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Europe » United Kingdom » Northern Ireland » County Antrim » Belfast August 19th 2008

Ok, I think I'm ready to talk about the past couple of days now!! Having eaten and slept I'm a little calmer and collected now. Day 15, Sunday 17th August: Drogheda to Rathfriland 45.76 miles average speed 11.6 mph total ride time 3 hours 54 mins Decide I really must do at least one bit of sightseeing on this trip so this morning I head to church. Not because the bike ride has been so stressful I've turned to God I'm afraid, no, this trip was to see the pickled head of Saint Oliver Plunkett. Yes you heard it right, the guy was hung, drawn and quartered however many hundreds of years ago and made a martyr, so they kept his head, as you do, and plonked it in a glass box in the church for ... read more
Mr Plunkett's head
Newry Cathedral - made it into NI - another country done!
See the sun has come out at some point in this trip even if it was for 5 mins!

Europe » United Kingdom » Northern Ireland » County Antrim » Belfast August 18th 2008

Hi guys, I'm still alive (although I shouldn't joke too much about how important that statement is right now - eek!) So, 4 countries down (Yes Dad, 5 if you include Cornwall!) and 2 weeks gone and I'm about to move across to the home run. What adventures has Frankie been up to recently then? Well, apart from a fair bit of cycling, I've mostly been enjoying the wonderful hospitality of the Irish thanks to all the contacts Fran has put me in touch with. Day 11, Wednesday 13th August: Lawrenny - Pembroke - Rosslaire - Wexford First leg: 13.53 miles, average speed 10.1mph, 1 hour 20 minutes Second leg: 15.06 miles, average speed 12.8mph(!), 1hour 10 minutes Very glad to leave Wales and the horrid weather behind me in Pembroke. The ferry was pretty shaky, ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Pembrokeshire » Pembroke August 13th 2008

Hello everyone, yes I am still alive and yes I'm still cycling (well not right at this very moment, that really would take multi-tasking to a new level!) Day 7, Saturday 9th August: Saltford to Cardiff 88.69 miles 10.5mph 8 hours 24 mins cycling time So, where did I leave you last? Oh yes, well the tummy is behaving itself again, just goes to show the stress I'm putting my body under though (bring on the sympathy). A night at home helped no end although didn't enjoy the early start to get back to Saltford again, as I'm sure Dad didn't either. We cycled together along the Bath to Bristol railway path for a couple of miles before I decided I needed to up the pace and shot off ahead. I don't know what it was ... read more
Me and Rob about to set off to Swansea
My sexy yellow jacket advertising the cause
Rob up a welsh mountain

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath August 8th 2008

Well, I was in Bath. Now I'm back home feeling a bit sorry for myself. Today started off well but has rapidly gone downhill as my stomach started acting more like a rollercoaster than the hills I was riding along - I'm sure that's enough detail for you all!! Luckily for me I'd already planned to meet the parents for lunch so they took pity on me and convinced me a night at home wan't cheating and would make me feel much better. So bless him, my poor hardworking Papa will be up at the crack of dawn again tomorrow to take me back to the exact point I gave up today and I'll be back peddalling away again! Day 5, Thursday 7th August: Tiverton to Pilton The rest of yesterday went well, although was very ... read more
Scary swan
Random pig statue on the Bath cycle path

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Taunton August 7th 2008

Quick update from Taunton as I've made it this far and having a break for lunch. Will add more details later. Weather holding out for me (just) at the moment and the going has got much flatter now I've entered Somerset. Beautiful ride alongside the canal today with lots of flowers and wildlife surrounding me. Stayed in a guest house last night with a bath and a hosepipe (for the bike, I'm not quite that dirty yet!) and a cat and a bar, what luxury! These B&Bs aren't half worth the extra couple of quid when you've been riding all day. Met a fantastic old guy in Tiverton who checked over my bike for me and reassured me it would get to John O'Groats no problems...whether I will too is another matter apparently!! If a customer ... read more
Random Devon placenames 1
Random Devon placenames 2
Random Devon placenames 3

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Okehampton August 5th 2008

Hello from Okehampton! So I have survived my first three days on the roads and cycle paths of Cornwall and Devon. Onto my second county as well as my second set of brake pads thanks to the rollercoaster hills and wet weather. Stayed in two lovely YHAs, but nothing compares to the luxury of Meadowlea B&B where I am currently - showered, fed with biscuits, my washing being done for me and free use of their laptop and internet, what luxury! I'm sure you'll all be pleased to know I've not encountered too many mishaps and am actually vaguely enjoying myself now I've got this far. For any of you sponsoring me by the mile, ha ha you owe Bulungula at least another 10-20p because I've been getting myself a little bit lost occassionally! I'll do ... read more
Me at St Michaels Mount
On the Camel trail at Wadebridge
With a big fish on the Camel Trail

Europe » United Kingdom July 29th 2008

Hey guys, I probably have far more important things to do still but as a bit of light relief I would like to introduce you to my mascot. He is an otter I picked up on one of my rides the other week when I stopped at the Otter and Owl Sanctuary in the New Forest. No other relevance to the trip other than the fact I thought he was cute and I could do with the company! Anyway, for now I have named him Tarkwah, but I'm sure some of you have more inspiration than me. All suggestions will be considered, so long as they are accompanied by a donation of sponsorship!! Over to you...fxx... read more
Tarkwah...for now

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire July 1st 2008

***Route updated - unless something drastic goes wrong this'll be where I am and when for the next few weeks!*** After many hours spent staring at maps I have half an idea which way I'll be going on this ridiculous bike ride of mine. The main news is I'll be heading from South to North and leaving first week in August, for anyone who wants to come along for a ride for an hour/day or two. Supposedly the prevailing SW winds make up for the psychological uphill thoughts when you go in this direction, although knowing my luck with the wind it'll be a freak NE the whole way!! The other big announcement is that I am definitely going to go via Ireland! Before anyone makes any funny comments, yes, I do realise I've gone a ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire June 18th 2008

I want to ride my bicycle; I want to ride my bike... In case I haven't mentioned it to you yet...I'm going to cycle from Lands End to John O'Groats!!! That's more than 1000 miles!!! Oh dear I have no idea what I'm letting myself in for so please support/encourage/sponsor me and help me make it to the end. No laughing at my suffering unless you donate to the Bulungula Incubator first! Thanks, fxx For online donations please visit the Bulungula Website: Donate online here Just put 'Frankie's LEJOG sponsorship' as the reference. I'm afraid you have to donate in SA Rand, the current conversion rate is approx. 15 ZAR to 1 GBP. Use the XE website for an accurate conversion if you need it: . "When the spirits are low, when the day appears ... read more
Nqileni School 2

Europe » Greece » Crete » Rethymno July 9th 2007

...massage it! Well that's the idea apparently. When I tried it I ended up running circles in the sand, clutching onto 70kg of Loggerhead turtle that was keen to get back to the sea! I've done 2 night surveys now and they are amazing, even if they do completely shatter you for the next few days. Seeing a turtle laying her eggs is one of the most magical sights I have ever witnessed. I never realised how agile they are. These prehistoric armoured beasts can move their flippers like hands, scooping up sand to dig a deep hole into the sand. Then they lower themselves down and go into a trance as they drop over one hundred perfectly round, shiny, white eggs into the nest. We use ping pong balls in our nest models and they ... read more
Morning beach patrol
Making tracks

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