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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Southampton June 7th 2007

I'm off again! Escape plan has been drawn up and I'm flying into the sun again on Tuesday! For anyone I've not talked to yet, Gerry and I are going to Crete to volunteer with an organisation called Archelon, who work to protect the Loggerhead turtles in Greece. Thought I better put my environmental training to some use and do something for the planet. I'll be writing about what I'm doing, seeing etc. so if you're interested look back here. If anyone wants to know more about the charity we're working for then here is a link to their website: Archelon See you all in a few weeks, Fxx... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Dorset May 11th 2007

Hi everyone, I'm back! So hopefully I've spoken to plenty of you already and will be seeing you in the next week or two. Sadly, this means that my life of leisure is over. Well, my time in the sun at least appears to be up. What's going on with the great British weather, is this some kind of punishment for having too much fun over the past 6 months?! Already everything is beginning to seem like a distant memory. If I haven't bored you all enough already, get ready for more photos and stories when I see you so that I can relive all my adventures again. So now I'm back and trying to keep myself busy, pretending to look for a proper job when really I'm planning my next escape - place your ... read more
More rhinos!

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town April 26th 2007

So we’ve finally reached Cape Town after much dithering because this marks the end of our trip. We’ve been staying in a lovely guest house with stunning views across the city and up to Table Mountain. I’m pleased to say we survived the city with no problems, despite the horror stories about attempted muggings that we had heard from so many people who have already been here. We’ve also been blessed with fantastic weather, despite dire storm warnings as we left. We’ve been busy doing all the touristy things you have to do when you visit a city as famous as Cape Town. On our first day we tackled the 1000+ metres that is Table Mountain. Having looked at it from a distance and decided it didn’t seem too big, I got the shock of ... read more
Lost penguin
Table Mountain
The view from Robben Island

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Stellenbosch April 19th 2007

…Or: ‘Mmm, I’m getting hints of blackberries, with chocolate undertones and a slight smoky aftertaste…at least I think that’s what it said on the menu!’ Picked up a car in PE so we've been enjoying the freedom of staying off the beaten track a bit and not having to get up at 5am anymore! Having not driven for 6 months or more, it was an interesting moment when I got behind the wheel for the first time, especially as the lights were barely working so I couldn't see more than 2 metres in front of me! Spent the last week or so travelling along the Garden Route, stopped at: Jeffrey’s Bay - Surf capital of South Africa. Blowing a gale when we got there so we didn't stay long...well, long enough to spend far too ... read more
Kite taking a rest on Gerry's head!
Making friends with Wally the Wahlberg Eagle
Beautiful Barn Owl

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Port Elizabeth April 11th 2007

Yet another safari adventure for Frankie and Gerry...will I ever tire of seeing wildlife? Not if I keep having experiences like the past few game drives. Last night we went on a game drive in a private game reserve - Schotia- with another guy from our hostel. In the afternoon we spent a few of hours spotting lots of different antelope, wildebeest, zebra, warthogs etc. Gerry got his first sighting of Giraffe in the wild, completely different to peering at them through a fence at Marwell! We also had our closest encounter yet with a White Rhino, which plodded right past our vehicle before doing a big poo next to us! Poor Jim-Bob doesn't like other rhino so he has to live all on his own. After tea and scones (how English!), we climbed back ... read more
Jim-Bob the rhino who doesn't like other rhinos!
Jim-Bob at sunset

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Port Elizabeth April 10th 2007

Yes, you've guessed it, Frankie's been on safari again! And I'm still not bored of seeing animals, even booked on a night drive tonight so will hopefully be raving about my sightings of lions in a few days time! It's been a while since I've written anything because I've had the very welcome distraction of Gerry flying out to keep me company. It's so good to be reunited and we're having a fantastic time travelling around South Africa together. Spent the first few days in Port Elizabeth being spoilt rotten with a luxury apartment and dinner out etc. Thank you everyone who sent me a card and presents it was really nice to have a suprise package! As a birthday treat we went on a game drive in Addo National Park. We had such a ... read more
Now you see them...

I've been on safari and I'm still buzzing from it despite having been up since 4.30 this morning!! I want to be a ranger even more now I've seen so many big game animals in the wild! Another one of my dreams came true when 5 minutes after entering the Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park we drove past a White Rhino munching on the grass right by the side of the road. One of the main reasons I came to South Africa was to see these amazing prehistoric looking creatures, I'm absolutely fascinated by them for some reason! Before we'd even stopped for breakfast we'd ticked off 4 of the Big 5. We spotted some Lions stalking Impala in the long grass and went to turn around to get a better view, but right by the turning spot there ... read more
Ahh look at the baby zebra!
Me and the wildlife!

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg February 28th 2007

What a difference 12 hours can make… Sunday afternoon I’m sweltering in Douala, despite doing nothing more energetic than sitting outside a bar with a cold coke and a book. Well ok, I did walk across the road to get some brochettes for my dinner. Around me the roads are potholed, the taxi drivers trying to rip you off and some overly friendly guy called Paul is inviting me to his beauty salon to get my hair done because apparently I look like I’ve let my appearances slip! Next thing I know I’m walking off a plane in Joburg and joining a long queue of white holidaymakers at passport control. Then I’m being driven in an air-conditioned car along a motorway, with high-rise buildings and shopping malls everywhere. Thanks to my extremely kind godfather and family ... read more

Africa » Cameroon February 24th 2007

Had a hectic couple of weeks planning my escape so missed out on a few updates, so here’s what I did during my final days in West Africa... Having survived Nigeria and its dubious reputation we decided to visit at least one sight before we left. We drove up to the Afi Mountain Drill Ranch, sister project to the sanctuary we’d visited in Calabar a few days earlier. The Ranch has been set up by an American couple to protect and rehabilitate orphaned Chimpanzees and the extremely endangered Drill monkey, which only lives in a small area on the Nigeria/Cameroon border. To reach the Ranch we had to lug all our stuff a kilometre or so down a dirt track. Not a problem, we can survive without the safety blanket of our truck…can’t we?! While cook ... read more
Cameroon potholes
Drill monkeys
Afi chimp

Africa » Cameroon February 22nd 2007

Hi everyone, Just to let you know I'm jumping ship. Leaving the truck and flying to Joburg on Sunday. All is good and I'm happy, just bored of long driving days and delays and no personal space. Looking forward to doing some independent travelling, seeing South Africa, having a change of scene and the luxuries of a bed, bath and washing machine (thank you Jim and Janine)! Will update you on last few weeks and safe arrival in SA sometime next week when I've recovered from culture shock! Fxx... read more
Now I have braids
Now I have an afro!
Yeay, no more sitting for hours on a cramped truck!

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