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20th September 2010

Great sunset silhouettes, I wanna be there.
19th September 2010

Perhentians, I went here around 6 years ago. paradise
19th September 2010

Hey dear, really love your blog. And the photos are amazing. Miss you lots. Wish I were there with you in our own little paradise. Lots of love.
16th August 2010

Thanks RamG, I've since learnt from other market visits that it's rambutan and discovered it is very tasty!
16th August 2010

fruits in Thailand
Great blog. I enjoyed reading it. BTW, the fruit which you called lychee is actually a rambutan
9th August 2010

Halong Bay and Chiang Mai
Hi Rae, thanks for comment! Halong Bay certainly is worth the trip and will blog about it shortly. I loved Chiang Mai, very laid back especially compared to here, have a great time there and go to Love at First Bite if you're a cake fan!
7th August 2010

Halong Bay
Halong Bay is well worth the visit, especially if you get good weather - hope you enjoy it. We just left Vietnam and we're revelling in the horn free traffic of Chiang Mai! Happy travels, Rae
7th August 2010

Thanks for comments guys!
7th August 2010

Great blog and shots!
7th August 2010

hoi an
We enjoyed your blog! We are in Hoi An at the moment, travelling from Hanoi to Saigon, and recognised most of the things you described. The markets are great!. Ha Long Bay is magical. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Tim and paula
5th August 2010

S-21 prison
Hi Ian, thanks for your comment and questions. I think the electric wire lashing was using live wires to give electric shocks to prisoners during interrogation. The regime was extremely brutal as that list of rules implies, particularly banning prisoners from crying out or waving to family etc. Many of the prisoners were there because they were suspected of plotting against Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. Often family members were tortured and killed as well because of association with a suspect. Very young children were killed because the Khmer Rouge feared they would want revenge in later life for their parents' deaths.
1st August 2010
Rules for prisoners at Security Prison 21

Electric Wire?
What is this electric wire lashing? That sounds pretty brutal--and to prohibit prisoners from crying out in pain during electric lashes? That sounds pretty bad. What are the prisoners here for?
26th July 2010

cambodia !
Had you seen my blog before going, you would have picked many more temple names/safe places to eat and 'to do' things... :) Cambodia is awesome and nostalgic. We spent so many hours sitting at-top the angkor 3rd floor and looking at the ruins.. cute pics ! byee
25th July 2010

thanks for sharing! safety sign
21st July 2010

Hi Katie
Thanks for message, glad I'm a good distraction from work, that is my aim in life! Computer not working at the moment but hopefully get a couple more blogs up soon. Hope all good with you at home? Fxx
21st July 2010

Sticky Rice and Mango
Bob, really want to try this still, every time I want it I've just eaten big plate of noodles and too full for desert. Will have to have it for dinner one day!
21st July 2010

Chiang Mai great for kids
Hi Aries and Rinka, I think Chiang Mai would be great for kids, plenty of families staying at Imm Eco Hotel where we stayed, definitely laid back. Thanks for info on fruits, still trying to learn and taste all these new foods out here, but having great fun trying!
16th July 2010

Very jealous (esp of cakes!)
hey frankie just to say i have been reading your travel blog with much enjoyment (mixture of taking me back to my own travels and day dreaming whilst stuck at work!). keep up the great commentaries... KTx
16th July 2010

Me and my wife have been to Bangkok twice, we wanted to go back to Thailand but this time with our 1 and 2 year olds. Your blog made me feel like Chiang Mai is a very laid back , relaxing and maybe good vacation spot for parents with kids, am I right? And Im sorry, but I think the red spiky fruit is not lychee, I think thats rambutan, we have that too in the Philippines. Yes, its better tasting and sweeter than lychees.
15th July 2010

I hope before you leave Thailand you try the best dessert in the world...mangoes and sticky rice...kow neo and mamuang.
15th July 2010

Oh, God!!!!! This blog is about cakes!!!!!!!!!
8th July 2010

My favorite gorilla group
Hi, from Austria! Thanks for story and photos! Visited Hirwa Group in June 2009. I´m often thinking if they are doing well. Love those unbelieveable creatures so much and left a part of my heart in this place of the world. The name of the silverback is MUNINYA. Came back this year in June, but visited other groups (Susa and Nyakagezi in Mgahinga NP, Uganda). Was also great. If you want me to send some photos (made a lot) just tell me your mail. Kind regards, Helmut
28th June 2010

Hi Frankie, Dubai sounds exactly how I expected - but at least you managed to get plenty of sleep, which always a good thing! Hope your knee's better soon, Hannah x
19th May 2010

Hey u, that's incredible Frankie. I luv reading ur blog, I can hear u reading it to me! Such a fab experience, am so glad to b sharing it wiv u, even if it is from the comfort of my office, in a rainy England!!! Keep on having fun and adventures galore! Continue to shine darling. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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