line!
22nd September 2010

I know this place, redXXX, isn't it?
21st September 2010

Hi Henny, wish you were still here too! Glad I have your blog approval, obviously means I didn't give away the location too bad, especially as people are guessing wrong! Paradise is still ours for now! xx

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