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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Sydney Harbour April 9th 2011

Another day at work is complete. The rocking of the train as it rumbles through the tunnel under the city makes my eyelids droop but they are pierced open again by the low slung sunshine streaming through the windows as the train emerges into Circular Quay station. As I step off the train a vista of epic proportions fills the windows of the station. The Opera House and the Harbour Bridge compete for glory while the Manly Ferry chugs across centre stage at what must be the most famous viewpoint from a public transport interchange anywhere in the world. Ticket swallowed, barriers withdrawn and i'm spewed into the early evening crowd of commuters chasing soon to depart buses and ferries. Tripping lightly in the opposite direction I saunter past mingling tourists tossing coins to street artists ... read more
Sydney Opera House from Circular Quay Train Station
Opera House at sunset
Ugly cruise ships in town

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales March 29th 2011

Hi all, I've met a new travel buddy over the past couple of weeks and we went on an awesome four day road trip to some sights around Sydney. Rather than write a whole new blog about our trip here's the link to their travel blog so you can read and see all about it. It's a fantastic blog if I do say so myself ;) Flat Seth Hopefully we'll be sharing lots of new adventures over the next year that he is travelling, as well as he'll be going off with other travel buddies to see the rest of the world so why not subscribe to his blog for regular updates! Frankwah xx... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney February 2nd 2011

It's been a while since I wrote a travel blog, mostly because I've done no travelling. I've rather thrown myself into working life in Sydney and not ventured outside the suburban sprawl since landing some five months ago! That's not to say I haven't found time for the odd day out sightseeing in this fabulous city. The end of January saw the brief visit of some of Jeff's friends from the UK and this was the perfect opportunity for 'Trip Leader Jeff' to make a comeback, organising a one day spectacular Sydney tour. In the preceding weeks we had been bombarded by him with emails with hour-by-hour itineraries, weather reports, money off vouchers and strict dress code instructions so we had great expectations for the day! First obstacle was dragging a grumpy, overworked-underslept me out of ... read more
The Rocks Weekend Market
Drinks and Nibbles on the Glenmore Roof Terrace
Out on the harbour

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney January 1st 2011

Oprah, Queen of Australia, out-sparkles Christmas in Sydney but nothing can out shine the Sydney Harbour on New Years Eve! It's that time of year again apparently, although my body is totally confused by the idea of tinsel and turkey when the sun is shining and I'm wearing shorts. While the UK is suitably carpeted in a blanket of the picturesque white stuff and everyone is snuggling up to wood fires and steaming mugs of mulled wine I'm licking the melted chocolate out of my advent calendar and looking forward to a cold beer on the roof terrace of the nearest pub! December 2010: my second Christmas away from home, my second Christmas of plus thirty degree heat and glorious sunshine, my least Christmassy Christmas in living memory. That's right Australia, it felt more festive in ... read more
The hideous flashing tree in Martin's Place
Classy as it gets out here...The Rocks
Christmas Banners...

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Newtown November 27th 2010

Wowza, I've been in Sydney for two months! The first two weeks here passed in a whirlwind of Gumtree searches, CV touch ups, sightseeing and catch up lunches. While the next two were a blur of introductions and inductions, sleepless nights in a noisy dorm and blisters ballooning on my toes. Then the routine and rigmarole of daily life took over and I settled into a pattern of work and wandering around my new city and hanging out with new found friends building a little expat community around myself. With the wind blowing and the drizzle clouding out the skyscrapers I could be back in Blighty! Exploring my new neighbourhood and meeting the locals For six weeks I have been hanging out in the hip and happening suburb of Newtown in Sydney's Inner West. The area ... read more
King Street, Newtown
King Street Newtown
Billabong Gardens

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney November 25th 2010

A few more photos of street art I've stumbled past on my wanderings around Sydney.... read more fleeting
Three wise dudes!
Ant attack

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney November 15th 2010

Aimlessly wandering the streets of Sydney on my days off has given me another glimpse into the Australian psyche based on their choices for city artwork and adornments. The colonial past is evident in the drab, grey regal statues of Queen Victoria and Albert in Hyde Park. But look a little closer and you realise those pesky Aussies have added their own mark to Queen Vic and her hubby. Whether it was a council approved art installation or a bunch of students tanked up on VB stubbies I'm not sure, but the art of clothing statues seems to have taken over Sydney. Dressed in their colourful rags the great, the glorious and the not so salubrious founders and monarchs of this great nation now cheer up intersections and the shadowy canyons between tower blocks. The wildlife ... read more
with her beau Prince Albert
Pigs can fly
I have a dream

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Bondi Beach November 8th 2010

Every year for two weeks the Bondi to Tamaramma coast walk is taken over by weird and wonderful art installations. Instead of me writing uninformed ramblings about this fantastic art event, here are some photos of my favourite entries for you to look at and hopefully enjoy.... read more
seeds by the sea
watching the ship sailing in
egg head

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney October 15th 2010

Wow, have I seriously been in Australia for two weeks already? In some ways I feel like I've arrived home, partly because I have a comfy bed and home cooking, but also because the weather has been more British than it is in England itself right now. So much for the Pommie pipe dream of sunshine and surf downunder; all you guys reading at your office desk back home while the Indian summer warms your back through the window will be pleased to hear that it has been blooming freezing here. I've had to go shopping and begging for a hoody and socks! Everyone assures me summer is just around the corner though so hopefully soon I'll be laughing, and back wearing my shorts! After a few days relaxing, pretending I had jet lag so I ... read more
Perfect picnic spot
Night noodle market, Hyde Park
First trip to an Australian beach

Asia » Malaysia » Penang September 27th 2010

You know that reputation I have for a big appetite and enjoying trying every possible food I can? Well I think there's something in the rumors you know, especially if you look at the amount of food I've hunted out and wolfed down in the past few days (and more worryingly evidenced if you check out the scales while I'm standing on them)! So this is another one of Frankwah's feasting blogs. I've just spent over a month in Malaysia and almost all of that was on a little island where, (much credit to the chefs there but...) the menu was limited and sometimes overpriced. That didn't stop me putting on 5 kilos there though and stretching my stomach lining nicely in preparation for a quick trip to Penang. Now Georgetown is marketed as one of ... read more
Rotii favorite
Even more noodles
Jonker Street Night Market

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